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[Writing] Journey to the Center of the Thing

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Hey guys! I've had an idea for a story for a while now. I'd like to share my prologue with you, hopefully more will come soon!

Journey to the Center of the Thing (JCT)


    “Looks to me like you broke the front off the mark two again, but tried to hide it by sanding down the front.”

    “No, your professional opinion, Val! And for the record, it wasn’t an accident!”

    “Sure, Bill. Look, doesn’t the mark two have a pointy bit because it’s better for supersonic flight?”

    “Yeah, yeah, it does. I was part of the research team for that. But mark two was designed for supersonic flights on Kerbin- it has seen use in interplanetary SSTOs and the like, but that wasn’t its original intent. This baby was designed for space.”

    “Why did you build this thing again?”


---one year earlier---


---location: Dres

---coordinates: (1° 57′ 18″ N 64° 8′ 33″ E)

---operation salty

---mining base arcturo II


    “What the heck is that?”

    “Dunno Jeb, but it looks like something big. Should we take the rover?”

    The orbital scans had been acting up for months. Ever since they arrived, the polar observation satellites had been reporting anomalies everywhere. Everywhere on the stark, tan-and-grey surface of the dwarf planet Dres. And mission control back on Kerbin wanted them to find out what was going on.

    “We’ll get MC to weigh in. You’ve tried debugging the sats?” Jeb stated.

    “I’ve tried debugging the sats.” Bob replied.

    “You’ve tried a hard reboot.”

    “I’ve tried a hard reboot.”

    “What we have yet to try is go where they’re telling us to.”

    “There are too many locations- we can’t ever hope to visit them all, not within the expected lifetime of Arcturo, anyway.”

    “Maybe something’s interfering with the signal? Maybe they’re getting a false reading from something?”

    “Like what, something at the cen-” Bob cut off.

    “What?” Jeb asked.

    “I need to see the lab. Now.” Bob’s voice was chock-full of urgency.

    “What? What did I say?” Bob didn’t respond.

    “You know I outrank you, right?” Jeb shouted.

    Bob’s reply was distant: “Not that you care!”

    “Fair point.” Jeb sighed to himself.

I am editing this on Google Docs because it's just easier, so updates might be infrequent.

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