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Starhopper [1.0.0]


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I released a small mod that adds parts to recreate SpaceX's Starhopper.




Extract the contents of the .zip into your KSP2 installation folder.

Mod folder will be placed in ..\Kerbal Space Program 2\BepInEx\plugins\

The mod comes with two new parts :

  • the SH-01 "Fuel pot" fuel tank,
  • the LT-SH "Diprotodon" landing leg.

Radially attach three LT-SH to the main body SH-01 in the designed spots. Better struts those legs as they may wobble... No central core nor engine included.

SpaceWarp 1.4.3

Original mesh by NickHenning3d (slightly modified)

Mod by Polo

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Links snipped pending license.
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4 hours ago, Nils_mre said:

Hello, I have KSP on Steam. How do I install the Mod there?

The easiest way to install mods is using CKAN. You can download the ckan.exe file from the link, put it into your KSP2 folder and open it to install mods.

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On 11/28/2023 at 12:55 PM, Nils_mre said:


The plugin isn't in CKAN and you also can't import it

The install instructions are in the OP.   Download from one of the listed sites, install as directed. 

@PoloKornel, if you could add a compatible license to the OP, each download location , and in the download package itself.    

EDIT:  Please PM me when you are ready with the licenses to unlock the thread. 

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