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Goliath Engines & Aircraft Company


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Why put an engine on an aircraft....   When you can put an aircraft on an engine!!

This nimble little plane is a stable flyer even without SAS ( well.. mostly stable without SAS )  Available in single seat fighter style or executive class company jet.  As stated in this official looking media release. "We the makers of the Goliath engine feel that we too should reap the profits and prestige of selling the whole aircraft."  Oh wait this is marked "Internal Distribution Only" this must be an internal executive memo.  Are you recording this?  Can we delete that last part?







Aircraft created using stock parts.

Aircraft Specifications:

Fighter Variant
Parts 24
Height 4.9m
Width 8.0m
Length 10.98m
Total Mass 11.8t
Dry Mass 7.68t

Executive Variant
Parts 27
Height 5.19m
Width 9.46m
Length 21.66m
Total Mass 18.23t
Dry Mass 13.75t

Handling without SAS the craft are stable but really want to climb.  With SAS very very stable.  Take off roll of video shows aircraft will leave the runway on its own with no keyboard input.  With or without SAS they are pretty good flyers.  Though the Executive model isn't as forgiving with High G maneuvers  The landing would have been better if I programmed thrust reverse to a hot key.   Will be more enjoyable once joystick support is implemented.

Controls: (speedbrakes on fighter variant only)
9 = speed-brakes toggle
0=thrust reverse toggle

Craft File:
Goliath Aircarft.json
Best I could do was to create a zip file of the .json .meta .png files along with a mission file. Then post it on KerbalX.  Until KSP2 is supported on KerbalX, this will have to do.


Thanks for viewing!
Let me know what you think.

System SPECS - 

Dell XPS 8950
12 Gen i7 12700 2.10 GHz
512GB NVMe M.2  & 2TB 7200RPM SATA
NVidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti  8GB
Windows 11  Ver 22H2

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Added photos - system specs - added file share
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I This looks really Interesting. I am just now breaking into teir3 parts & was wondering about the massive 2.5 (looking) circular intake behind the cockpit..  is it merely radial intakes arrayed? To look circular or is there  2.5m intake I still have to unlock.


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Hi, sorry for the delay.  Its literally a single part, the goliath engine.   Engine is sold as a complete unit.   No intake parts were used.   The cockpit section was mounted to the centerline of the goliath engine and "moved" to a point in front of the engine.

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