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  1. Well, it would seem I spoke too soon. At least for spacecraft one has previously built. Will have to try new spacecraft with a new game, to know for sure. Currently previously built craft still do the staging stack merge when docking. Also the docking port bug when a docking port is attached to a coupler is still there. Ah well. If it all works well with a new game then that would be cool.
  2. Good afternoon all! Latest version downloaded and played. I'm still holding my breath and conducting more tests. But.... docking ports appear to be working properly. (yeah!) Staging stack appears to no longer merge the stages!! (another yeah!) It used to be if you had two craft everything in stage 1 of both craft would become stage one of the new craft. everything in stage 2 of both craft would become stage two of the new craft. Horrible result from this method. Now it appears that if you are docking. Everything from stage 1 of your craft is placed into the highest stage of the craft you docked with. Very cool because now we dont have to redo the whole stack. Especially when decouplers are involved. Plan to do some testing but wanted to put this nugget out there!!
  3. I see a lot of you good folks ... like me... checked this thread daily or followed it. I almost clicked off the site when it occured to my eyes... Wait, the title text is BOLD! Glad to see the update. Especially glad it 'looks' like docking issues may be resolved? Thank you to the team still working on it. Best wishes to all involved. Currently downloading from PD site 70% completed.
  4. I would be content , if they just fix the damn docking ports and staging stack. (stop merging the stages after docking)
  5. You copy the uncompressed files into your existing game folder. There isnt really an update function.
  6. Replacing the foundation of a house after its been built.... thats a good one. However, we need a better metaphor because replacing the foundation after the house has been built is done all the time, now-a-days.
  7. Im late to comment on this but had to chime in. Building in orbit is a must. But its not quite getting the first half free. As all of the fuel and building materials would still need to come from somewhere. Be it the surface or a captured asteroid.
  8. Agree about the mouse move for fairing creation... Fairings need to ALSO be mouse driven. Not saying to get rid of the arrows for those inclined to use them. But creating a fairing via mouse movement and mouse clicking for the next section is soooo much faster. Also just build the fairing even when there is clipping. Give a warning or highlight red sure... but to just delete the fairing with no warning is giving us a middle finger without even telling us your giving us the middle finger. It took me weeks to realise why the fairings were not working. Now, I just build the fairing without the payload.... hide the fairing.... add the payload.... show the fairing and adjust the payload if or where needed.
  9. Agree with leaving the manuver node calc unlocked / available even without enough fuel for it. Cause If im short delta v I can try to make up the difference using monoprop. But without even being able to know?? Hurts the game.
  10. I kept tweeking my Saturn V. ( available here ) I kept tweeking my Skylab ( available here ) Then I thought Saturn 1B !! Pairs nicely with the skylab crew rotations! Afterall you wouldnt expend a whole Saturn V just to get to orbit. Milkstool included ! Enjoy. Please goto my Saturn V page (link above) if you need to know staging information for S-IVB and above.
  11. No real need to program this. Just add the C4 part into the part tree. (explosive charge) Then the designers can set the charges to the abort button via the actions menu. Regardless if there is a Kerbal on board or not. Admit it some of you would utilize this! So we really should ask the devs to include a C4 charge in the part tree.
  12. I kept tweeking my Saturn V. (available here ) Then I thought .... Skylab! (available here) And here we are. I enjoyed building this one, figuring out how to make a quasi accurate frame was a bit tricky. I modelled this one as if the shielding stayed intact on launch and didnt mess with the solar panels. But for true accuracy just remove the port arm. I look forward to when we get movable hinges back on the menu. You know that character on 'FreeGuy' that couldnt put his arms down? Thats this version of skylab at the moment. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know how it goes. Check for a pic of the staging stack on the Saturn V page. Hope it helps.
  13. Good evening all. Some nice feedback and interesting discorse. When talking about aircraft not spacecraft. Positive G's and Negative G's are very very different. In relation to the pilot Blackout (positive G) and Redout (negative G). Real life aircraft have had G meters for decades. They show positive and negative. The example below has 3 hands. The current G hand would push the max positive hand and max negative hand. This way the pilot can see after the fact how many Gs were applied to the airframe. And to re-iterate the point, the G meter in game has a negative scale. But it doesn't get used. This isnt the argument of should negative G's be shown in space. That's not the example shown. Its the suggestion to the devs to make the G meter while in atmosphere work properly. Since a plane typically does not fly sideways, side to side Gs usually are not an issue. But then again this is Kerbol... So OK you're right, we also need a working lateral G meter!!!
  14. Yes that was how KSP1 worked as well, it centered on the center of mass. But it did not suffer from the same staging affliction. Understand Im not complaining about why its recentering, Im suggesting that the recentering could be done better by being a smooth recenter instead of a jump.
  15. Good morning, Minor instrument tweek I would hope. Fly a plane and pull back on the stick, plane goes up. Positive Gs and G meter goes up. Push down on the stick, plane goes down. Negative Gs and the G meter still goes up instead of down. Fast forward to the 3 minute mark and watch the G meter. It goes up when push down on the nose. And then goes up again when pulling up on the nose. Thanks for your time.
  16. Good morning, Im hoping that the developers keep the launch plumes pluming until the plume of the engines clear the tower. Same with the orange glow beneath the launch pad, it needs to continue until engine plume clears tower. Also orange glow needs to sputter out. Right now the whole glow just turns off after a certain point. Having it flicker and sputter then turn off would like better. Minor details I know. But little details add immersion. Thank for your time.
  17. Good morning - Im hoping this ask can be implemented. Please find a way to stop the camera / view from jumping after staging. I realize that it is jumping to the center of the 'new' craft. But it is jarring and annoying. Instead have the camera / view slowly move to the new center. Thanks for your time.
  18. This thread should also be in the craft exchange thread. @Nyius How can we post videos on KSP Builds? I dont use youtube as a host. All of the embed variants I have tried do not work on KSP Builds. I can embed videos on this forum for example. Thanks for the work and the assistance.
  19. Had a similar idea in KSP1. Big tanks - drills - refinery - on wheels - to roll up to craft, connect with the extendable grabber and refuel. I was a cheap SOB and sent the rockets to the pad empty. (please disregard the cost of the refueler itself and the blacked out line item in last years budget)
  20. Hi, sorry for the delay. Its literally a single part, the goliath engine. Engine is sold as a complete unit. No intake parts were used. The cockpit section was mounted to the centerline of the goliath engine and "moved" to a point in front of the engine.
  21. Simple fix. Currency will be a resource that will only be attained and consumed on Kerbin. And as far as building various items in the VAB you must have x amount of the 'resource' to use said parts. But joking aside. I do see both sides of the coin very much. In KSP1 that was indeed part of the challenge to complete contracts to get extra cash. For me it was to the point that every part of every craft flown was recovered and recovered as close to KSC as possible to increase the cash back percentage. Boosters and every stage had enough parachutes on them to bring them down safely to get the cash. A second stage normally just sent adrift in Kerbin orbit had retro rockets that I waited to fire again so that it could be recovered as close to KSC as possible. I even had a crawler next to the launch pad that had huge fuel tanks, several drills, several resource converters. I sent the rockets to the pad with no fuel, cause it cost less. Then pulled the crawler up to the pad and connected the two craft via pipes or docks. After the connection was established the rocket would be filled with the "free" fuel. I enjoyed that. (please disregard the cost of the crawler, versus cost of the fuel and how many fillings it would take to break even. The crawler was federally funded and buried as a line item in the budget, so yeah essentially even that was 'free') Now "realistically" (this is a game after all) even in KSP 2 one is still going to rely on Kerbin to send components to other planets. Until you have sent enough components to establish a factory of some sort. Only then would you be able to start cutting the cord. But for me, even that shouldn't be until the middle portion of the game. So I do understand the eventual need for using resources. But being able to just plop a factory part onto a rocket and establish an offworld factory in month one would be a bit anticlimactic.
  22. Yup. Definately a bug thats been in the chats since last release. I've had craft that when landed on flat surface less than 2 degree grade.... the exit door is facing downhill.... when the kerbal exits the craft tilts and falls over.... UpHill!! So Kerbals be taking some serious steroids.
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