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  1. Found a series of Podcasts called "Qcode". They are presented in a graphic audio production.. old school radio play. What makes these unique is a lack of narrator. Everything is POV with stream of consciousness replacing narrator omniscience. Bad Ass. https://qcodemedia.com/
  2. Set up a refueling depot on minmus with an optimal launch window to the munmus transfer station. Realized I Forgot the Converters... Tortuga II os sitting right next to Torgtuga One. ... ..... Which is Missing Ore Tanks.. I added the notepad from CKAN.
  3. Ever since scrolling through here the other day this song has played a verse or two every couple hours or so. Oh.. who am I kidding.. like always, it's just the chorus on repeat. Oh and since I've started micro dosing to help with.y depression.. this gets alot of play time.
  4. I just learned of prison architect recently.. is PA2 not coming in sept?.. or was it subject to delays? I really liked enshrouded... much better than valheim. I'm very much a story junkie. I'm looking forward to more news on Kenshi 2
  5. Considering that most updates get an announcement this would seem to be more of a patch. Albeit it, one that addresses some much-needed issues. Let us join together in a moment of comraderie and pretend that this is indeed a much-anticipated update. Carry it a bit further and pretend you are the one responsible for informing the community of the release, and / or generating some buzz around it. If you want to take it up a whole 'nother notch and deliver this communique as if you were one of our most beloved space frogz.
  6. Faith is predicated on belief, belief is not predicated on faith. Essentially a difference in substance. Logic does not need to factor into belief.. but CAN. Faith requires an absent of supporting proof / logic.
  7. I have a cowoker who crafter a great email. It showed communications from Dakota promising KERB reports & highlighted sections of the Q&A filled out during EA launch. Communication about planned communication was misrepresented time & again. A couple weeks before lay off notice etc.. he had about 28 hours of time and got the refund by using the report feature that put him in touch with a live person... though he said he spent several hours total curating the email.
  8. A good indication that the game is dead. Game gets an update patch and it's just us in these hallowed halls.
  9. Oh my gawd yes!! I want to know if active deceit and misdirection were not merely intentional.. but directed from on high. That one of my greatest hopes.. that some disgruntled developer will write a little niche memoir that tells all. I know it will more likely take the form of a reddit rant.. but I wanna know for sure if EA launch was all about preemptive revenue recovery before closure. THAT might actually produce a tiny bit of backlash and / or reform.
  10. I am happy that this release focused on addressing some of the issues that remained in the game. Instead of attempted to dump a bunch of assets / couple features at the very end of development. We do not know if there will be a dedicated support crew for realz. This could be the trouble title they are trying to wash their hands of and I do not trust anything that is being said at this point. I am extremely thankful that these final days were spent trying to fix the broken parts...even a little, instead of given us more toys that invariably wreck excrements further.
  11. I know it does really matter but i have send a Customer Support Email complaining about the Road Map and pretense that everything is business as normal. It addressed a couple other titles that remain in EA despite not dropping an update in years. The guidelines that are advertised around the EA program are more like loose suggestions for a developer to follow. Some of the links people have shared around here have turned me onto some aggregate sites and news sites that i probably wouldn't have stumbled on otherwise. I was surprised to find a few articles recently talking about the bloat of EA program. Larger developers that use the EA program, or have had great success in the past have access to actual budgets for marketing. This generates more buzz and popularity and ends up pushing many of the smaller more obscure titles completely off the lists. The nice slider was their answer. I love the niche slider but do wish there was a little more oversight around the whole thing. Im convinced its because Im old and my sensibilities and interests no longer align with the average individual.
  12. @BechMeister You are absolutely correct. As the state of the forum fell into the current state of ennui my desire to play KSP died. Whether 1 or 2 made no difference. I would fire one of them up and force quite before the intro scene could appear... Them as life began tp return to KSP1 modding threads.. I felt my desire begin to stir. It was as if I were in highschool getting ready for prom.. The conversations of people trouble shooting mod conflicts .. or advidly exchanging suggestions between mod developer & community.. I would feel an itch begin.. playing the game seems tp scratch that for now. Albeit it.. a heavily modded KSP1 install, but I hadn't touched the game in 6 months & I find myself hooked again.
  13. Starting a project from scratch, while repeating the same mistakes as the original developers & failing to consult any single individual related to the first... Not anything that can be realistically viewed as trying to "fix" something already in existence. It's almost as if they attempted to make a different game.
  14. The goal post was moved because the very existence of some mods, proves definitively certain aspects are absolutely fix"able". The point you made about the mods being a bandaid is valid. If allowed to integrate these mods into the base game, and given time to squash bugs... would result in a game with many of the biggest issues summarily "fixed" I understand the need to move the goal post. Back when I took debate classes we learned it's an instinctual response to losing an argument. Some people have a difficult time processing emotion and admitting to others they were wrong.
  15. Restock has some developers return and it looks better than ever!!! I just wanted to let anyone coming back to KSP and leaning on the abundance of mods to create a more personalized experience know to check Curseforge for the most recent versions. You will not be disappointed. Also learned a few things after a forum dive.. Alot of people use ExtraPlanetary LaunchPads to help create that off world colony experience. Well, there is a significant learning curve that applies to learning the various resources and the manufacturing chains requires to make "rocket parts' The much needed resource required to fabricate VAB designs with ExtraPlanetary LaunchPads. Simple Construction has long been heralded as the solution. Trimming it down to a simplified resource chain with addition Module Manager patches to add it into RO play throughs. I always thought that this mod was incompatible with the most revent KSP1 release. Some Developers do not use CKAN so be sure to keep an eye out on CursedForge / Spacedock
  16. I like the procedure wings without full procedural load out like Juno. Felt it was a nice balance & glad the wings were brought up.
  17. Oh so now the goal post is now which part of the game is already fixed... not whether it's fixable. So you concede your earlier stance & instead are trying to say one of the most popular games in the genre is not what? Playable, enjoyable, genre defining, award winning? What do you mean by "fixed" Atealst you admit you can hear even though you have failed to make any relevant support for your claim.. while a handful of others have successfully supported their own. I admit my own ignorance to navigating various forum features. I have heard mention of a block feature but seem unable to find the location on mobile. Does anyone know right off where this is located?
  18. You went above and beyond making a point that TT doesn't deserve your money. You stated you would play the game .. but TT won't get your money. Like you some sly or more slick than the rest of us, by they aren't going to fool you. If the GAME is worth it.. you buy it. If not you don't loveing play it. Those sale contribute to the accolades and success of all those names attributed to it. That's like saying Budweiser ain't 'merican owned no more so I get to drink for free... oooo wee boys. I truly think the exact same logic applies when you adopt the same moral stance with some large physical object that you enjoy as a product . Just not the sweat shops in china. Walmart is scum.. Need a few new TVs by Sony? Kill 2-birds with one stone.
  19. There are quite a few mods that prove various fixes are not only possible.. bit already in existence. Incorporating these mods into the base code with some rigorous product testing would alleviate many of the claimed "unfixable" bugs. Injecting them in situ / on the front end is what contributes to some of the buggies mod installs. However, there is already loads of evidence supporting the idea that some well orchestrated surgery can allow KSP1 to thrive. ... aww.. some of use use logic & support out POV with articulated posts with a semblance of substance. Unlike the "neener. It's sucks bc I said so!"
  20. Success is a gradient with measurements often set way before hand. If someone that is wealthy is projected to earn 12mil in a year.. making 10 will be viewed as "losing" 2 mil. Regardless whether it profit on prefected earning.. most will be sad. Being poor.. I've never been able to lose something I never had to begin with. I told my boss he left a word out one time. I said.. you didn't lose 1.2 mil.. you lost out on. Be happy with the the 2% gain on previous year. It is still possible that a GTA title could have an ROI less than projected and still be qualified as a failure
  21. Mars Logistics. A very very simple engineering crafter. You build cute and crazy little machines to imitate Cranes, Forklifts and all kind of cool things. Always a goal of move weird object from A to B. It lacks a persistent world where you can interact with but is a lot of fun
  22. That is what I see has a positive in this situations. I hope the AAA companies that could potentially make realistic offers: 1) Have the perception developement is in too poor of a state to salvage 2) View the current state of community trust as a wildcard liability. This could open the door for someone to make a truly lowball offer & *help* alleviate a current problem. A small Team with passion or an small group of individuals willing to try again or spend the next 5 years overhauling requisite chunks of code. I mean we are all allowed some wishful thinking. The world would be a much breaker place if I could not indulge in a moment of daydreaming now and again.
  23. I'm in no doubt that more engineers were needed.. just doubting certain people's willingness to stress the true importance of that. The hypothetical conversation I imagine is between Nate and others. I say this only bc of my own experience with middle management. The individual responsible for staffing my department received a bonus proportionate to how much of a budget WAS NOT being spent. I know this is not analogous, merely a testament to the power of mismanagement. When I put in a letter of resignation, my bosses boss conducted the interview. I was informed that he had been assured many times that we did not need extra personnel. Our ability to maintain a level of excellence was a testament to this. I informed my bosses boss it was due to a couple key individuals disproportionately sharing the extra workload. I learned Via rumor mill / LinkedIn that my bosses boss... fired my boss.
  24. This is somewhat counter to the vein of your request, but I feel the MOST positive effect of this whole event is related to the revitalization of KSP1 mod scene. The activity across old threads is increasing as people come here seeking help for mods. Mods for KSP1 that were inactive for years are getting updates. It really has been one aspect that I've seen as a saving grace. As for aspect related to KSP2 that I enjoyed. Breathing life into the forum was truly amazing. The music was pretty awesome... the scope. I also appreciate what they 'tried to do.
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