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Really Really Really Tall Building

The Jedi Master

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You are in a really, really, really tall building. You must ascend to the top. Problem is, there are a LOT of floors to ascend, and there are NO ELEVATORS...

The game progresses like this:

Player 1: Floor 227, you see Jebediah Kerman riding an SRB.

Player 2: Floor 228, you get into a battle with Hulk Hogan.

Player 3: Floor 229, you stop for lunch at the Subway.



1.All normal rules apply

2.One floor at a time

3.One sentence per floor.

4.You can only go up, never down.


Ground floor, you see the huge stairway.

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This seems extremley familiar... yup this already exists, but whatver.

Floor 2: You crash through a trapdoor into floor into floor -5- wait.

Oh this is different. You only go up.

Oh well, let me retry.

You suddenly find a magic elevator, and get in- however it suddenly transformers, you get out, and quickly grab on Jebediahs SRB booster to go up, but then you let go at floor 2.

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