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[0.24.2] TiberDyne Aerospace R&D Division - Shuttle System 3.6 Career Update!


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Well I haven't posted anything in a while; I've sort of taken a bit of a hiatus from KSP and especially mod development. I've had plenty of other stuff going on and haven't had the motivation to dive into another set of balance changes.

I think this mod (and Novapunch) is in a generally playable state, and I'll continue them eventually.

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@Enterprise0709, it looks like this is a fairly old mod and, judging by the author's recent activity (which is publically viewable) it doesn't look like they've been active in several weeks. In addition, one of our newest rules is 2.3f, which prohibits repeated requests for modders to update their mods.

Mod authors are people too and the will update their mods when they get around to it, if at all. Unfortunately there's nothing to do but sit back and let them do as they wish :)

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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