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  1. The logic for this is called "Unity Engine" IIRC
  2. I won't add it to Kopernicus itself, but I am willing to look into fixing it. If I manage to get it working, it'll probably end up in KopernicusExpansion
  3. This shouldn't be built into Kopernicus, but the code is free and open source, so any plugin maker could copy it and move it into it's own plugin.
  4. Kopernicus has the ability to do this. For example, this ModuleManager config would enable the SOI debugging for all bodies that are currently in the system: @Kopernicus:FINAL { @Body[*],* // use the name of a planet here, instead of the first * to view the SOI of only one planet. { %Debug { showSOI = True } } } The result would look like this then:
  5. You have one of Sigma's Mods installed, I don't think he has already released the update that makes them compatible with Kopernicus 1.3.0-3+
  6. There is an error in the Kopernicus loading process (the list of bodies is empty). Please send me your Logs/Kopernicus folder
  7. Yes I need the log
  8. Hi all, 1.3.0-4 is on Github. It contains fixes for 1.3.0-3, which I didn't announce here because I was in a hurry Enjoy.
  9. Okay, so this was a bit tricky. There was a bug in the footprints code (interestingly that was in the original code too). Also, I should learn to read my own code: It's Body/PQS/allowFootprints = true Re: Procedural Gas Giants: There was a bug in the parser that prevented the code from getting executed. I fixed it and reuploaded release 1.3.0-1, as well as Kopernicus 1.3.0-3. Redownloading them should fix the issue. My apologies
  10. EVAFootprints: Yeah, sorry, it is Kopernicus/Body/allowFootprints = true now. ProceduralGasGiants: Logs You don't need the original Kopernicus Expansion
  11. Never disable the solar panels as an end user. That will only cause problems. Generally, I wouldn't blame Kopernicus for the problems KSS has, because all star mods I tested (hint: not KSS) worked without any change after the solar panel update.
  12. What is this? Kopernicus Expansion was a mod written by @MrHappyFace that added a variety of visual effects planet makers could use with Kopernicus. It had some pretty cool features, like the Comet Tails, or the ModularNoise PQSMod. So I used a bit of my free time to update most of the features to KSP 1.3 / 1.2.2 and newer Kopernicus versions. Link to the original thread: So, what are the features? Comet Tails Realistic, good-looking comet tails who are rendered with a special shader (using turbulence noise). The tail will fade and change it's intensity based on distance from the sun. Pictures: EmissiveFX: Glowing Planets Can be applied to the PQS (surface and ocean), or the Scaled Space Pictures: Footprints Displays footprints for Kerbals on EVA (if enabled on the planet) Pictures: ModularNoise: Allows you to compose your own noise function You can combine predefined noises (like perlin, billow etc.) using operators (like add, mult, power etc.) Examples will follow Procedural Gas Giants Custom shader that renders storms and other effects on the otherwise static scaled space map Can be used for every type of body (in theory - untested) Demo: (very early version) FAQ What about the other features of Kopernicus Expansion? I will probably add them. I am particulary interested in the particle grass, and the refractive atmosphere stuff sounds interesting too What about the aliens / creatures? No. If you want feel free to update and release them seperately, but I won't add them, because I dont think they add anything useful. Sorry. Which Kopernicus version do I need? You need at least 1.3.0-3 or it's backport 1.2.2-8. Older versions will not work Do you have examples? Not right now. I will write up example configs at some point, especially for Modular Noise, but for the moment please look through the old Kopernicus Expansion thread. Most of the configs haven't changed. (Modular Noise has though, so you can ignore that) Am I allowed to bundle theese dll's with my planet mod, or will my users have to download them seperately? Ok, this is a bit tricky. Kopernicus Expansion is licensed under the GPL, which is a viral license that will force every derivate to use the GPL too (if I could I would've changed that, but hey!). I am by no means a lawyer, but after reading the GPL I have the impression that the license won't go viral on the configs, because they are not a derivate of KopernicusExpansion. They require it, but all of the parsing goes through Kopernicus (otherwise it would be like saying that KSP has to be GPL'd because some GPL mod reads your settings file) If I am wrong with this assumption, please correct me! Why no ingame editors? Because fragmentation is bad, and before I start adding a seperate editor toolset to this mod, I would rather extend KittopiaTech to be moddable so I can integrate the CometTails and so on. Is this an end-user mod? No. It's meant to be used by planet makers to make their planets fancy again. Don't you have more questions? No I am bad at posing myself questions about stuff I made. Download You can download KopernicusExpansion on Github: It is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License: KopernicusExpansion depends on Kopernicus which is licensed under the Lesser GPL: Copyright: @MrHappyFace - Creator of KopernicusExpansion - when he decides to come back he can take whatever I made and continue to build on that @Thomas P. - Update to KSP 1.3.0 / 1.2.2, small improvements @GregroxMun - Name idea and the one who is pushing me to do a release asap Like my mods? Please consider supporting me and my mods on Paypal! I would greatly appreaciate it, since I don't get much money anyways. However note, that this doesn't grant you anything special, but it will help to keep my motivation up. Therefor it's just an extremly nice way to say "thanks".
  13. Why am I mentioned here? I did nothing except helping with some variable names, which is not credit worthy.
  14. There is a way, you just need to write a brightness curve. (Yes, I agree that the stock curve isn't built for large distances)