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  1. Are you referring to the Grasper and the magnets? They work, you just need to change one line in the KAS module in there cfg's to make them stronger. (On my phone ATM) I'll post the line and what you need to do when I get back home.
  2. Not that I am aware of. I miss them too!
  3. I actually just inquired about this very thing in the KAS thread. The Robostruts are just like a quantum strut. Only works on the same vessel. This is useful for stabilizing flexible robotic arms while in transit or stabilizing a docked vehicle to another vehicle.
  4. Well, What I had intended was drive one vehicle onto another click a button and "Strap" it down to the deck with tie downs. I am currently using an IR piston with a magnet on the end to accomplish this. But the idea of a part that could project a strut out and grab something else accomplishing the same things but in a cleaner / smaller way would be outstanding. And in my humble opinion be a valuable addition to KAS that would be useful but not necessarily any more of a "cheat" than being able to attach two ships with a cable which was never in the stock game to start with. Here are a couple of examples. Tanks on an LCAC (magnets set upside down on the deck will not grab some wheels "KF" shown here) Cargo or vehicles set onto a trailer (this could be done with Magnets set upside down in certain circumstances)
  5. For the drop ship I'd say about 80%. All the other mods can be found in the video description link.
  6. Just stack and use the offset and rotation tools to align properly. Then use auto struts to keep everything from flexing.
  7. @K.Yeon I got another weird design for you. I used open cargo bays stacked in order to double the internal space. As well as allow for a firefly / C5 type cargo bay.
  8. Hey Fellas, it's been quite a while since my last video. But after a long break here is my latest.
  9. @IgorZ I had a thought driving home today thinking about a build I am working on. Vehicles docked into / on other vehicles. Is it possible to make a part that would act much like a Quantum strut. Where you would toggle a "Strut" but something more akin to a tow strap to hold one vehicle to another? Or as a thought / comparison a remote version of a magnet?
  10. For a ring that big, you really need a massive station. Also if you set it to accelerate / decelerat very slowly that will also help. But yeah the station needs to not only be heavy but have its weight spread out. So not just a heavy tube (unless it's ridiculously heavy, like 5-10 times heavier than you have it now.) also the faster you spin it, the harder it is to stabilize.
  11. @Kerbital - Station rings. So you have the right idea. You want the core to be much heavier as well as he the controlled part of the station. You als need to stabilize it with some very stron SAS. If you aren't apposed to cheating a little on this one. If you use Tweakscale and B9 there is a huge "HX Reaction wheel" with over 1700 toque. If you use Tweakscale to size it down, then alt+click a copy. The smaller copy will have the same torque settings as a full size part. You can take this one step further with Tweakable everything and double the torque through a new GUI menue. These settings will remain persistant through a save. And this will keep the core of your station rock solid.
  12. I just said "use at your own risk" because it is not an actual "release" of KJR. But it is indeed a full Dev version from @ferram4 who is the dev working on KJR It is the same version I use on my install and have had no issues with it.
  13. Ahh, yeah on my phone from the Stone Age right now. Couldn't open up all the pics so I didn't see what you had going. Let this be a lesson to those so inclined. Click first and ask questions later