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  1. I am just happy as a clam to see someone interested enough in one of my designs to build it on there own! Really nice work man!
  2. Post right above yours has a link to a post of mine with a fix for some KAS components that broke in 1.2.2
  3. 5 post above yours.
  4. When you say "file" do you mean the folder of all the planet textures and skybox? I don't think I have enough room on my google drive for all that. Just fallow the name sequence on the TR thread that's all I did. And if you search google for "ksp 4K Mun texture" one of the first pics will be the missing Mun texture.
  5. @Space Kadet When you installed the rotations onto the ship. Are they installed via radial, or mirror? The need to be mirror. And then are you setting up limits on them? Ir leaving them able to spin 360 on the craft in flight, with preset stops? I built mine with a 90 degree limit in rotation and then had 2 presets 0 and 90 degrees. I also used hyper edit in my video and I didn't experience that issue. I am really curious what could be causing this..... what version of hyper edit are you using? So you are sure you are using IR 2.0.10 correct? And are you using the legacy docking washers? Or the Rework Rotatrons? You need the rework stuff as the legacy parts often have issues with symmetry. edit I forgot to mention my last trick with the nacelles. I used a Rotatron to rotate the nacelles but I also used a sliding rail to extend the engine up in the air. This allowed me to push the nacelles back farther in forward flight yet high enough to land / open the rear hatch. Also to clean up the front of the ship / place the exhaust under the wings.
  6. That sure does look "familiar" So the way I stabilized it and fueled it was a cheat. I enabled infinit electricity and fuel (but it will indeed achieve orbit the way I showed in my video without cheats) So your three best friends from this point on are going to be. Tweakscale, Tweakable Everything and B9 Aerospace. Grab a B9 HX reaction wheel and scale it down to what you need. Then alt+click a copy of the scaled reaction wheel. This copy will give you a small scale reaction wheel with full scale torque. (Something like 1700 torque) I used two of them tweaked down to what I needed to fly the Protolift as smoothly as possible just took some tweaking with tweakable everything to get the values right. Otherwise you will have way too much torque and it will look really funny trying to fly. If you have any more questions jump over to my Advanced aircraft thread linked in my signature. edit Would have helped to watch the whole video..... So the axis of one of the rotations became inverted after a time warp? Did you use everything in my post?
  7. @Knacky From what I can tell. You are attempting to lift a multi ton door with a single hinge. (The B9 HX parts you are using are, I believe full of fuel. Which is extremely heavy) To lift something that heavy is a more advanced procedure which can be very difficult to explain (but I will do my best) You will need multiple hinges / IR components to move such a large door. You will also need a way to secure the door when it is open or closed Quantum struts are a great tool for both of these problems. You cannot actually "attach" two IR components to a moving segment at the same time. But you can attach additional IR components to a moving segment using struts or a stronger connection is using a quantum strut. so simple example is attach 3 IR Pivitrons to a surface in a row. Set all 3 up to move in the same direction and alignment. Attach a beam or something to the center Pivitron. Then using Quantum struts / regular struts attach the outside Pivitrons to the beam, which is already attached to the center Pivitron. You now have a beam that moves as well as has additional support from additional outside 2 IR Pivitrons. You can also use this same technique with just about any other IR component. I was able to use this kind of design on my tower crane capable of lifting 40+ tons. I used 4 Rotatrons to support the heavy load of the boom it's 200 ton counterweights and a 40 ton payload. In this picture is the Tower crane rotation bearing I designed using 3 uncontrolled IR Rotatrons and a single Controlled IR Bearing. All the uncontrolled Rotatrons are attached back to the structure of the support with 4 CMES struts each And here is a video to show it actually works
  8. Hi welcome to the forum. Are you looking for the planet textures names to work with texture replacer? Or the sky box texture? Or am I misunderstanding you?
  9. Hey I also responded with this same link in the rework thread.
  10. Sounds like you aren't using the Dev version of KJR... here is everything to get IR and associated "stuff" working in 1.2.2
  11. Looks like auto struts. Are you using IR 2.0.10 linked in one I my previous posts on this thread?
  12. I doubt anyone "needs" further proof IR works just fine with BD in KSP 1.2.2 but...... I couldn't help myself
  13. Did you use all the links found in this post?
  14. Yup, use your "rotation" and "offset" tools in the VAB or SPH to rotate, as well as move the parts. You can then align them to your hearts content. I do this on my P-wing fuselage aircraft and tanks.
  15. Are you referring to the Grasper and the magnets? They work, you just need to change one line in the KAS module in there cfg's to make them stronger. (On my phone ATM) I'll post the line and what you need to do when I get back home.