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  1. That's because it is a .dll file. Most antivirus programs don't like it when you download a .dll. They typically flag them as a virus. I can tell you I am using the file from this download with no issues.
  2. IR has become a little complicated to get all the Johnny-go-fast stuff working. Here is a step by step to get everything running.
  3. I am currently using IR / Sequencer with no issues. I'm assuming "2.0.1" was just a typo. You meant IR "2.0.12" correct? - https://github.com/MagicSmokeIndustries/InfernalRobotics/releases Also you are currently using version "1.0.3' of Sequencer correct? - https://github.com/MagicSmokeIndustries/IR-Sequencer/releases/tag/1.0.3
  4. Proot! Your still around! Good to see ya still kicking around the forums man
  5. Yup, this mod seems to work with no issue in 1.3 for me.
  6. Hey that looks really good! I especially like the cockpit design you came up with. Looks a lot more scale than what I used on my B1. Nice work!
  7. Are you building a swing wing type aircraft? And are you using KJR as well as quantum struts to secure the wings? Examples of my swing wings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xQKwhKBL-0&t=108s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsvlKilPk8o&t=3s Active struts has unfortunately been incompatible for a while. Last version I am aware that was working was in KSP 1.0.5 But you can try Quantum Struts. I've had great luck with it.
  8. The only difference is that @siimav recompiled it for 1.3. Functionality is the same. this one is simply built specifically for 1.3
  9. On this note I have noticed when you assemble a ship with lots of P-wings like pictured below. If you pull the sub assembly off the root part to do other work and then reattach. On occasion the wings "Top" and "Bottom" surfaces will flip. Causing a white surface to now show the black heat tiles texture. Not sure if this is any relevant help.... but It's something I noticed.
  10. Hey @Avera9eJoe Just wanted to let you know that Near future solar has added new parts as well as changed the name scheme. So the patch folder file will need to be updated eventually. (I'd help if I was a little more adept with PS) I still tend to sit and drool in a corner while everybody paints the shiny pictures
  11. Unofficial KJR Recompile For 1.3 (siimav) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxowaRaYHkjddHc2T28zWEdLcjQ/view @cgwhite4 @SnowyShoe @colfighter Anyone else I missed........ Yes it works with IR
  12. Good to see you still sneaking around in the shadows Zodius
  13. Ah, it's a shame that the system used has changed just enough to cause some adverse effects like this. Hopefully in time the winches will once again be as strong as they were Yeah my 40+ ton cranes are pretty much useless for a bit. But I am loving the additions you have made!
  14. IR for 1.3 / KJR issues List of IR download files to work with KSP 1.3 Remove "Active struts" as well as "strut" Folders" they are currently incompatible with KSP 1.3 - Unless you opt to use the unofficial Recompiled .dll linked below Steps to install Infernal Robotics 1) Install Core Download which is the plugin and "core Files" of IR (No parts are in this download) 2) Install Parts Pack (Legacy is the original parts, and Rework are the new white parts. You can have both installed if you wish) 3) Remove folders "IRActiveStruts" and "Struts" as they are currently incompatible 4) Optional - If you wish to use the Surface sampler - Install the Surfacesampler.dll linked below into GameData/MagicSmokeIndustries/Parts/Rework_Utility/Plugins 5) Optional - KJR unofficial recompile will work with KSP 1.3 and IR 2.0.12 - Linked below 6) Optional - KAS Magnet / Grasper Breaking? Increase "breakForce" under the KAS module in the part cfg to "= 999" 7) Optional - Unofficial recompile of Active Struts Plugin linked below. Curtesy of Whale_2 Core Download Infernal Robotics (Ziw) 2.0.12 https://github.com/MagicSmokeIndustries/InfernalRobotics/releases Parts / Plugin Legacy Parts (Ziw) https://github.com/MagicSmokeIndustries/InfernalRobotics/releases/download/2.0.0/IR-LegacyParts.zip IR Rework Parts (Zodiusinfuser) - See Active Struts notes above https://mega.nz/#!rdlHkLAJ!ZizDvd8s7zCIG529FtO8b7wM0avJ8yC3pldIaf6BGFw Surface Sampler dll (DMagic) - Place into "MagicSmokeIndustries/Parts/Rework_Utility/Plugins" https://github.com/MagicSmokeIndustries/IR-Surface-Sampler/tree/master/GameData/MagicSmokeIndustries/Parts/Rework_Utility/Plugins Active Struts Plugin Unofficial Recompile (Whale_2) https://github.com/whale2/Active-Struts/releases/tag/1.1.0-1 Utility Thread Link For IR Sequencer (Ziw) Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Official GitHub Repository (Ferram4) - https://github.com/ferram4/Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement/releases Unofficial Recompile For 1.3 (siimav) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxowaRaYHkjddHc2T28zWEdLcjQ/view Please feel free to repost / update this list every so often to help a lot of the new comers