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  1. Just the A-4 and one A-4b concept so far; https://www.dropbox.com/s/p975ithkclje44z/Aggregate_Craft.zip?dl=0
  2. OK. Can't guess anymore. Utile? I'm just not sure if I should be answering some question.
  3. ... are a good idea considering there's only really a few ways of putting these together. Hopefully some time this weekend.
  4. Thanks for letting me know. I accidentally left 7zip in bzip2 mode. Uploading 0.16b, which uses stock standard zip-deflate
  5. Sounds like layers. Everything in IVAs goes haywire when the layers are wrong.
  6. That's what I'm thinking. It'll also make the IVAs a lot easier. Glad someone else thinks the same.
  7. I'm stepping down the stack redoing the parts for the 10m NASA Orion. I've got to the Exporer sections (the 7.2m wide habitat area) and I'm not sure which way to go. The existing mod uses 60 degree wedges around a core, as the design called for wedge type modules around the core, and this seemed a nice way of providing lots of choices and variety in how the section is built. Redoing this, I've gone back to the source material, and they should be 45 degree wedges, which is easy enough to do, but I'm wondering if the extra flexibility is worth the extra part count and messing around getting all those parts stuck together. Which is not a question I feel I should answer without some feedback. So, option 1 would be to keep the interchangeable wedge thing, and make the staterooms, the bathrooms, the lab/workshop, the galley, recreation room, etc. And have everyone place the parts as they choose (meaning most people will never add the rec room, the galley, the bathroom etc, 'cos kerbals don't need those. EG Or, option 2, just make a couple of different 7.2m wide floors in the arrangement they would have been in. eg Which is clearly much easier. It'll probably also be much stronger. But, it would loose the flexibility.
  8. That's pretty much how the answer should be. Based on the physics of the things. Larger, yep, joined, nope, and probably say goodbye to local star systems if you try. That bubble edge has a lot in common with black hole event horizons.
  9. Speaking of which, attempting to migrate to an SSD has caused me to have a clean fresh Windows install, and 7Zip did get added. And Notepad++, and forgot a PDF reader. Finding all the GiMP plugins was fun. Unity was easier than I remembered. I probably don't have all the Blender addons I used yet, but I have enough. I WAS going to be adding the final pieces of part revamp to the base Nexus this weekend, but I haven't got anywhere near it.
  10. I've only looked at the joys of part configs so far, but a quick grep to grab this would be; grep -EHR --include=*.cfg "(GUIName|ActionName|ConverterName|description|eventOffName|eventOnName|manufacturer|menuName|MeshMenuName|Mode|moduleType|NodeMenuName|outputName|DisplayName|stagingDisableText|stagingEnableText|tags|title|toggleName|TooltipPrimaryField|TooltipTitle) \= " * >myModsLocalization.txt The equivalent findstr would be using findstr /RSP, but it doesn't actually use regex beyond the limited set of capabilities, so it doesn't work. You'd need to do a findstr per OR(|) term above, while leaving out the spaces and equals. Several of those terms are partials, which is why there's no "start of word boundary" marking or anything like that. DisplayName and ActionName in particular are always appended to something else. Which means there'll be the occasional non-translating value like resourceFlowMode. If you were very enthusiastic you could pipe those out with a grep -vRE "(resourceFlowMode|anything else you find)". But I suspect at thats stage you'd be spending more time messing around getting the grep right than you would just excluding these when you get to them.
  11. I have a suspicion the answer is "make copies, Steam won't let you". But I'm very interested in the answer if it's not.
  12. I was going to do a Grep sed awk sort uniq to find all the squad autoloc fields, and post up an improved Grep and findstr line, once I got home. Just remembered I killed my pc. So it may take longer than expected.
  13. Start with a basic grep for data extraction; egrep -R "(title|description|ActionName) = " * >MyModLocalizationStuff.txt (in your mod's folder) There may* be fields I didn't think of that need localization. * will be
  14. I related news, I've renamed the "MEM Side Heat Shield" to "A-10 top cover", which seems more appropriate for a cover for the A-10.
  15. Glad to know windows can handle zip files from the 70s at least. Oh well. Back to deflate(not deflate 64). When I went to bzip I thought "yay, ckan uses a library that can handle this" without thinking of the underlying OS. Bzip is everywhere but windows. I'll just use base zip from now on, but, people should have 7zip if on Windows. Not related to ksp or anything, but it handles pretty much all archive formats. It's usually one of my first installs on a new windows system. I feel I should clarify further. I'm not saying "you need to download blah, wah, why do I need to change my zip compression?". I accidentally thought bzip would be generically compatible. I always aim for maximum compatibility. I'm just also suggesting 7zip as an awesome, useful program for Windows users. Like I'd recommend notepad++. Etc.