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  1. Having recently got some stuff to work that hasn't since 0.8, I don't think I'm in a position to criticise any delays. And I needed help for that too. Seriously, take your time, no-one's got deadlines for mods
  2. I keep meaning to re-visit this and see if I can config it in (or more likely find a way of butchering some code) for the Orion. Because those pesky controlled fission reactions have nothing on genuine unchecked chain reactions.
  3. You may also want to look at getting 5.4 (I think specifically 5.4.0p4, but I can't remember where to look to check) instead of 5.5.At least until Squad update to 5.5. Just about everything would be fine in 5.5, but you might stumble on some occasional incompatibility.
  4. OK, first flight of the textured 86 foot engine. Them bomb loader floors very much need texturing next, and the payload interface, which is literally untextured. And I kept trying to screenshot the flash on the map view, never could get the timing right. But I managed here; That's the night side of kerbin.
  5. The upper stages are clearly for landing.
  6. You'd be after the warp factor. There is no thrust.
  7. Yes. I think (from memory) there's two versions, little green men from Mars. And little green men from Duna. Duna is obviously easy mode. The four way was always going to be part of it, but somewhere along the way, it got left behind. But seriously, you don't need a five way.
  8. 1.1 is released. It has some minor fixups. Names of the short Eludium tanks now properly reflects sizes (aka, removed duplicate naming). Added missing manufacturer "Beagleworks". Fixed the Radio Frequency Resonant Cavity Device by adding a generated propellant "trapped waves". I've also confirmed that there is thrust coming from the device, so I might eventually remove the intentional typo in description.
  9. Actually, looks like my assumption that ANY acceleration stops you from timewarp or space-centre was what was wrong. There's obviously a cap, under which is fine. Timewarp does set throttle to zero, and I imagine so does switching to the space centre (or other craft). But after some time, I have adjusted my orbit by some meters.
  10. Currently on hour 3 of trying to adjust orbit. 0.000029N is not a lot of thrust
  11. About half way through the 86 foot retexture; And, for those really odd split second freeze frames,
  12. Hmmm... maybe I've stuffed something else. I am using ModuleEnginesFX. I wonder if I need to have a linked effect. Or possibly my assumption that any thrust is enough to stop you using timewarp/craft switching is what's wrong. I'll throttle up and leave the thing running some more. See if I can budge the orbit at all
  13. I've been half-heartedly working on an EM drive to add to my SpaceOpera thing. The current version doesn't generate any thrust, as (quite rightly) KSP doesn't do reaction without reaction mass. Or, the ModuleEnginesFX certainly doesn't as it needs thrust and ISP, so division by zero kills that. But using the standard work around of creating a fake resource in an electrically powered generator, then using that for reaction mass is essentially rounding to "not working". (determined by being able to time warp while running the engine) I was hoping to get something as genuinely useless as the numbers coming out of the Eagleworks papers as a demonstration of how low the numbers are. So, I was hoping someone knew if/what the minimum values would be for thrust/acceleration before they get rounded to zero by the game. Then I can just scale the size and power consumption until I hit the minimum.
  14. Almost have the magazines done. There were some (stupidly simple) issues getting the label switching to work, but we're on the way again. The only remaining label issue is that I forgot to generate one of the labels (derp). I'll finish up my retexturing the Orion 10m engine, then look at the 86 foot engine. That one's more a "texturing" than "retexturing". Then I'll be aiming solidly at fixing some of the non-engine parts.
  15. OK, the Nyrath edition is now updated with a working version. It seems it cannot live in a folder called Nyrath. But if I simply rename the GameData entry to USAFOrion, everything works fine. I've been through the code searching for references, but I can't find why this is. It may be baked into the models or old style mbm texture maps, or something. But, the short version is, if the mod installs to USAFOrin, it works. If it installs to Nyrath, it doesn't. I'll need to get the entry in netkan fixed up before CKAN will install this. All the checking references did make me notice that all the parts have a manufacturer "Chung Atomics, INC.", and a copied set of agencies from the TD edition with no sign of Chung Atomics. I've added Chung Atomics to the agencies, removed the unused agencies and cleaned up that a bit (left the logos there because, dunno, to be honest. Anyways, off to github and netkan for me. Pull request submitted for change to netkan. Now sleep! Or back to re-doing models and textures for the bits.