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  1. I have and didn't find anything, hence the post. I put it there so that juuuust maybe someone might have a useful tip for me in the future, but if not then so be it. I only just installed BDA last night after watching too many KSP combat videos so I'm not particularly attached to it.
  2. Look dude I don't need you to analyse my problem, I'm just leaving this here to see if anyone has run into something similar and has any quick tips. Considering that I'm just testing out you're mod, it'd be easier to uninstall and move on that to jump thru the hoops.
  3. Is Physics Range Extender essential or will everything still work more or less without it, maybe just with reduced missile ranges or something? I'm mainly interested in direct fire weapons and just wanna have WWII style close range dogfights, will that still work?
  4. Every time I spawn a vessel my space station breaks in two. Anyway to stop this? I'd really hate to have to uninstall BDA just cus of one thing like that.
  5. I was wondering this too. Like if it where made similar to the KerbinSide contracts where you get a menu to load everyone in with one button.
  6. All I do in KSP is fly my fleet of various airliners between KerbinSide bases and I have been waiting years for this mod. Thanks for the amazing work
  7. Thanks to you, my mod list is now fully updated. Divines bless your kind heart! May the ground you walk quake as you pass! On a side note, anyone know if RealPlume Stock Configs still works with this?
  8. Ok I think I wasn't detailed enough with my original description so here I go again . My Minmus base is at the equator, on top of a mountain, and has swiveling panels. It's designed with enough EC storage to last the long nights but only with about 15% to spare. Also the main battery pack is attached to the base via a KAS tube (not sure if relevant so I'm just putting it out there). The problem I've been having is that at high time warp the game seems to run into errors when calculating my EC consumption rate, especially when I'm not focusing on the base. Assuming it's not KAS related, I can probably fix the base by just adding a bunch more batteries since all my other crafts are fine and they have much larger EC margins. My question is whether this type of behavior is abnormal (possibly KAS related) or just some innate limitation of the game.
  9. Sometimes at high time warp my Minmus base runs out of EC due to day-night cycle even though it's fine normally. Is there anything I can do about that other than adding a ton of batteries? It currently has a pretty small margin, about 10-15% remaining by sunrise. Thanks
  10. It was originally set to 1000 which was apparently adequate. I raised it to 10000 and it didn't actually make a difference in the number of active particles and there was still no smoke. There is smoke coming from engines not touched by RealPlume, such as the Weasley and Goliath jet engines. I tried reinstalling both this mod and Smoke Screen by itself but to no avail.
  11. Is it just me or do the the Smokescreen effects not appear/get dialed back when used with this mod? My rockets don't leave a smoke trail behind them and if I fire the engines on the launch pad I don't generate a huge cloud of smoke. Thanks
  12. Would I be gelded if asked about official 1.1.3 compatibility? I know the whole "don't pester for mod updates" rule but its been over two months and I'm beginning to fear that I may never properly play 1.1.3 before the next update comes along and breaks it all again.
  13. How do I edit the configs to make things more flexible and bend further before breaking? Ive looked at the readme and managed to turn down the stiffening but no matter what I adjust, the wings on my bigger planes keep cutting loose when they bend past a few degrees. Basically I'm looking for X-Plane 10 levels of wing flex, is this possible? Thanks
  14. So if i run the pruner files, will any mods using those stock textures cease to work? And if i uninstall the mod, will the stock parts return automatically?