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  1. At least tell us where to find a Soyuz-TM that works with 1.2.2? I like the look of your works a lot, because it is so accurate in appearance, but it's all... Old.
  2. I can't get the LV-2C payloads off the lander, the PL in specific, and it's liquiding me off. Any tips?
  3. I saw your message on BobCats feed. I am trying to recreate the LRV, but it will be some time before my skills are up to snuff.

  4. I honestly don't know. I just stuck some thrusters and one of the radial RCS tanks under it and boom.
  5. The Kerbin Orbiting Satellites are a little hard to launch without RCS...
  6. What control surfaces and engines for the Typhoon?
  7. Unterseeboot parts? Craft files?
  8. Thanks. It's such a pretty plane, especially with those scatterers...
  9. Also, the Canadarm page said to turn off autostrut. None of the IR parts have the autostrut part in their configs.
  10. Someone revive this... It's just such a great novelty...
  11. I know, I found it.
  12. I'm trying to load up SpannerMonkey's CeKay I Missile Cruiser, but it says it's missing SM57E6BGM.
  13. Trying to load up the CeKay I Missile Cruiser, and have all of the mods installed. But it says "Craft CeKay I Missile Cruiser was not loaded because it had the following parts missing: SM57E6BGM" What? I am using the Feb 4 release of SM Armory, is it because I have Boomsticks installed?
  14. The configs seem to think that there is a parachute in the SRB caps, but staging, action groups and the fact that the right-click menu has no altitude or pressure setting disagree. I did. I solved (Hopefuly) the problem by adding +20% fuel to the both the SRBs and the ET, bringing the SRB fuel cap to 15504 and the ET fuel cap to 436200 LqdHydrogen and to 29076 oxidizer.