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  1. Assuming you have JSI installed, go into IVA and click the black dial next to the grey knob on the left side of the dashboard.
  2. Tweakscale pls?
  3. Understandable.
  4. Can we get optimal cruise altitudes and speeds for some of the aircraft?
  5. Thanks, now I feel silly.
  6. The description on the Gateway station implies that it is a fuel depot for Munar landers. It's base configuration barely carries any fuel.
  7. Typo? I think it should be "C7 140 'Kestrel' vertical takeoff personnel transport". Sorry, I just can't help noticing thing's like this. It's a little quirk of mine...
  8. *sad face intensifies*
  9. Do you have any plans to make moar unmanned landers/rovers soon? Loved the ER-4 Duna rover, but you have no unmanned landers... I love your stuff by the way. I'm flying a C7 325R down to my Amundsen-Scott station replica.
  10. One question: Landing guidance?
  11. I think it's a problem with the drag cube on the chutes. I doubled both the fully and semi deployed drags for all the parachutes.
  12. What? The crew will die.
  13. The drag cubes on the pods are still screwed up. Either that or the chutes aren't providing enough drag. Whatever the problem is, I can't make a splashdown at 100m/s.
  14. The Vostok drag module seems broken. Coming in for reentry from a 300km orbit, still going about 1km/s at 10km ASL.