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  1. Shirley we all Shirley knew Shirley had a chance (gosh darn I'm done with life) This interlude is like a recap of the Kerbfleet comics, right? Well done on putting it all into an interlude
  2. On one of the panels it seemed peculiar to me that one of the speech bubbles came from another part of the ship. Unless I'm going nuts or somethin'.
  3. Pal buddy chum pal friend, you're in the wrong thread. You see, this is a thread for challenges considered to be, uh, unique and awesome(?), are put together in an index. It's literally an index for such challenges. I see you're doing a Shuttle mission, which can be found right 'ere mate. Hope I helped
  4. Nada, non at all! @Parkaboy has a busy schedule, and when he as time, he (presumably) uses it to make the quality we know and love!
  5. 'Ere we go, that makes sense. I'll be showin' off my stuff in about a few days then
  6. Admiral Shirley is M.I.A, as shown a few pages ago
  7. I quite second this. We need a clarification 'ere.
  8. a lot. That being said, Congrats on gettin' your train workin' again. Though I never really read your logs in depth, it was always kind of cool to see your trains! Here's hoping to a new beginning for you and your trains!
  9. Clipped a nuclear one in a bit to look a lil' nice. Is it acceptable?
  10. Hmm. 2 kerbals M.I.A, Shirley, and Gregmore Kerman(s?) 1 Kerbulan out of action, the dude that got blwon away, extinguished from combat. 1 Kerbulan M.I.A They never found the bodies, which works both ways. Gregmore (s) may still be alive, as well as Shirley, albeit injured as *No need to go into that vocabulary*. Well done Kuzzter. Definitely your most emotional ending yet... Rest in peace, our Hero of the Battle of Kerbin...
  11. I second this. Are we to use only modded parts?
  12. I'm gonna go a limb here and say they're going to forget each other on meeting. As in, meet, converse, then forget. ? These cliffhangars are beastly though!
  13. Hol' up, the part clipping rule. Are there NO exceptions? Like wing clipping for design?
  14. I'll press it? Exerting downward force upon this specific button will result in world peace, but Earth no longer exists and we live on Venus.
  15. Granted. The world has now become a utopian dystopia in which everyone is happy and there is no dissent. HEY! I thinkg that's not righ- I wish for an uncorruptable wish.