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  1. Well consider this a request for a boat version then
  2. Does it work with boats?
  3. First, you should send out request for really ridiculous things, then give out a picture or description or something like that and see what you've done.
  4. Yes I have, and it's tied with feline utility rovers for my favorite rover mod. I'd use it more often if Bon Voyage worked.
  5. Oh, Mighty Space Bard, what I want is NON-HISTORICALLY ACCURATE ROVERS!
  6. I wish I was good at making rovers.
  7. If you mean on the crater rim, it's harder to tell if those are floating
  8. I made this:
  9. For me it was either scott or some other video I don't remember very well. I think it was 2014.
  10. What, you mean this? It's been jpeg'd it appears
  11. So I can do this:
  12. Same here, except a story is only sitting on the back-burner at this point.
  13. All this is better than my Paint.NET collection, even though I consider them "inspired abstracts".