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  1. YOU WOn. I give up. *passes out*
  2. you have now taken over my notifications i give up. theres sadness in my soup
  3. waiter thers a deltadizzy in my soup
  4. craters are made of forum posts
  5. 7/10 posting-spree
  6. banned for restricting information
  7. glasses
  8. we forgot the mission patch
  9. 1939: you defen poland
  10. 1937: you re-inaugurate fdr
  11. we put the fare's next to the fuel tanks!
  12. what race?
  13. waiter there's a thread hopper in my soup
  14. banned for speeding around the forums. was taken 90 sec. ago, now 50% larger
  15. you faked up saying rhea isn't finished