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  1. This post is reserved for when I'm ready. It will be soon. It will involve Kerbal Foundries 2 and Lots of ore tanks.
  2. Yes, I can. I just wait until altitude reaches 0, then fire my engines and get out. TUBM is a user of these forums. Try to get out of that one.
  3. It appears to have unposted itself.
  4. You didn't answer
  5. banned for not answering
  6. I just got to New Hampshire for my vacation. Should be back by next Sunday. I also got confused. How can @Ultimate Steve and @cubinator, how can you have 2 posts in a row. Whenever I do that, it just merges them.
  7. Banned for not answering
  8. I believe I came for the mods... I could download them without an account, but then there are the polls... *drowns in a riptide of nostalgia* My claim to fame is mostly a joke I made on a KSP Weekly. I'm sure most of you have heard about that.
  9. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPLETE ENTRY:
  10. *stands in awe* @Ossan3, can I have the .craft for that, please?
  11. Banned for horsing around From the Google page for "rushing a delicate process".
  12. The day I decide to take a vacation to New Hampshire, too. Endeavour is my favorite shuttle as well.