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  1. The Do335 and the MC205 came out great!
  2. I can see that the wings are from "B9 procedural wings" mod and I'm pretty sure that the deck edge pieces are from the main B9 mod
  3. I think he talks about that ksp should be roughly 65% size and not 50%, for example, on KSP scale the falcon 9 should be 2.5 meters but in Contares it is 1.875 or the Ariane 5 is 2.5 instead of 3.75 (btw Beale, are you planning to remake the Ariane series at some point in the future?)
  4. What about the exhaust nozzle (or whatever it is) at the bottom of the sustainer engine? it's not critical but it does look cool.
  5. maybe EVE volumetric clouds at really low altitude?
  6. Can we see this list?
  7. because nowdays everyone use rgb leds
  8. What's so bad about RGB's? I've always wanted to match my Soyuz to my PC setup
  9. @Beale In my opinion the only thing that was "bad" about AB is that the Zenit and the Energia had color schemes that don't go that well together (brown & black).
  10. @CobaltWolf lol, I wanted to watch the stream replay in school but it wouldn't load and in the same moment you decided to upload these, the engine looks great, is this going to be part of bdb or a new mod?
  11. @The Flying Kerbal RealPlume also changes the sounds