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  1. Finally got my airdrop system to work well! A bearing tended to blow up on release, which was fixed by adding a structural plate below it.
  2. Dumps radioactive goop on top. My radioactive hill
  3. @fourfa: Checked using debug menu, according to that the payload is shielded - no drag. I was checking drag using the red arrows, which is probably Wonder why the red arrows still show up though.Thanks. @EpicSpaceTroll139 : Payload is node attached I think fourfa is correct, since it is just the drag arrows in the aero overlay. The parts are being shielded, but the gui says differently
  4. Sweet! <- so much easier than using descriptions like (airplane thingy for prograde)
  5. I cant help but think that your craft is doing a split... (crappy internet picture incoming)
  6. @Rath So... I have two entries into the light category. One score is better than the other. Can the OP be updated with that instead?
  7. 1620: There is a cool demonstration of the Mayflower landing at Cape Cod (or there abouts) in 2:35 scale
  8. Tbh, I bet that about half of them are actually just slightly different iterations of each other. But I do like building in the SPH.
  9. Apparently 357 in just the Spaceplane hangar. Sucks when I need to find something (a search bar for that would be nice...)
  10. Only about 188/189 MB. Though I do have way too many craft, KSP likes to "stop responding" when opening the craft browser.
  11. Asks a god to do a personal favor and smites all the "new n' hip" hills and return to the original one and claim it. With a furry potato My furry potato and hill
  12. Like the tank. Planning to do an elkano by train. (its going to be so slow... but I have a jet engine ) Different route though. Only worry is sudden destruction of train and having to constantly send new ones.
  13. Eindhoven
  14. What?The planes in a dogfight? I wanna see a boxing match between the two kerbals
  15. Hmm. Personally not my style, but if you like it, go for it.