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  1. Thing I did a while ago for an art class. Excuse the crappy phone pic quality.
  2. Don't we all.
  3. Did you mean monocoque? Anyway, nice craft!
  4. Not to be a spoil sport, but with these supersonic electric jets, it kinda looks like its a planes with some random elevons going in a ring around it, barely related to the actual plane
  5. The effect is interesting to say the least. I think it might work on larger curves, but not on this scale. Have you tried the small radiators? Or maybe a bunch of parts clipped together? The problem with KSP I find is not enough parts for stuff on a smaller scale and a lack of things for curved parts. Also, as for two planes per day, I have to say, probably not the best idea.
  6. Cool. 2 planes in one day. @Servo, what part did you use for blocking the intakes used around the engines?
  7. Yeah for thin decouplers! Can 1.3 make all the decoupler options kinda like that? Seriously, the 2.5m decoupler is terrible just because of how bloated it feels.
  8. Yes, but take pictures for conclusive evidence.
  9. I have to come now, don't i.... @53miner53
  10. Try in the settings scaling down the UI size. Also, is your resolution running at the native resolution?
  11. Hence the about - I know that different OS use different modifier keys. But its the same concept, (mod)-F12
  12. Hello! You do falconry? Cool! Hope you enjoy the forums!
  13. You can either put them under Ships -> SPH in the main KSP folder, or under the same ships_> SPH under the save file you want. Seriously though, you should try figuring all of the basic stuff in sandbox.
  14. It's very simple. You press the right shift+f-12, then go to the Cheats section, then toggle infinite fuel. About the same as it always ways.