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  1. Is it possibile to use two thermal generators on one reactor? Is it a way to minimize wasteheat and maximise energy production?
  2. That's because many part descriptions are obsolete and wrong because the mechanics behind their behaviour has changed. @FreeThinker I think that we all will benefit from a complete in-game part description review and update to the current behaviour. In that case, I think that as now, thermal generator make power from both cp and thermal power , because it convert heat, and also cp contribute to heat. The balance vs cp generator is given from the lowest max efficiency, while cp generator convert only cp at 90% efficiency.
  3. This will be a great improvement in graphics effect too. Personally I think that last upgrades in warp mechanics are great, but I agree with you that kspi-e excels in realistic and near future technologies, and warp drive is just the candy at the end of the effort of developing all the techtree.
  4. Great work, i'll try it now. Maybe the warp drive would benefit of a little graphical revamp to the warp effect. I know you are not a graphical artist... Maybe if @RoverDude agree, you could use the warp bubble effect of his standalone warp drive... that's wonderful ...
  5. I tried yesterday to warp from kerbin to galene, in IA revived. Well, I came as near as I can to Galene before running out of power at low warp speed. Resulting orbit was a 43km/sec escape orbit from the starsystem. I must have missed something here....
  6. @FreeThinker bug: When you are on warp approaching a gravity well, and max allowable c drop below 1c, may happen that max allowable c goes down to values that require too much power, more than available. The logic try to reduce required power, but this is impossible due to gravity well... the game almost freeze but continue to warp even if you are using more than 100% available power, and don't recover after you manually exit warp.
  7. ... oh..... So no more 1 generator for both thermal and CP ?????
  8. You only need MHD Generator, it uses both Thermal and charged particles. It's not good to put 2 CP generators together on same reactor
  9. Maybe that's the right moment to add warp to mass ratio reading in VAB, and min/max power requirement adjust value on tweakscaling..!
  10. No, the orbital speed of Minmus around Kerbin relative to your maneuver velocity is so small that you'll only need to slightly adjust your brake burn radially. Let me try when my RL issues allow me to sit and play a bit.
  11. Hehe .. yes but you don't need an holmann transfer, just fire the kerbstein straight at minmus, then revert and brake halfway ... I don't know if correcting orbital speed after warp is more or less expensive that doing the transfer with Kerbstein, Anyway ... busy kerbals have you !!
  12. You warped from kerbin to minmus..? O:-)
  13. @FreeThinker found a bug. Antimatter/antiidrogen not flowing to antimatter reactor, in a simple config reactor/Turbojet without generators. Full throttle in atomspheric mode, then you go to reactor control window, consumpion "antihidrogen" 0 .... push deactivate reactor, and suddently you are accelerating as it should be. This happen both with diamagnetic and electrostatic containment device (except than with diamagnetic you suddently explode for max G acceleration ..hehe)
  14. The bug that freethinker meant is that you shouldn't be able to attach things radially on multichannel radiators. Regarding antimatter reactor, if you use it only for thermal turbojets, and don't attach any generator on them, they will run Only for propulsion, discharging wasteheat out in the turbojets exhaust. When turbojets are off, your am reactors will stay a at idle...for your jumper, 4 graphene wrappers around cargo tank, should be enough. Great! Time to reassess my sstw atmo propulsion systems, and radiators config. By the way, is the global radiator calculation implemented or at least, in program?
  15. Well.... I managed to pull out almost 100GW with 125 of them ... hehehe .... the rest of 2 TW went to 5 generators, alcubierre etc etc... other 100GW to two large folding radiators .... more or less the ship works fine... if you dont stay in warp for more than some years... the wasteheat only raise very slowly ... eventually sooner or later in continuos warp at 10c ... the ship will overheat... but i can't imagine where to go in warp for years and years ...