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  1. @OrionSpacey Have you tried it without Universal Storage? There doesn't seem to be anything obviously wrong with US or Orbital Science, and they work fine for me. The only thing I can see is that Interstellar (and Interstellar Fuel Switch) has a lot of Module Manager patches pointed towards the US parts. These are the patch files that seem to be affecting US parts (both normal US and my US parts): From Interstellar Fuel Switch: IntegrationLiquidFuel IntegrationLiquidFuelOxidizer IntegrationXenon From Interstellar: OreTanksFix Those config files should all be found in the Patches folder of those two mods. Maybe they are doing something weird.
  2. Version 17.9 is out; get it on GitHub. It should fix the strange text corruption bug when using the planetary overlay maps and defaults to the non-localized biome names when the localized field is empty. The KSPedia entry has been updated to reflect all of the changes made from version 17 on. It also has a few new pages that describe the actual maps and their functions. It is not localized, since there is a ton of text, and I don't have a really good way of handling translated KSPedia files that doesn't involve significant increases in file size. The Russian localization has been completed by RarogCmex. Barring any major bugs this should be the last dev version (Japanese translations will probably have to wait ). I hope to have version 18 out by next week.
  3. There is an option in the settings window to make the windows close if you right click when the pin is turned off. And I guess I'll need some more robust methods to make sure that orphaned windows don't stick around. Also, for now, you can disable the "Pinned Windows Open In Flight View" option and the windows should go away when changing scenes.
  4. I'm guessing that actually setting up all of the states and events and hooking them into KSP would be the difficult part. Rigging a humanoid isn't all that hard* because there are so many resources and tools made specifically for that purpose. * By isn't all that hard I mean still really hard, just maybe not as bad as it could be if you are just considering making everything from scratch. I don't know anything specific either, but just looking at the Kerbal classes (Kerbal, KerbalEVA, KerbalAnimationManager, KerbalExpressionAI, kerbalExpressionSystem), they all are all public and basically every method is virtual, so it looks like they are designed to be overwritten by something else if someone wants to do so. It would be a ton of work, but if someone really wants to look into it's probably possible.
  5. @Next_Star_Industries You can add any language for a mod. The languages provided by stock are those you have listed, but you can add others. If someone starts KSP using a non-stock language then it will use English as the backup for any text that hasn't been translated. There are a few work-in-progress stock translations for other languages linked to at the top of the first post; French, Polish, Dutch, etc...
  6. @Tuko The icon only appears when there is somewhere to send the science to. Depending on your Science Relay settings (found in the stock difficulty settings panel) this can be limited to vessels with a relay antenna, a science lab, or a crewed science lab, and in all cases it requires that the vessel have a science container of some sort on-board.
  7. @OrionSpacey Can't help without log files.
  8. @Streetwind Go through a different link to the youtube stream and you can go back.
  9. It looks like it came in with a lot of horizontal velocity.
  10. @vardicd I see the problem now, it seems to be an odd effect of how the map textures are removed from memory when turning off or switching the overlay. I'll see about getting a fix out sometime soon.
  11. @vardicd Did you try it while attached to a vessel? I'm not really sure if behaves the same while attached to a Kerbal.
  12. @vardicd Can you try it with the latest version? There are a couple of bugs in 17.6, they probably don't affect this, but they really clog up the log files, and may have other strange effects. I've seen the same odd effects occur in the past, but that was due to some very specific problems with how overlay maps were removed when changing scenes.
  13. @Fzzt In sandbox the tooltips don't show at all. The only way to get them on is to enable Kerbal gee force limits. I think the same applies in science mode, but you can also enable experience to make it show up. Since Portrait Stats piggy backs off of the stock tooltip there isn't much that can be done if it isn't shown. @Kerbart That's an interesting idea. I'm not sure how complicated it is to essentially delete one part and replace it with another. I can try to look into it.
  14. @Sigma88 Yes, all components of the science id's (experiment title, body name, situation, and biome) remain in english. The display names are just used for the title that actually shows up in the experiment results window. Biome names are in lots of places, though. Stock modules might have better handling of the situation, so that they use the regular name if the display name field is empty, I haven't looked into it. But I'm also using the display name extensively for SCANsat, I can add a check for an empty field, but it's probably best for Kopernicus to also set it.