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  1. More stuff on GitHub. Major balancing to the VA engine, with new FX, and a folding IGLA dish.
  2. It's all you ever wanted. I would love to see what others can come up with for a Duna landing... Modified LK maybe? Plenty enough DV to land and return to orbit. But, not the best design.
  3. VA Balance. Engine has fuel, still FX to do. All parts have tags and descriptions.
  4. That's awesome! I love mashups TKS retro, I'll fix that tonight. Lunar soyuz fuel cell, I must have forgotten to do that, sure. ? It's all very interesting Good question, I did a little digging. You are correct, usually and planned (But, this was only done once or twice IIRC) the TKS separates as a whole, then the VA separates and goes home (VA could fly alone for just over a day, the whole TKS quite a little big longer). Salyut 6 was different, I would guess, because the TKS arrived after the last crew had left, so there was no worry about depresurisation, etc. if they just separated the VA straight away. I might be wrong, but it looks like the FGB section of Kosmos 1267 de-orbited still attached to Salyut 6. Same case for Kosmos 1686 on Salyut 7, but that was actually manned, so the VA remained attached (It had the engine removed and replaced with science equipment anyway).
  5. It's possible, but it would be strange to measure from the probe for Progress and not for the Soyuz (Talking about the 'progress was longer' snippet). The classic progression from black to white, I love the N1 development @curtquarquesso Let's get this show on-the-road
  6. My source is good-old-wikipedia, I doubt a typo, as it also has this sentence: 'It had the same diameter as the Soyuz at 2.2 metres, but was 8 metres in length—slightly longer.' But, I have some good reason to doubt this now! The Russian Wikipedia page also says 7.48m FYI. The English Wikipedia article is probably from older Western sources - the same kind how the TKS radiators were confused for solar panels misconception came about.
  7. 1.875m in diameter, if latest Github version they are white and yellow, if last release version they are grey. The names: LQ-D6L 'Dolk' Rocket Motor LQ-3PL Rocket Propellant Tank LQ-C96 Rocket Propellant Tank LQ-8MN Rocket Propellant Tank Hope this helps. I should actually include the Blok-G in the first-page screenshots now that I notice it. By the way, everyone's feelings on N1 colour scheme? Do you want brighter white? White and brown? Black and white?
  8. It's in the TantaresLV pack, were you having some difficulty finding it? There are three different tank sizes and a mid-size engine. (Type N1 in the VAB filter). Nice! Many thanks. So, it looks like identical to the Soyuz (7.48m) and a little bit shorter (7.23m). This can all be handled by removing or including a trunk section exactly the same height as the Soyuz Decoupler. I also only recently learned of the Progress-VDU with it's big fat belly... Would be an interesting addition maybe.
  9. Can I get that Kerbal IVA dummy anywhere...?
  10. I will need to make it sooner, rather than later, unless you want to pull on the reins again The TKS lives! Beautiful launcher, nice mission Oh dear (But, in a good way, thank you). This confuses a few things... Those sources would be much appreciated. Awesome line drawings of the Soyuz / Progress though, they will be very useful.
  11. The old Progress it seems was very short, minimum Progress past and present has been similar length to the Soyuz, or up to half a metre taller (Original 1970s / 1980s Progress). Soyuz-TM: 7.48 m Progress-M: 7.23 m Progress: 7.94 m You can see the new Progress can be appropriate for either height by the inclusion or omission of a new tbc trunk section. (What can this section store? I have some ideas...). The moral of the story, being accurate is frustrating, but actually usually ends up giving cool results. By the way, GitHub is updated with some new Soyuz RCS effects, and the little nod to @Daelkyr in the VA engine (Still need to fix the fuel on that though).
  12. I'm not sure how I would be able to do that, but if you have any ideas, I'm all listening No real spacecraft, the VA was just put in top of the N1 rocket's final stage to make a knock-off Apollo The VA was a little worse-for-wear after re-entry.
  13. Switched over to the stock search system now, just type in 'Soyuz' or 'MIR', or etc in the VAB CLS configs, none available, I did not know CLS was still available to be honest. Sorry for the song curse!
  14. Exactly as TK-313 says myself. Lately I have been having thoughts about the RCS though, both FX and types available, some more would be useful. Bigger FGB RCS too.
  15. It all is coming together so nicely. This can solve all the above ground base building headaches with a single kick-ass IVA.