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  1. To be honest, I've only used the very nice spaceplanes.
  2. Tantares is built around ~64% scale 1:1 scale (With a little bit of fudge for friendly sizes) - I didn't know Contares rockets were cut in half 50%, they are probably therefore less overpowered.
  3. Github You can build a half-good Kvant-2 and almost Kristall!
  4. CaptureMinRollDot was what I think I am missing, many thanks! Is 0.99 (so close to 1) good enough to ensure 45 degree snap? I'm confused how the number works.
  5. Github This is just the fore thin section of the Kvant-2 module, the aft section is also used for Kristall. In other words, you can't really build an accurate Kvant-2 yet, but something close.
  6. Very old stuff! Yes, as mentioned before I will be putting the PSDs available on Github, so people can have any colour they want.
  7. Cool, I have updated the fairing parts to have smaller tolerances.
  8. Which green texture is this? Work in progress.
  9. @steedcrugeon Very nice! How did you get the angle-snap to work correctly on the ports? I've been having difficulty. MODULE { name = ModuleDockingNode referenceAttachNode = top gendered = true genderFemale = false nodeType = size1 snapRotation = true snapOffset = 45 }