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  1. Gotcha! Can't do external view without mods, but I have a quite interesting idea for the periscope... GitHub You can get the light.
  2. That's an amazing build (But, a sad ending)! I think @IronCretin would like to see it (Why? Ask him). Periscope, maybe? Right now I have added the light: They are amazing, all of them! I think I will follow up and say too, yes! The azure soyuz is so pretty. Light! I chose not to make it a full RGB light because: I don't know how. It's kind of low tech? Newer Soyuz models have an LED based light system, but I love the shape and style of the old kind
  3. Yeah, the monolithic fairings I want to avoid. Currently focusing on the 7k-ok docking ports, lights for docking and igla stuff. When I have an opportunity sure.
  4. I don't think it's possible with P-fairings, sorry. Very pretty! Nice job Damn, my secret is out.
  5. Actual picture of decoupler in-game: Or really: Finally... The kind prison guards at the Gulag let me use a video editor.
  6. Very strange! I suspect installation has gone strange, GitHub looks okay, can you possible show the Soyuz folder? You can grab the individual texture file here. That's awesome! Are we missing many parts to build a accurate 7K-L1 ? Revampig the decouplers again? I cannot make my mind up... this is why I work alone Edit: decouplers? These are separators.
  7. Version for KSP 1.3 @mario-sov Made a beautiful little GUI to manage the craft numbering, but sadly no time to implement it yet... Busy times, but my deepest thanks to him. Hopefully I can push out a "actual" release of this soon (And not just a fast recompile of the DLL).
  8. GitHub It works pretty flawless! As suggested, a 'spacer' part between the top of the Soyuz and the bottom of the LES would be useful... Refeuling. Stealing the Progress panels, for a better use. By year 2...
  9. When I can't do a free-return myself, but it's okay because somebody else will Beautiful craft. That's awesome! I have not seen so many full ISS. I'm sure @cxg2827 and @benjee10 Would enjoy it also
  10. Soon soon soon! (For both) Annoying I am kind of locked up with work recently. It will be in next release, thanks @Daelkyr !
  11. Hello! Currently I use 1.5.4
  12. I have sent a couple PMs, but naturally he's a very busy guy (And we live in very different time-zones). Counting the image already shown, hard to tell, they look 32-sided, but could be higher. It would be nice to have any Energia parts be compatible. Personally, already have made my 5m N1 parts 32-sided, but I know some other modders use 48 sides when going that big. While this thread has been "revived" a little, it would be good to hear anything that was bad or awkward about my AB Zenit parts, to fix for future.