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  1. Decided against using it, but appreciate a lot the work that went into it. Currently the mod is too small to justify another toolbar icon. I was thinking you could put a <4> in the craft name to reset the numbering to 4 for example.
  2. Kerbin is only 1200km across, so to the full size rockets would just be stupidly overpowered - you could send 100s of tons to the Moon on a full scale Saturn V.
  3. Thanks @Well Has discovered the root problem, fixed for next release. Some things...
  4. GitHub It has been a while since the last update - but, here we have a lot of things, the previewed Salyut part and the normal-mapped VA. Love to get your feedback on this, try it and let me know what you feel.
  5. Thanks, I will address this. I konw you may not have the time, but if anyone finds bugs - and log it on the GitHub page, it is super appreciated! And will be fixed sooner (Make a pull request and it will be fixed instantly!). Yep, for the launcher itself, you can get very near the start of the tech tree Currently only stock system, but if you have configs I'm happy to include them More work.
  6. We have footage of VA flight 666, sad days... Nice normal maps though.
  7. Tantares V7.0 Enjoy! And let me know if you find bugs. Contains: - Soyuz - Progress - Progress-M - LK Lander - VA - TKS - MIR Core Module - Kvant-1 Module - Sofora Truss - Kvant-2 Module - Kristall Module - Spektr Module - Pirs - Poisk - Mir Docking Module / Rassvet - SPP Truss
  8. Interesting bug, any mods? Some more work in-game, but need to put together a release first.
  9. You have a very old version, where did you find that? Use latest version from first-page and it should work correctly.
  10. Big Progress is great! I'd considered making it for a while, but you can already make an okay version. Hard decision. Nice nice nice! Basic Salyut Forward Section. Assembly. Separated 0.9375m Docking port. Okay to link this on the first page?