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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I was sending more fuel to Eve and caught this shot
  2. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I need to setup some comms at Kerbin for my space exploration projects. Here's one of three I plan to put in a stationary orbit. Right now I am using RCS for positioning and I may switch to the dawn engines.
  3. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    EVE SAT 1 Update: 12/09/2017 Eve Sat 1 is as Satellite I returned to Eve's Orbit from a previous build in 2015. I thought it would be neat to send a craft I build named SpaceTech to the Satellite and maybe attempt to shuttle to Eve and back with the help of a few fuel supply missions. It's taken two trips of fuel supply to get into orbit with Eve Sat 1, I will now need additional fuel to dock and also a refueling station on eve to return to the Satellite. Not sure if SpaceTech will be able to land on Eve I'll find this out with testing, I don't do the math I usually just dive in head first, sort the troubles out with hindsight and it's all fun to me. Eve Sat 1 in Eve's Orbit
  4. Super sweet work guys, beautiful looking black bird! Congrats on the TOTM
  5. So hilarious when one of kerbals had to be shaken into place!! It was like....NO...NO I don't wanna go!
  6. Real size Eiffel Tower

    Amazing and beautiful work! I often think about building big things in KSP and then I see stuff like this and it changes my definition of BIG in KSP.
  7. K&S Kayak Racing

    Got pinned?? thank you Majorjim!
  8. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    It's been a long time since Space Laboratories actually did anything in space these days. Recently I was reminded of an old Station I enjoyed back in 2015, it was having serious structural problems and got put on the back burners. I started working on it again with some new ideas and I've got the craft working very well. I plan to release this one soon. At first I named the craft Eve Station MK9 because the core of the station was using 9 MK1 lander cans. Now it's named Eve Sat 1. I left the Fuel Tanks, Nose Cone and Reaction Wheels for now.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    Nice! Any mods here other than paint?
  10. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    NOVA 7 Craft File / Video
  11. Nova 7 - SSTO

    Nova 7 I have to say I do admire others that build SSTO craft because of the challenge an SSTO can be. They can be tedious, ridiculously precise with it's TWR's but yet very satisfying at the same time. The wide body of Nova7 is allowing really nice Aerobraking, landing is a little delicate but fun. It's a crew only craft build, I may add a small cargo bay in a future rebuild. Operations to achieve Orbit: At Takeoff apply RCS, SAS, full throttle and tap space bar. After craft lifts from the runway, lift gear, climb to 20 degrees, inactivate RCS to reserve fuel. Start gravity turn near 18,000m, switch to Orbital Map and hold 15 degrees until rapiers kick in wet mode, when Apoapsis reaches 100m kill engines and drift until -1.30s Level the craft then hit only atomic motors at full throttle to complete Orbit. More Photos Here Craft File: Nova 7 Parts: 79 Mass: 43.597t Height: 4.2m Width: 16.3m Length: 15.0m
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Who will fry their computer first?
  13. Unlocking Maneuver Node

    Now that!.. I didn’t think about, must be a pilot I have aboard because I am communicating now with KSC. Thank you for the information, this will help for future space travel.
  14. Unlocking Maneuver Node

    I've made a really good habit not to forget the Kerbals, it's in my auto signature not to forget the Kerbals because I've forgotten so many times in the I did have a pilot onboard this time.
  15. Unlocking Maneuver Node

    I just noticed this at the same time you posted, thank you for the help this is exactly what was happening. I extended the antennas and now back on the mission.