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  1. I've been experiencing this and wondering if others were too
  2. Thank you aerodis! The Airlift One has some really cool interior, I didn't elaborate on it with pics and video much . Check it out when you have a chance. (Warning! High part count for some computers). Also it may not work well with the latest version of ksp I haven't updated it.
  3. I am interested, count me in!
  4. Your welcome! your craft are very impressive and worth the download for sure. Next time I fly I will drop the tanks to experience the difference, thank you!
  5. Very nice craft XLjedi, I took some time off from fabrication and took your craft for a ride. I made a lap around Kerbin and took a few pictures along the way The craft handles very well, even low on fuel on reentry.....too sweet man! Here are my two favorite shots Other photos during the trip
  6. Here's a WIP I've been anxious to get complete but I keep getting side tracked with other fun stuff I'd like to finish first. Please know this will be a long time before it's released as some most of my projects are . I started this one in February . Mini B25-Mitchell Design Work
  7. Your blowing my mind!!
  8. Whaaaatttt! We can now see the Sound Barrier?
  9. I'll have an IOU on this man, I ran out of likes today
  10. I think some of us new this one was coming . The launcher and stabilizers with atomic motors are still attached in this picture. If you decide to launch it be advised during the trajectory you will see some explosions but have no fear getting to Obit is sometimes rough, it just adds to the excitement. Here are other links to the project Phase II is a WIP Omega 7 Space Pack & Phase II
  11. Thanks for the back up on this peeps @aerodis @sevenperforce, I would share some like with you but I ran out. The forum only allows 25 likes a day for those who don't know and I used them all this morning on this link, it's an international link that was shared as one of the TOTM. I wanted to like just about all of them but I ran out of likes It was a craft like this one that motivated me to build AirLift One
  12. Have you guys got any other specific designs and ideas you have in mind? more smaller fighter planes with vtol etc? How about a spacecraft?
  13. Mig 15 an all time favorite of mine, this is very impressive work, love your craft build here, sorry just seeing this one now it was just brought to my attention
  14. I agree, beautiful artwork! Got me amped up too! I would like to build one of these soon but I am torn on which one to build......hum! maybe 2 for sure, the Sea Plane a must build for me, heavy lifter mk3 I would like to build also. Again beautiful artwork, love it!