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  1. @RoninFrog After testing we're at 295m Drilling Ore....
  2. I'm not sure if I messed up the default settings or if for some reason the Structures can not be destroyed in this Version 1.8.1. I haven't up graded to 1.9.1 yet and I was trying to destroy one of the Tanks for filming and it's not happening. Has anyone come across this or prove it for me?
  3. You can find any of the locations on the OP (First Page). There's a leader board on that page showing your rank for the accumulated points. This will show you all the places that players have been.
  4. This build was inspired by the Dakar Race 2020. My track times weren't the best on the board but the Race was a lot of fun. DAKAR BUGGY 7 Parts: 144 Mast: 2,696t Height: 3.3m Width: 4.5m Lenght: 5.0m Craft File: Dakar Buggy 7
  5. Very nice man, it's like watching Kerbal TV!
  6. Nice build man, welcome to the forum! I love the F35's, I have a friend that did some Engineering work on those for Lockheed Martin
  7. Just an fyi, Although Mods can be a lot of fun, you will find that Stock builds are more appreciated here and on Kerbal-X
  8. Took this shot during a project Speed Matters
  9. Space Dock AzimuthUpdate: 03.04.2020 When arriving with a bay section I was surprised to see damage, I thought that last game save was without any damages. I installed the Section here As much work (fun ) as it can be to make additional trips to the Space Dock I still decided to remove the damages and return with new sections. In the pass I was having trouble launching with anything more then a section at a time. Knowing how much time it takes to make these trips (Hours) I decided to Engineer something so I could make this all in one rendezvous. After a few test launches, tweaks and careful maneuvers, I was able to achieve orbit with minimal damages to the launcher when staging. (I wasn't planning to reuse it anyways unlike Space-X I have plenty funds to waste here ) I noticed there was something missing when I arrived ....aaah!! The Game Plan here will be to Dock at this location and Dock this sideways to the Space Dock (Ok that's some wishful thinking, we'll see how that goes)
  10. Many of my attempts looked much like this one. The last part being really difficult is why I encourage a player to find a good path and stick with it until you learn where to slow down. This was my first time doing this race and it was very fun even though I didn't get really good timing.
  11. Weather conditions including the Aurora Borealis. Comets cruising slowly across the night sky would be a treat!
  12. @klond and myself created a Video with "Kayak Racing" and the Location I chose for the filming is a really beautiful place I found on Kerbin. Which was given the name "Kayak River" by: @Hotel26 It was his idea to start naming locations found by other explorers after seeing @purpleivan finding the place after some simple directions were given. Things kinda launched from there.
  13. I think our Kayak Club Originator should make that decision ( @Hotel26 )
  14. How about adding the Coordinates after the Fifth Explorer establishes his findings?