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  1. I went scouting around ESE and arrived at the second Continent and got a nice night view of some mountains. Nothing spectacular but I was able to test my Mini-F14. It's holding up well in 1.8.1 with full warp and full fuel tanks. If you decide to download the craft, I'm not sure how well takeoff will be. I used Vessel Mover to start near the end of the runway. It looks like it could be another J.U.M.P.E.R.S. location. Night was not planed, I left in the daylight More Views of the Area and the trip there
  2. This Space Station will go to all the Planets. Station MK9
  3. Step aside Wario....Mario coming through!!!
  4. SECTOR 7 SPACE LABORATORIES Update: 12-3-19 MUN AND BACK MK3-1 S7 This somewhat Apollo Style Craft will get you to the Mun and Back to Kerbin (Lander only showing here). This is my first of it's kind that I build and soon to release. After a few years of playing KSP I can't believe it's been this long before having a chance to do this. After lots of build changes, lots of testing and also brought back from the back burners after months I am nearing completion. A few more test and filming to be done. This craft may also come with scanning abilities, that's still up in the air at the moment.
  5. Paste the text in note pad then paste it on here
  6. After completing the Elcano Challenge I find myself saying the same thing. I always encourage others to do this Challenge because Kerbin has a lot of cool places to see.
  7. Not sure if that area has been named or not, some mods have the regions with names. I haven't ventured into the mods much. I think there may be a default utility that will give coordinates if not I know there is a mod that gives lat and long. I'm also much like you when it comes to this, I went south about that
  8. It's a challenge to make a craft that can handle the warp speeds and to travel a long distance. I've done this before and very fun. I did this to find a place for filming one of my videos and found this place. If you fly straight over the Air Base Island and keep that heading after many minutes of flight you will see snow capped Mountains. Head to them and you will find this place. I've went there a few times to stress test Aircraft and also to see the view again. It's one of the most beautiful places I've seen on Kerbin. I filmed our K&S Kayak Video there.