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  1. Part 2? Wow!!!! A huge thanks to all those involved to make KSP what it is today!.....I am a Kerbonaut forever!
  2. Testing some changes I made to the Shuttles I built for Kerbol Explorer 172
  3. Kerbol Explorer 172Update: 08.12.2019 Upon arrival at Ike I noticed I already had a Supply Ship docked to Kerbol Explorer 172 (Not liking that name, I thought it would grow on me, I may change this craft name later). After docking I did some fuel transfers and then noticed when I decoupled one of the Shuttles I couldn't re-dock in the KE 172 bay because I didn't keep additional couplers to do this. In order to keep the Heat Shield and the ability to Shuttle from Bay to Bay I need more couplers. I think I had enough of them and it was becoming too tight a squeeze in the Bay. These Heat Shields are only for a one time use, so I may use different versions of the Shuttle for different missions. More Photos
  4. Kerbol Explorer 172 Update: 08.09.2019 I now have Kerbol Explorer 172 in Orbit at Minmus and one in Orbit at Ike. The Craft at Ike has been refueled and I now needs shuttle craft delivered so I designed this ST-172 Supply Ship. The plan was to refuel at Minmus and head over to Ike but I realized I had a craft in Orbit there and I could use it to refuel before heading to Ike. I am currently enroute for a rendezvous to do that ATM. This new ST-172 Supply Ship still needs a few tweaks for better performance. New Craft ST-172 Supply Ship with two Shuttles that have VTOL capabilities and Ore processing At the Launch Pad Refueled on Minmus and ready to head out (Lost all my Ablator somehow)
  5. KERBOL EXPLORER 172 Update 8.3.19 I was struggling here! I only had just enough fuel and Oxidizer to land and had to use Oxidizer to complete the landing after the fuel ran out. As I was in my descent the fuel kept running out and I was hitting the surface too hard. So instead of using thrust as I was descending I noticed I could give full thrust with all the engines in one burst near the surface. This took nearly 20 attempts it seemed. I finally got the right timing with the altitude and was hitting full throttle at about 5700m and I was finally able to pull off this landing. Now I am refueling and planning to bring fuel to Kerbal Explorer 172 in Ike's Orbit, this was the purpose of this mission. SpaceTech Refuel Craft (Landing On Ike)
  6. I do agree, this could be a nice improvement!
  7. Kerbin Mini MilitarySecond Release Mini Aircraft Carrier This is the Fourth Craft of a few Mini Military Craft that I plan to have in a Video at a later date. I’ve been using SAS to help hold it upright. Ease off the runway keeping the craft between 30 and 40ms should get you to the shoreline without flipping. Easy on braking, use slight taps at first to reduce your speed. Enter the water at 20ms or under should work. Craft File Mini Battleship This is the Fifth of a few Mini Military Craft I plan to have in a Video at a later date. This craft is a little top heavy so keep the SAS on. I have the craft set to roll off the rear of the runway to keep it from tipping over. Keeping the craft between 30 and 40ms should get you to the shoreline safely. Ease into the water using the Q,E,A,F & D keys to get level, then full throttle to go for a cruise. Craft File Mini P38 Lightning This is the Sixth of a few Mini Military Craft I plan to have in a Video at a later date. The craft is coming off the side of the runway, often busting the tails on the bottom. If you ease onto the Turf liftoff could be a better chance of not losing the tails. Landing is possible without damage at very slow speeds. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use the G key for Landing Gear, things could look really freaky! Use Action Group 3 Craft File More Photos
  8. Well since you brought it up, I built two Mini Mitchell craft back in February 2017 and haven't worked on it since then. The first of the two craft was an idea that was inspired by the Mini SR71 in the B-24. The Second was built to reenact the Famous Mission done with the USS Hornet.
  9. Kerbin Mini MilitaryUpdate: 7.30.19 Soon these 3 Craft (See all 3 in the last photo) will be available on Kerbalx and The Space Craft Exchange Thread. Mini P38 Lightning See more Photos here
  10. Kerbin Mini MilitaryUpdate: 7.27.19 Mini Battleship More Pictures Gif Animation here
  11. Today after I got a near full of fuel bird, I did a test run to Duna and decided to catch Ike's Orbit. I was lacking a few things......important things like control, the Shuttle crafts, a few struts that were either forgotten or broke during the journey, and did I mention control??? I have to say I struggled to get here but at least I know I can make a trip this far out for now. Next trip will be with better Control and the Shuttles. Here was my makeshift control Balance was terrible, I had wings that weren't all filled and not sure what else may have thrown the balance off. KERBOL EXPLORER 172 In Ike Orbit
  12. When things go wrong I've added Convert -O- Trons to the shuttles, Docked to Kerbol Explorer 172 and noticed I have zero Monopropellant?? So maybe convert some Ore? Ore!
  13. Wow, that's some beautiful work man!
  14. I would like to first mention that docking huge craft together is so extreme!! the craft must first be in near perfect balance for maneuvers in space otherwise it will be very difficult to dock, and I have to say this one is not in perfect balance but close enough for now. When the craft meet together they must touch so slightly its almost unexplainable how slightly. Edgar Allan Poe couldn't explain how ever so slightly they need to touch! Often I've thought these couplers were are not working. The reason why the slightest touching is needed during docking these craft are due to the amount of weight that is being hit together. When you start to consider this amount of weight hitting together is helps to understand the Need for No Speed! I will be sharing these type projects here instead of on the Craft Exchange Thread because projects like this take so long I often don't release the craft for months or even years. But if you would like to try these craft, just send me a Private Message and excuse any flaws. These are in Version 1.7.2 atm. I am arriving with much better amounts of fuel during these refuel trips now. The reason for the awkward docking is for the viewing from the Center Cupola Module. When placing a Docking Port on these it blocks the viewing.
  15. I've added more fuel to my SpaceTech craft to increase the amount of my refueling of Kerbol Explorer 172 located in LMO. I think the craft looks much better with the extra Tanks. Previous refueling was taking very long with just small amounts per trip. Here I have made my first landing on Minmus and it was done VTOL, this seems to be the most safe way to land on Minmus.