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  1. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Was your speed about the same or higher than 350 m/s?
  2. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Concorde-7 Just a few more tweaks and a video to complete this craft. The speeds are near 350 m/s with 4 Panthers in afterburner mode. Can't touch the actual Concorde speeds but handling is really nice even at full speed. With afterburners and full throttle the craft lifts off the runway very quickly. Part count is at 110 right now and I don't see where it will be increased any. The intakes and engines are also a little bigger than the real craft but they look so smooth and I decided to keep them.
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I was making an attempt to build the Concorde. It's gonna need some cleaning up, looking a little funky right now
  4. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    I was digging in some really old stuff and found one of my old pictures when I went to Laythe. Jool looks so cool from other planets or moons.
  5. Trackmania in KSP

    His work pushing me to do bigger better stuff!
  6. Oh my this is awesome! Stumped across this Video......check it out!


  7. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    DeepCore7 (A Deep Water Submersible Drilling Rig Project) Update: 02.10.2018 Sorry for the back to back updates, this project is too exciting! I have the second Rig on location at 849m between some islands. The next Rig will be positioned shown here on the map. Having the Rigs here is giving some really nice underwater views.
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I received a large order for Fuel and Ore from a DeepCore Submersible Drilling Rig and was able to fill the order in a single trip!
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    Did you maybe add more fuel, sometime adding more weight will cause structural stress that will make pretty unwanted explosions?
  10. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    DeepCore Seven Update: 02.07.2018 I've made some changes to the Submersible Rig so that my Submarine (No name yet, maybe AquaBat because it looks like some type of Batman Vehicle) can now dock by rolling up to the Rig on the Ocean Floor. I've sent the first one on location at about 10km from the KSC on a course heading towards the Islands. I've decided to let that be the final destination of exploring with a Submarine. Any further would be insane for underwater adventuring. Here's some of my recent adventures with this project. The First Rig Setup This was not a level Seafloor area and the Rig was standing suspended just above the floor. Docking was difficult and it looked to wired floating so I added more Ore Tanks to bring it to its resting place now at 895m. The second Rig had some crazy happenings, see the story below in the hidden content.
  11. Maelstrom - Medium SSTO

    A lot of explosiveness in a small package would be dynamite!...............or a Cupcake craft it seems
  12. Homeworld. Bentusi ship.

    Nice structural work on that launcher. I like to see launchers created to orbit things built in KSP.
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today we planted a Flag with style!
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    With an impressive enough show it don't need to!...
  15. What did you do in KSP today?

    I am not a Mod guy (using mods on KSP) much, I seldom do. My picks lately for Mods would definitely be the latest version of Stockalike Station Parts Redux AMAZING LOOKING KSP PARTS! Also I would love to start using this Maritime Pack, what X-Boat Captain wouldn't? Just haven't gotten around to those yet.