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  1. Has anyone ever been able to create a mod that keeps separate parachute canopies apart? I heard that was a feature of 1.12, but I'm not seeing it. Maybe because I have RealChutes installed? Also, what is the mod that makes parachutes open in a sort of mushroom shape as some do in real life? Open with a small opening then eventually fully inflate.
  2. I've been adding some more parts and nodes to the ETT. Also testing some new concepts with the icons. As you can see below, the tree is using size, color and tech nodes as labels. The tree itself is fairly muddled up at this point, especially in areas where it has grown. Now it really looks like a tech tree that was dropped on its head. I add the new nodes, add parts to them and then move them to their final location. There is a method to my madness... Its hard to tell exactly what has changed by a couple of screenshots. But some of the new features include: New icons Experimenting with icons that have differing sizes, colors and depth Separation of fuel tanks from engine tech Better definition of SRBs by potential energy A new 'micro' tech branch Separation of RCS from gyro based controls Better separation of space based vs land based colonization tech And gave aviation a bit of attention I may end up making all the icons of a particular branch the same color. So engines might be red. Control systems yellow and so on. Also, it is still several months away from being ready for a release. Not because there is that much work, but because I'm just plain slow.
  3. Thanks Dash! There is a chance. In fact a strong probability. I either need an update to the Tech Tree editor or a conversion of the ETTtech tree into a source file similar to the CTT's mod in something like excel for easier management. My RegX skillz are lacking though.
  4. @zer0Kerbal, what was I supposed to do with test flight? I've forgotten. I was on a break playing wargames for a bit.
  5. I think that I can do an 'unofficial' intermediate release with the stuff I was testing. I think you will have to rename the Squad tree to get it to work in anything after 1.8.1. Its the 4th of July, so it will have to be a bit later. Gotta go fire off some mini solid rocket boosters.
  6. I always play with Modular Rocket Systems (MRS) Lite. I like AIES for its Antennas and Landing legs but engines are a bit overpowered. Here’s a list: Add 1 or 2 part packs. My favorites are: A) FASA or Blue Dog Design Bureau B) Planetary Base Systems C) Near Future Technologies or Interstellar D) Stock Station Parts Expanded E) NovaPunch F) ReStock G) AIES H) SpaceY I) MRS - Modular Rocket Systems (lite) to name a few...
  7. I'm glad folks are using it. I've already done a lot of work on it that I never released due to a lingering health issue. Including: cleaning up the branches aesthetically separating the chemical engines into types such as boosters, sustainers, high efficiency, and of course SRBs SRBs are now broken up by potential energy. Adding new color icons of varying sizes Antenna roles (relay vs direct) Miniaturized technology branch A lot of work on Aero parts And separation of colonization tech Every time I add more nodes, I have to rebalance the tree. Plus I believe a lot of technologies should start massive and get smaller as tech increases eg ISRUs, nuclear reactors, control systems... And, as always, I'm always open to suggestions.
  8. I'll speculate... Of course it will. This is probably like a hallelujah event for some mods like this one & Kopernicus.
  9. Well, June 24th won. Who was that?
  10. Well, now that KSP has hit 1.12 and isn't going to change much anymore, I'm starting to feel a little more motivated to update and clean up this Tech Tree. Is anyone still interested? I would recommend the Community Tech Tree with PBC and the rearranged engine placement. That's what I've been playing around with. If you are on a laptop I would suggest picking one major parts mod and stick to QoL and UI enhancement type mods. I really like a lot of different part mods. For realistic models I would suggest FASA over BDB because BDB is soooo big for a small laptop. I also like many of the Near Future mods or Interstellar mod. Soooo many great part mods out there.
  11. Well I stand corrected @ShuttlePilot. We really couldn't understand what you were trying to get at. You know they say: "Communication with an engineer is only slightly more difficult than communication with the dead"
  12. I'm no moduemanager expert. I've just scanned the manual and asked on the forums. Can anyone point us to a good (video) tutorial for module manager if one exists? Let's see, for waterfall what are the key variables. Thrusttransform is one
  13. Did you use CKAN. It helps keep mods separate that are incompatible. It probably has something to do with stock and restock waterfall being installed simultaneously (just a guess). CKAN is here: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/releases You will need to edit module manager config files. If you feel comfortable doing that, I can point you in the right direction.
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