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  1. I'm about to have a couple weeks off work. Maybe I can play through a KSPIe campaign and add a lot of user comments into the tree. I was hoping to do some work on it at Christmas, but never got around to it. Sorry about the wait. It's been a while since I have updated it. Try erasing and reinstalling the YongeTech mod or downloading it directly from SpaceDock. I didn't see any other tech tree mods in there. If I missed one, remove all but the ETT tech tree.
  2. You know, we need a shovel or something that has to be used to get surface samples. How about it?
  3. @bartekkru99 Ask away @Maffif The mod was originally made for KSPIe (many revs ago) but the parts keep changing on me. Hard to keep track of which comes first as I haven't played a campaign game with it lately. I've been working on Near Future Tech. Tell me what nodes you would like the parts in and I will review your suggestions and move things around.
  4. [1.3.1] Sonic Realism

    Excellent. I was hoping someone would do a mod like this. Does it also give you the sonic boom sound when you reach the speed of sound?
  5. Sorry @Dr. Jet, I am really awful about using github. I've gotten into the bad habit of updating ETT using the least amount of effort. I don't have as much time as I used to right now. Hopefully things will change and I can get github synced up with the releases. Even if I have to manually add in all the pull-requests. Fore one, I know @FreeThinker has made a bunch of changes to Interstellar since I last reviewed his parts. That mod is why I started ETT. Maybe I can free up some time during break and get it going again. Thanks for the poke. I appreciate it.
  6. Yes. Definitely like that effect.
  7. @ev0, Is there any way, when hiding nodes, to add the hidden node's value to the next node? If I have a sequence of nodes, lets say 10, 50, 95. If 50 has no parts in it you get the 95 node too cheap. Only 95 instead of 145. Does that make sense?
  8. When I test the ETT for playability, I always leave the empty nodes in so you have to pay for them to get to the next node. If you hide a node and are able to get the next node right away then, in my opinion, it unbalances the tree and makes the game A LOT easier to play. I designed it to be hard. If you think it is too hard, then hiding nodes is a good way to nerf it and make it easier.
  9. Is anyone still interested in trying this record? If so, I will give it some luv.
  10. Yes. I updated SpaceDock so it should get to CKAN shortly.
  11. I'll see to it. Thanks @OME
  12. Well, I want to keep it as fun as possible so I am very interested in suggestions from experienced folks. I think we should keep it a drag race. No leaving the Kerbin SOI. It must be manned and the kerbals have to be internal. I have no problem with using the ice sheets at the poles as long as you design a vehicle to get you there. I am not sure if F3 is giving the orbital speed or the surface speed while in space. Anyone know? Should the official scores be videoed or just posted with certain screen shots?
  13. [1.3.1] PatchManager

    This is a great idea @linuxgurugamer! May your list of patches grow ever longer.
  14. Posted some UNOFFICIAL numbers and pics to get things started: As you can see my numbers are: Land: 273 m/s Air: 315 m/s Space: 1180 m/s (I've already beaten these this morning, but not by much.)
  15. We can try it this way. Having to beat all three will make it harder to exploit. If a weight limit should be added, we can think about that too.