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  1. I didn't realize that. Does it have any functionality (mainly just editing maneuver nodes)?
  2. Is there a mod or a setting that will slowly deorbit non focused vessels that venture into the atmosphere but don't dip down to the minimum altitude? I would like to use something like this for recovery of stages.
  3. I'd like to see a mod that puts a semi-functional mini-map on your main view. I know putting it on a second monitor is close to being out of the question.
  4. What about opening a sizeable map window on your main screen. This is a realistic possibility if you have a 4K+ monitor.
  5. I'm the only one? I am feeling a lot of peer pressure now... Might have to migrate over. I just like using the Tech Tree Editor. Maybe that editor is just too antiquated and I need to move to the MM method. BTW, the ETT is balanced to not hide empty tech tree nodes. If you use this mod, it will nerf the ETT, but that's the great thing about mods. You can play YOUR way.
  6. My Wife may have been exposed to Covid last week and we are waiting on the test results. I've been quarantined to my game room and my computer is in my office so I'm on my laptop. I know a surprising number of folks still use this mod so I will check this issue out thoroughly when we get the all clear. Don't want y'all to have to delete the stock tech tree to use this one.
  7. You are correct sir. I will load the game up when I get a break between now and new years and see if I can get you what you want and a hotfix of some sort. Usually the problems with the tech tree are pretty easy to fix. The tech tree editor is what gives @linuxgurugamer and I fits when an update comes out.
  8. I will take a look at it shortly. Maybe its an easy fix.
  9. I specifically made this tech tree to limit Mechjeb until you unlocked the right technologies. You would have to create your own module manager files to unlock all of mechjeb right away. Parts are laid out so that you REALLY want to unlock certain nodes to increase stability and give yourself more control, more power. It should feel like going from a patched together rocket like Prof. Goddard, to a V-2 like rocket, and on to R-7/Sputnik/Pioneer/Mercury/Vostok/etc...
  10. I will update for BDB soon. I tried once but BDB is so HUGE!!! It will be my crowning glory to get that integrated @CobaltWolf. Thanks @OwariTY. I can't say for sure that you can with BDB alone. It needs further integration plain and simple. This tree is supposed to be tough but not grindy. That takes a lot of playtesting as you might imagine and I've been distracted playing Combat Mission games lately. I will be back for the release of 1.11 coming up (at least part time). Love Restock. It will be one of the first I hit when I return.
  11. Not sure if this goes here or not because it is a generic mod that can be applied to KSP. A friend was showing it to me for a different game and I thought I would ask if anyone has tried this and released settings for it. If so, is this something we should create configs for and put on CKAN? I loaded it with KSP, but I didn't know what most of the settings and tools do (I would just embarrass myself if I did much more than link to it). Someone with more post processing experience might want to start a thread or post links in this one to some pre configured settings for KSP. Since beauty i
  12. Does anyone remember which release had a patch come out for it like the day after? Was it 1.0 or maybe 1.1.0?
  13. I actually got served up an ad that I thought was worth sharing. $47 Saturn V model: https://www.theologys.com/products/nasa-apollo-50th-anniversary-rocket-model EDIT: LOOKS LIKE A SCAM! BEWARE!
  14. Nice! Just what I needed for those fast approaches with Near Future Engines.
  15. Thanks for the feedback @markinturamb! I really appreciate it. I just re-read your banner comment and I understand what you mean. That is a great idea. I'm going to try it out and see what it looks like. I'm making these changes using the tech tree editor for convenience. All of them could be done using module manager I believe.
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