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  1. This looks great! Looks like it might be time for me to do a thorough review of the ETT late game nodes. Going to try it out and see if it is a good match. You might want to recommend the mod Better Time Warp Continued. Good Luck!
  2. Yessir. I just MM the new parts instead of using the Tech Tree Editor.
  3. Moved 1.4.3 renamed parts to correct nodes. The mod should be good to go now.
  4. Released ETT for 1.4.3 and the Making History Expansion. Used Module Manager instead of Yongedevil's tech tree editor. Changelog: Updated to 1.4.3 Added support for Making History Split engines to branch that progresses based on thrust and ISP Various minor enhancements (Sorry, no procedural fairings yet) EDIT: Looks like I may have missed a few stray parts from the 1.4.3 change. I will fix this. It won't break saves when updated.
  5. Probus

    [RELEASED] A.R.P mod ( Audio Replacement Project )

    Has this project been replaced with a new sound mod?
  6. @linuxgurugamer has updated the plugin not the editor. The plugin lets you play a game using a yonge tech tree. The editor lets you edit that tree. Right now the editor is slightly borked. Instead of showing you the name of the part, it just shows the word “nothing” for all parts in 1.4.x. That is my dilemma. Thank you for trying to help. I appreciate it. @linuxgurugamer and I have chatted about updating it, but he has his hands full updating loads of different mods right now. So at least he has the plugin working. That’s odd. Are you sure they are not in the upper right branch?
  7. I would love to update it, but the tool I use (Yonge Tech Tree Editor) to update the tree broke in 1.4.x. If I update it, It would have to be with module manager right now. That will take a fair amount of work (which is why I use the tool). Maybe I'll get a burst of energy and do it the hard way. Thanks for asking.
  8. @tees, I don't think ETT is compatible with RO. Sorry. @DracoSilverpath, Maybe, once I get the tech tree editor problem fixed. @Jiraiyah, There is no wiki page for ETT and does TCA have any parts associated with it?
  9. Just waiting on a couple updates before I release ETT for 1.4.2. The tech tree editor is balking at the new parts. No way to tell one from the other.
  10. I am sure when @linuxgurugamer has a chance, he will update the Yonge dll. He is very busy I’m sure. I have made several updates to the ETT ready for 1.4.1.
  11. I’m not sure what that means either. I think it had something to do with CKAN’s compatibility settings. I should probably just remove it. There are various reasons. Most are just placeholders. I use them to help me remember what types of parts go where when I include a new part pack. There is a method to my madness.
  12. I'm about to have a couple weeks off work. Maybe I can play through a KSPIe campaign and add a lot of user comments into the tree. I was hoping to do some work on it at Christmas, but never got around to it. Sorry about the wait. It's been a while since I have updated it. Try erasing and reinstalling the YongeTech mod or downloading it directly from SpaceDock. I didn't see any other tech tree mods in there. If I missed one, remove all but the ETT tech tree.
  13. You know, we need a shovel or something that has to be used to get surface samples. How about it?
  14. @bartekkru99 Ask away @Maffif The mod was originally made for KSPIe (many revs ago) but the parts keep changing on me. Hard to keep track of which comes first as I haven't played a campaign game with it lately. I've been working on Near Future Tech. Tell me what nodes you would like the parts in and I will review your suggestions and move things around.