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  1. Is it just me or is the stock inventory system pretty much junk? It can't hold a candle to KIS. Maybe it is because I can't find anything on how the new stock system works, but no default jetpack, not able to carry anything, weird logic of how it works (maybe because I can't figure out how it actually works), etc. What a pain. At this point, I'd prefer a way to turn off the stock system and use KIS exclusively. Just my 1.9983654877648746367 cent rant for the holidays!!!
  2. First, AWESOME mods!!! Love KIS, KAS, etc. Second.....I can get any part to be stackable (StackableItemOverride) within the Inventory except KAS parts (i.e. JS1, pylons, etc.). Is this a known issue or maybe cannot be done any more under the latest version? Thanks!
  3. I've had the same issue due to the textures. However, I have started using the deprecated Fuel Tanks Plus tanks since they don't have textures associated with them and have several tanks with color. They resize with Tweakscale, so I get some of the splash of color I desire. I have tried it yet, but there are a couple of other mods that have a bunch of tanks in different colors. As long as they don't have the texture switching, should work too.
  4. I've used the docking in ports in every version 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and now 1.6 with no issues. I even tweaked them (and all docking pocking ports) to accept all sizes and be re-sizable via Tweakscale. They really are one of my favorite parts of all time in all of KSP.
  5. Question.....I've been having issues with several craft loading and found out the part missing is the inlineCmdPod. I see the textures and stuff for it in the Parts folder, but the CFG file itself is missing. Is this due to the pod still being revamped or was it just accidentally left out of the build. I ask because the latest version seems to have a PPD-1 pod, but it is an upright vertical pod vs. the flatter PPD-1 from older versions. Just wondering if I wait for a new version or have to go and manual tweak craft files to try and recover them. Thanks!
  6. Hmmm....I agree and that was the original path I tried to go down, but couldn't get the tags replaced. Is it a "delete all the tags" first type scenario? None of the MM methods I've messed with seem to do that.
  7. Question....... Adding categories is pretty straight forward. As part of that process, I'd like to delete a category created by CCK, but I'm not having much luck. Is it possible to delete a CCK created category and replace it with a different category? Tried the simple things like with !, but it seems to delete the first category in the CCK config file I have just created. Curious if it is actually possible. Thanks!
  8. Just a quick question I cannot find specified through all my searches...... It appears you can have spaces throughout a MM patch, just NOT in the PART line? I was trying some simple patches and couldn't get them to work, but eventually tried it without spaces and it worked. The spaces/tabs were to make it a little more readable and shorten the overall length of the file. Didn't work: @PART[SIL02375mRGB] :FINAL :NEEDS[CommunityCategoryKit] { %tags = cck-lights } Worked: @PART[SIL02375mRGB] :FINAL:NEEDS[CommunityCategoryKit] { %tags = c
  9. Question: Is there a way to put the StackableItemOverride section outside the settings file and then override the settings file with the info with MM? I've tried but doesn't seem to work (probably because I can only do really simple stuff in MM, but I'm learning). Just trying to find a way to keep my list of stackable items from being overwritten each time I upgrade KIS. Thanks!
  10. I'm having similar problems but with multiple mods. It took me a couple of days to figure it out because I generally start KSP running then go to a different program or walk away while it is loading and I was missing the errors on screen. I kept finding parts I used all the time had missing features and for the life of me couldn't figure it out. I found it is something with the new Module Manager (3.x). I reverted back to 2.8.1 and all is right with the world. I'm guessing something changed in MM and other mods haven't caught up yet or there is a bug in the new MM breaking other mods.
  11. Because of the issues, I stripped down and install to only Wild Blue mods, and a few ancillary like MechJeb, MM, Alternate Resource Panel, etc. No other mods really included.
  12. Quick question........ I've searched the forum and didn't see anything but I've been having terrible problems with excessive heat and the SuperNova engine. No matter how many radiators I put on a ship, everything overheats. The engine seems to overrun the radiators. I had 32 of the 2000kw radiators and while it slowed the heat increase down, I only got about 10 minutes of time before things went bad. Am I missing something or does this engine just crank that much heat? Thanks!
  13. FYI......CKAN is showing Mechjeb compatible with KSP 1.3.9 but it isn't 1.3.x compatible yet, so heads up if you are a CKAN and Mechjeb user. There seem to only be about 6 or 7 mods I've found (that I use) that work.
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