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  1. Ty, been a while since i booted up ksp and couldn't remember if this was an issue or not.
  2. Hi all, not 100% sure where to post this but i had the usi viewing cupola appear in a rescue kerbal contract, it has no hatch and the contract could not be completed, I do have contract configurator installed as well @nightingale @RoverDude
  3. Naaah we have alcor's replacements for the stock iva's, just need nertea's lovely textures on the outside
  4. Hey all, just jumped back into ksp after i saw the amazing update to station parts by Nertea, is it possible to get @Proot 's kerbal heads working with this texture pack?
  5. @Nertea I love you! Is it wrong? I don't care! Now all we need if you to do a stock revamp Thank you so much for continuing to maintain and update your mods, I absolutely cannot do without them.
  6. whilst also having texture replacer replaced installed? Cool stuff i dont think i would ever have thought of that. Thanks.
  7. Thank you very much for this revival @themaster401. Do you perhaps know how to get @Proot's texture working for the head's and suits in the new texture replacer however?
  8. @KerbMav unfortunately this does not work, but thanks. Thinking the ksprc cfg needs to be completely re-written for TRR.
  9. First off, thanks for committing your free time to continuing this mod. Now down to it, I am trying to get some of @Proot's textures to work with trr, namely the suits, heads and skybox. I am not the most savvy when it comes to renaming things on cfg files and what not, so any help would be appreciated. Have tried to drop the files into their corresponding locations but that has not worked as it used to do. Again thanks, and sorry for any ignorance shown if i have overlooked anything.
  10. Would also like to see this implemented. Fine work though and thanks for your continued support @nightingale
  11. Tested this out the other day. Lovely mod and fits perfectly with the stock-a-like design. Would like to see some bigger wheels that would extend dark out from the Base for extra stability in low g.
  12. Right @Nertea I have been trying to figure out how you built the back end of that craft in the OP.... i am lost. It looks so cool!
  13. Thanks for the continued support on your mods NB, they really are a must for me.
  14. Completely rebuilt the game with a fresh stock file and it works fine. Very weird...
  15. Not sure where to put this but I have just updated a bunch of mods... and the debug is showing a constant 25 fps, naturally i thought this may be the cause as it is a graphics intensive mod (although i am running an oc'd 1070 with 16gb ram and an i5 k cpu).... it is very weird... anyone come across this? Just asking before i start the process of finding the cause. Thanks. Mod list;
  16. I am fairly certain the landing used to be a seperate download... can't seem to find it. Help pls! Thanks.
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