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  1. also if you open the craft file itself in a text editor you can see the measurements at the top to 3 significant digits instead of 2
  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One man's trash is another man's treasure
  3. separate mods and not specific in what they simulate regarding degradation but best options IMO
  4. Sounds like you need a separate patch to modify the tags for the box. Not playing right now, don't really know what box you're referring to
  5. Absolutely random comment but I just have to mention @EStreetRockets every time I see your name my brain reads EstesRockets
  6. This is correct behavior. RTGs release alpha particles, you can block them with a sheet of paper so the casing around the pellets is more than sufficient
  7. I thought it was from RCS Build Aid but looking at the toolbar at the bottom it doesn't seem active at the moment. HRMMM been several months since I played KSP and I can't recall other than that. I know it is another mod and I know it can be disabled with that mod still installed
  8. cool, but don't worry if it's not workable. Getting the rotation with KVV controls to place the vessel at 90° offsets isn't impossible, it's just hard to do
  9. thanks for the check. Maybe we're coming at this the wrong way. is it possible for the camera to allow the vehicle to rotate? I haven't messed with KSP for a while now but I recall changing the vessel orientation would only change the lighting in the KVV window
  10. I think I'm glad I took a break and didn't launch my interplanetary mission last month like I had originally planned a few years ago Was *not* looking forward to getting it implemented in MA or LVD earlier this year given my shrinking time constraints. Look forward to plotting a new series of Extremis missions now! Bummer I need to go back to finding new flyby routes first since I only searched through 2021...
  11. *jumps up and down waving arms* ME! OOH! OOH! MEMEMEME! But it wouldn't be for a while. KSA will resume ops in 2022 but it's still a ways from launching scanning satellites tho that is a priority. I'd use it right away for cameras tho Still, there's always people asking about good scanning orbits in the DMagic SCANSat thread and no one has really produced a tool dedicated to helping people with this. Best that's ever been done is a table of good orbits per instrument but that's been outdated for a while with more recent changes to how the SCAN instruments work Not yet...
  12. You didn't reference this so I will assume you are unaware of it - https://github.com/hudsonfoo/kerbal-openmct There is a thread also here on the Add-on Development forum but a quick search turned up the github repository first. Anyways this is just to help you with your project
  13. pretty sure this terminology is causing the confusion, especially since flags are an actual thing in KSP you can place on the ground @Ezriilcmy interpretation of this is he wants an option in the Hyperedit settings menu that when enabled: checks the type of vessel on scene load if the type == base then lift the vessel n (user defined amount in the settings) meters off the ground land it at the same coordinates So, automatically uses the functionality of the vessel landing feature
  14. are you asking to be able to switch tracking on and off while in flight or do you just want to have the tracking panels be static ones when you build the vessel?
  15. you didn't pay enough attention to KSA earlier this year
  16. basic steps for a basic mission: use LVD to design a launch into an equatorial parking orbit use Rendevous Maneuver Sequencer to get an ejection path towards Mun use Mission Architect or LVD to plot remainder of mission: enroute to Mun, plane change and adjust orbital insertion to match station inclination enter into Mun polar orbit use RMS to meet up with station
  17. not playing currently but will be returning eventually - does the latest version still cause the camera to "jump" up a bit when you launch a vehicle and unhook from a clamp? That always annoyed me and was something KerbCam didn't do. KerbCam also let you target other objects beside the main vessel, which also helped prevent the camera jump. If this is fixable with the way CameraTools is doing things, that would be great
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