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  1. Walker

    Universal Storage II

    @Daishi I don't usually write such things, but I have to say that you guys are great. I really do not know what amazes me more - how good this mod is, or how helpful you are for the community. Really thank you.
  2. Walker

    Universal Storage II

    Hello, according to KSPedia there should be 1.875m variant of cylindrical payload shroud, but I don't see any - for this size there is only 1.875- 2.5 m adaptor. Am I missing something? Thanks for help
  3. Wow Are Sigma dimensions configs still planned for 0.8?
  4. Fix fairings and shroud displacement when switching to vessels. Is this a fix for bug #18862....?
  5. I've seen that Rescale! mod comes with configs for GPP - but will Rescale! work with GPP Secondary?
  6. Hello, I only would like to notice that KVV only works when istalled manually (for me, at least) - when istalled via CKAN KVV button does not show up, also toolbar controller does not work. Tried this with fresh 1.4.2 install.
  7. Walker

    Help me prioritize 76+ mod updates - Updated

    Janitor's Closet is a must have! I also vote for: 1) HullCam, 2) Flight Plan 3) Tokamak Parts 4) Kronal Vessel Viewer PS are you not maintaining RealGecko's Overdrive by some chance?
  8. There seems to be a little bug - "Close" button doesn't work for me. I'm able to close Flight Plan window only by clicking toolbar icon. To reproduce: 1) install fresh KSP 1.3.1 , 2) manually install Flight Plan with dependencies 3) go to the launchpad 4) open FlightPlan window, try closing it. Also Plan entries sometimes are incorrect. E.g. I was on Minmus flyby trajectory, that would later put me on stable Kerbin orbit. Flight Plan hadn't seen that and informed me that I would make a new crater on Kerbin. I'm having trouble reproducing that, tough. I'll try to figure that out and maybe provide a save with it.
  9. Thank you! My PC has 12 gb RAM, I'll see how it goes PS was compatibility with sigma dimensions also part of this update?
  10. Holy moley this seems to be best star/ planet pack ever. What kind of a machine do I need to play this with EVE/Scatterer...? Anyway, I definitely will try it!
  11. Walker

    Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 is live!

    +1, are there any chances this will be fixed?
  12. Oh, thanks for clarification. I was really sure that this bug appeared only with Kopernicus.
  13. I understand and support the decision about locking Kopernicus version, although I can't help wondering if version 1.3.1 still has a bug causing flickering orbit lines in map view (when additional planet packs are installed). I remember that was some Unity issue and modders can't do anything about it. I don't have much hope after reading 1.3.1 changelog, but still...
  14. Walker

    [1.2.2] 64k overhaul

    SMURFF is compatibile with mods, but afaik SMURFF changes the parameters of all parts by the same factor (correct me if I'm wrong), which means that some parts may not be well ballanced. So cfg file with hand written configs for every part would be extremely appreciated!
  15. Walker

    [1.2.2] 64k overhaul

    It basically has the same function as SMURFF, right?