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  1. don,t worry you wont...after you install VSR drop this also into /Gamedata https://github.com/otaithleigh/VSR-B9PartSwitch-Cfgs/releases and make sure you have B9 partswitch mod installed
  2. Getting this when picking up part in VAB/SPH and when vessel loads on to the launch pad, other than that everything works ok (tested each part, no problems) The message appears only once in VAB/SPH , if the part is discarded and then selected again, no message. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ylx1qwjwc7bnz70/KSP-SP.rar?dl=0
  3. cool, i didn't know if it was game breaking or not (still not playing the game just testing mod's) so i did not know if it was game breaking or not, better safe then sorry i guess
  4. From the Main scene selected the Slim shuttle for the launch pad, that was it, nothing else, thou i do have a lot of mod's installed this is an old bug i think from when DanyTX was working on it, i posted there also (will see if i can dig up the post) https://www.dropbox.com/s/jzqx0h275nl4uaj/KSP.rar?dl=0 Line 25389
  5. @linuxgurugamer just pinging you so when you get the time to look at this error, using the stock "Slim shuttle" i get this when placed on the launch pad/starting rocket everything runs good,and no problems so far (but then again what do i know about coding ) hope it;s nothing difficult.
  6. @linuxgurugamer could you tell me what;s going on here? i get this for a lot of parts (not just this mod, mostly older part's only mods) also as @Daniel Prates said "Is is strange: my inflatable command module does not have an IVA, and neither the capacity to hold any crew for that matter. I know it should have by seeing the OP photos. Everything else works like a charm though." got the same problem
  7. @CobaltWolf just noticed a couple of messages that warn that there is no "Normal map" textures, harmless i guess
  8. ok... so a quick test the following engines are the problem 405H,45K,6K,X-405, it's just these engines (the ones that have 2 engines on one, dont know how to say it better sorry) ill check now just BDB with dependencies see if it;s the same problem..... ok scratch all that, must be some conflict in my mod's Ok jus a head's up "ShowAllFuels" was the problem, a mod that would show all the fuels an engine was using, to avid problems dont use this for the time being
  9. Getting nullref's all over the place when starting an engine on the launch pad,might be do to heavy moded (or the previus error boiloff is causing) game but still some one more experienced might wanna take a look at this. Also the log https://www.dropbox.com/s/ishii86lasg3b7o/KSP.rar?dl=0
  10. hey there getting this when put a rocket on the launchpad
  11. Getting this error at the start, no matter if i got rover science part or not (sandbox or career) and no matter what part i use, nothing breaks,game is still playable (it;s written in orange letters, my guess it;s harmless ) maybe you wanna have a look at it @Aelfhe1m just to bring it to your attention , when you have the time
  12. hey there, it;s the wrong log you need to provide the one that is the root of your install named (KSP.log) Start the game, let it crash and then share that log
  13. can someone tel me what's going on? i checked if there was a stray plugin for boiloff, but every time i pick a fuel tank (no matter witch) i get this i even disabled Boiloff in the settings to no effect, anything else i can do? P.S i tried adding cryo tanks as it has simpleboiloff plugin thinking that;s causing the problem, but nope same problem as far as i can tell i have all the latest versions for 1.3.1