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  1. Ahhhh yes @blackrack so our hero returns, thank you sooo much for this! now i can stop cooking my dinner on my gpu
  2. Hi @Angel-125 here is an idea...how about (if possible that is) you leave the current limit to 1year (active simulation) but add a "passive predefined trigger" if we say add enough snacks so it amounts to say 4 years...then the simulation window could say 4 years of snacks (excluding the recyclers,just raw amount) and it would repeat every say 4 years worth of snacks added or when a predefined line is crossed, in this case 4yrs with an upper limit of say 20-30 years don't know if it;s possible code wise,just throwing ideas around,maybe with a configurable option so the user can tailor it
  3. try editing SimulatorSettings.cfg see what happens....i did not try that but as written it will tax your cpu if you put in some ridiculous number (i would guess so) maybe increase slightly to a bigger number and my guess is it will show you beyond 1 year limit,again i did not try this as i am taking a break from ksp until they fix some bugs as for without simulator...hmmm maybe add exactly the amount snacks that corespondent to 1 year,remembering the number and then doing math gymnastics in the head :D
  4. this is by design....there is an explanation why, somewhere on this thread (forgot where exactly) Edit here found it https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/149604-minimum-ksp-181-snacks-friendly-simplified-life-support/&do=findComment&comment=3823518
  5. Uuuuuu Shiny new parts Nice!
  6. @Stone Blue thx for this, i also was searching for it....this should be archived somewhere as to not get lost
  7. some scanners do require that the planet be lit otherwise you will get blank lines/stripes and yeap as far as i can tell they do draw power constantly no matter the situation
  8. 1 and 3 should have different frequencies 2 should have same as 1 and 3 the way of doing this slap some more antennas on probes and configure them accordingly, and be sure to set the probe core to say default 0 frequency that should work so 1(Freq. 2) 2 (two antennas 1&3) and 3 (Freq. 2)
  9. Hi all, can someone point me as to what version to download? From SpaceDock or Github Dev Version? i am on KSP 1.9.1/1.10 what's the best one to use?
  10. @TaxiService i have all the ground stations disabled except KSC
  11. you could try out this mod for event based action groups firing https://spacedock.info/mod/614/SmartParts
  12. @TaxiService the only two candidates i can think of are "CommNetAntennasConsumptor" (less likely i added this one last and nullref was happening way before that) and CommNetAntennasInfo will let you know how it goes,but i as you seen in the latest cnc you posted there was no nullref just an error something about object instance and refresh thing (not much into coding so all of that is black magic to me) EDIT ok so now i get this witch i presume is what you implemented in the last build ill do a clean KSP test tonight and add 1 mod at a time see witch one is causing all t
  13. there seems to be a problem with drag cubes or something made that report just for feature reference, that's on 1.7.0 dev will have to wait for that to be updated
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