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  1. So... Any fixes for the white-red kerbin other than upgrading Active Texture Management? I did that, still all white, any ideas? Also, the space center is inside a hole... Im playing with alot of other realism mods, so it may be it (About the hole space center)...
  2. Not sure if its RSS, but is the space center supposed to be on a huge mountain range inside a crater and half-buried? Also, Kerbin looks... Quite candy-like really... Just look: Is there a way to fix that? Or is it just me?
  3. Im i the only one getting errors while trying to download Deadly Re-entry, Real Solar System and other mods recommended to play with this mod? Like dropbox is down or something, it says: Error (509) This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! But the thing is, Dropbox works nice with this mod's download, not with the other downloads though, i could just play it alone, but i don't know...
  4. How much ram does this thing consumes?! I cannot even run it alone! (Squad "mod" included obviously), i have only 2 GB of RAM... Uhh... This never happened before, any ideas?
  5. Yea i know the slowed down physics, what's the option to turn it off? I haven't seen anything as far as i remember
  6. Hey, nice mod, im having a problem though, KSP lags alot on my computer, so the countdown is a lagged, and it looks so bad! Because of the background sound cuts every clip, yea, i know, there wouldn't really be any solution to this, other than running the game at 2x times acceleration... Anyways, awesome mod!
  7. Oh, ok, i just wanted to take a look to them, although i like doing stuff myself lol I've just re-installed Firespitter, i'll see what i can do, but after finishing the Viking I/II mission (Yes i like re-creating actual missions... Not apollo though lol), the rocket ends up being too tall and after breaking the rocket at the launchpad, it crashed, so yea
  8. Umm why the pre-made crafts aren't included? I've searched on the mod's folder, the "Crafts" file its there, and with crafts in it, maybe i can try manually copying the .craft and placing then on the SPH? (Or is it VAB? I like doing my vehicles on the SPH though)
  9. I've noticed, the auto air turret (The one that tracks the target and its small), why does it has so crappy range? I mean, its like 5 or 10 meters of range, or is it just me? I try shooting at it and a red-black-white smoke appears, like it has detonated in the middle of the air, most of the times, that smoke only appears when i... Crash... Yea, i sometimes still have turrets on the cockpit and i start shooting (Atleast when the cockpit survives! )
  10. It took me a while to even hit my "conventionaly placed light tank" i made a day before the initial release, i put it near the runway for some reason, and i noticed it there, so i just targeted it and started shooting... Didn't hit until i launched the Kratte (Kerbal version of the Ratte protoype) and i shot at it with the... Huge minigun turret thingy wich i don't remember its name... I've noticed, none of the 60 (or so) missiles i launched hit the target, all of them missed for like 5 meters (Yep, i targeted the tank), i don't blame the mod, my skill is crap!
  11. lol... Just... I love the expresion of Neilrod, like "... I didn't broke anything :)" and Luke like "... Oh crap ...", awesome!
  12. Wow! Awesome! I didn't even needed to make a fresh KSP directory, i have alot of small mods, so that may be why, the first thing i did was a VTOL with jet engines (Yea i don't have Firespitter installed) and i attached some missile pods to it, i didn't knew how to make it fire until i noticed that i had to right-click, that was fun!... Until i tried making a Ratte with the Caterpillar mod (It has a HUGE set of tracks), and... It crashed... So yea
  13. ... Military... SAVE?! Why didn't i thought on that! I was doing all my military things on my "Messing around with Mods" save lol, i will atleast have all my tanks and stuff on the same save lol, thanks for the idea
  14. This + the Caterpillar mod, hell yes, i cannot imagine the awesome things we will be able to do when you release this! ATM i have to stick with the gatling gun, but it would be awesome to have actual cannons!
  15. Can we use the Caterpillar mod? it would look alot better than just using stock wheels, atleast for this kind of vessel (Armored vehicles...)
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