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  1. Love all the work! I’m sure it’s on the burner but just advocating for the docking bug to be as high as a priority as it reasonable can be. Building a station is tough when every third docking welds together and can only be undone at warp with a velocity kick that sends my space tugs out of Kerbin SOI. But the first patch and the communication recently has been fantastic, thanks for keeping us in the loop.
  2. Works! Thanks so much. I actually think Paige is a great tutorial system. And I wanted to see how she worked, but after putting in some time to make a space station and realizing she’s (hopefully) bugged to repeat herself every time you start the game I was so happy to find this post to both keep my save and finally put her to rest. Much appreciated!
  3. *tips hat* You done did good sirs. all our complaints, all our concerns we're all because of how much we cared for this game. The journey has been spectacular and I am very grateful. Best wishes for this final week and to beyond!
  4. If you're not winning find a way to change the rules. This is a great thread! KSP enriched my life in more ways than just my understanding of orbital mechanics.
  5. Aesthetics where possible, but not at the cost of a single meter of delta-v
  6. Mods, yes I know that inquiring of the release date is forbidden . I'm not asking when, just asking the community if we feel there should be a set release date for 1.0. I'd say yes. While I'm a huge fan of the hype train, I feel like a set date would give reports time to cover the game, and mention when it's being fully released. I'm afraid if SQUAD goes the normal route with this one they could miss out on a lot of free press.
  7. This. I, and a large portion of this community, take this bad distribution of news as a slap to the face. I love Squad, I love KSP. Being disrespected like this pisses me off.
  9. Kerbalmen and LadieKerbs, it was a wonderfull hype ride on the train today. WE SHALL SEE YOU on the other side
  10. warpininnng!!! INTO THE HYPE MY GOD ITS FULL OF BETA STARS!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. WE DID IT! I feel so proud of us! 90 for .90 HAPPENED! it HaAPPPPENED!
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