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  1. My pitiful attempt at a Minmus habitat. just before it imploded.
  2. OMG, THANK YOU FOR THIS. You have fixed my game. I had a contract to expand my base, but the Kraken kept eating it. Thanks!
  3. I'm looking at the images in this thread, and I must say there is a whole lot of awesome going on. I thought I had mastered the game, but you guys have shown me there is so much more to do.
  4. Starts around 13:40 in this video. PS - I had to stop work on my Hermes model. I was going to be around 1000+ parts when finished, and KSP was breaking at 50% completion.
  5. Because I found it very easy to get to Moho, and very hard to get to Eeloo.
  6. Usually by function: Moho Base 1 Moho Station 1 Hermes Power Module Hermes Comms Module Hermes Life Support Rescue Kerbin Orbit Rescue Mun Orbit
  7. I graduated in 1995 with BS in Electrical Engineering: B.S., University of Alabama, 1995, Electrical Engineer
  8. 50% complete. Part count: 606. Frame rate..... bad
  9. My current built is at 400 parts and growing. I did experience spontaneous implosion once, but a quick save fixed that.