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  1. Basically a test run leading up to a Duna mission.
  2. Have I mentioned how beautiful I think these parts are?
  3. Realizing this was RealGecko's work originally -- if this is basically a MM patch, might I suggest adding it to the Community Database of Module Manager Patches for Stock KSP?
  4. Might I suggest adding this to the Community Database of ModuleManager Patches for Stock KSP? It's a great way to help promote your patch.
  5. I'm definitely giving him no demands. Nertea, you have my deep respect for everything you've done. By all means, take your time and do right by yourself first.
  6. Not that particular behavior, no. Any chance you rotated the centrifuge part, though? I did notice something odd that I'll document later, where the transparency view and presumably the IVA ignore the rotation of the part. I flipped it 180 degrees so the windows faced toward the command modules but the IVA didn't flip with it.
  7. To be fair, I feel like I'm putting a lot on him to ask about purple grow lights, given he gave us a freaking disco. And fish. And inflatables. And centrifuges. And storage containers. And greebles. I am spoiled for greebles.
  8. I want to happy-cry, this mod is so good. One hopefully minor request -- @Nertea , both NASA and earth-based research suggests most plants benefit from red and blue light more than green light, and so more greenhouses are using purple LED lighting. Is there any possibility of making the greenhouse parts use purple lighting? I can clip purple lights in if needed but it would be lovely if I didn't have to. And if it's a PITA, don't worry about it. Thanks for considering! ObScreenshot:
  9. Anyone else getting virus warnings for the Curse download? for the screenshot because for some perverse reason the KSP forums won't let me attach *any* image, no matter where it's hosted....
  10. If this is a MM patch, would you consider adding it to Community Database of Module Manager Patches for Stock KSP?
  11. This is awesome. If this is only a MM patch, without any other assets, would you consider adding this to the Community Database of ModuleManager Patches? It's a great way of making the option available to a larger audience.
  12. Happy 2018! This New Year's Eve I started playing with the kind of fireworks that don't scare dogs or cats, only Kerbals. There is an old mod that adds fireworks to the game, and by some miracle, it still works in KSP 1.3.1. Enjoy! Mod: Music: "Egmont Overture Finale" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  13. This mod hasn't been updated in over two years, although some claim it still works. JPLRepo helpfully posted a current link, above:
  14. I took a hiatus from making KSP cinematics due to video card issues. The game was playable, mostly, but not capable of consistent FPS. That's all fixed now. I'm back. For a test, I figured a pole-to-pole Kerbal rover trip might be a good start. I have more interesting ideas for much more ambitious cinematics but for now I'm happy with this. Details about mods are in the video description. Enjoy!
  15. I'm back. Nothing particularly exciting, just a little rover trip....
  16. Trees you can actually crash into make SVT the funniest best realism mod ever.
  17. Thanks. Maybe I shouldn't be playing KSP when I feel this horrible.
  18. Apologies, I am not feeling well and am probably not thinking clearly. I was more asking if there was a setting or a log that might help me understand what I was doing wrong, rather than claiming the mod was broken and asking for support. But if you're presuming the latter, here is my output log: Image: ... I can't get embedding to work. From the screenshot you can see it's cleared the launchpad and moving, at least.
  19. Is there anything in this mod that indicates why it won't recognize a rover? I created a rover, attached a BV module to its front, and launched it. (This is a test rover, without rocket.) The BV mod doesn't recognize it at all. At first I thought it was possibly an issue with Kerbal Foundries wheels, and so I replaced those with stock wheels, to no effect. Even after removing all solar panels and replacing them with a ridiculous amount of RTGs -- nothing. I may as well have never attached a BV module. I'm sure I did something really silly, but I feel like I'm missing something, despite having gone over the OP and its list of requirements repeatedly.
  20. To be fair, I wasn't exactly smacking you with Mono documentation asking WHATSAMATTAWITTYA!? I think my words were along the lines of, "I guess there's no way to separate the thrust vector from the effects, huh? I mean, you only need one thrust vector." Two hours later, our intrepid modder friend (that's you, @TiktaalikDreaming ) had the new version up.
  21. I know. I keep hoping against hope that Porkjet would hand off assets that aren't locked down by Squad. Good news about the centrifuge. If I find the collider fix post, I'll share that.