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  1. Great mod guys! Made me start a new save which is something i haven't done in awhile Only thing i changed was to make the planets have the stock inclination, but thats just because i havent played in so long lol. Keep up the great work!
  2. This looks great! I'm excited to see where you guys take this
  3. Can you take a screenshot of your texture folder?
  4. I kind of went awol awhile back when i was creating SSRSS, and even after that i kind of disappeared. This mod is astonishingly beautiful!
  5. Cant believe I havent seen this mod before! I'll definitely be making a video/trailer for this!
  6. While recording a new video, i took these amazing screenshots
  7. Do you have the newest kopernicus and ssrss installed?
  8. For those curious about the new ring shader on saturn @blackrack Great job, cant wait for you to comeback and continue to innovate.
  9. Okay.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *Note* That moon texture isnt in yet. Sorry for the spam
  10. What about adding an optional download like rss does? I'd prefer to use 8k
  11. Wow, great mod! Defiantly adding this to my save!