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  1. Hey. Hi. What you think about update AJLG for 1.2?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Joshwoo70


      well it is gonna be a pain to update it without working collision meshes that i do not know how to do...

    3. RomanCat


      In version 1.2.1 the model has no collision. But there is no possibility of action, folding, and options for the chassis.

    4. Joshwoo70


      huh.. seems like something broke it. currently no sight of progress yet if i would to get back into ksp. kinda burned out after KSP 1.2

  2. Okay i see NO LINK first one is Astronomer's Second one is SVE latest. Argument is invalid. topic about stollen assets closed. cc @Astronomer anyways intrested for your return
  3. Show it to us and prove that it is yours. (Actions speak louder than words.) 1. Wrong you can bee taken down for the content. PS: downloading the original pack. having a look at it myself.
  4. Agreed with NHawks. he was the one ( i think?) that started SVE.
  5. Um.. astronomer returns? WHAT WITCHERY IS THIS?! anyways back on topic.. : 1. you not included that smoosh video.... (Moderators can take it down due to the content shown) 2. if you say so i would be interested in the evidence Also : So your topic is kinda invalid.
  6. What Facts Do We Know About The Devs Leaving?

    wanting to post my 2 cents( or less). like what has nils said. you cannot squeeze a game for cash. It will eventually die out like a cow. when you milk it for too long.. milk does not not come out anymore. so it may seems that ksp has reached this breaking point. where there is nothing more a dev can add and the hype train just falls. and also kiwi. can you try not to be so rude? thanks people will appreciate it
  7. MovieProps Mod

    i think you need the link instead of the regular one
  8. should try using without MJ ... thats where the fun is anyways for me (and dasvaldez)
  9. Very nicely done! Very stock-a-like
  10. @lo-fi, do you need an additional tester? Since I got time around these few days I could help in. Ps. Not sure if I want to have tester status for the Offical KSP thingy.( I already have 1 for rimworld!)
  11. [1.3.0] Andromeda Visuals: Daydream [0.3.5]

    Oh cool! Would suggest contacting @MrMeeb for stuff that he worked on for AVP. Also wrong thread I guess? Add-on development.
  12. A Fond Farewell

    Nuu! Anyways we will miss you ted! FIRST?