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  1. So I understand that the harbors need updating to work with the latest versions of KSP and KK, but for those of us happily still playing 1.4.5, is there a place to download them? It's so depressing to find exactly what I was looking for and then find all of the links broken. >_<
  2. Man, I feel ya. It always take forever for my almost 200 mods to get updated. Thanks for asking the question I was wondering! I'll definitely be using this! It's completely awesome for transferring crew back and forth to a space station. Really great job, @Well!
  3. Good to know. Maybe I should give this link to my Mother-in-law. She keeps agitating to buy a new computer because her Mac is getting "so slow". I've looked it over and it's perfectly fine.
  4. No. Totally not a real thing. RAM is an actual physical object, not something that can be downloaded. The site is kind of funny, as jokes go, but I have NO idea what happens if you actually hit "download"... and I don't want to know.
  5. Epic! SO glad to hear you're taking a crack at the Airplane Plus cockpits! I love those things and having a proper IVA for them (especially the Mustang B/C cockpit) would be fantastic.
  6. Needs a link on SpaceDock to this thread, and this thread needs some PICTURES!
  7. @silentvelcro Oh, dear. That's unfortunate. I hate it when I have problems that are "unusual", so I feel sorry for ya. I'll look forward to the update with bundled props, and in the meantime- IF I have some free time- I'll take a look at your IVA .cfg and see if I can get it working with the new props, since I use Windows. If I can, I'll give it to you.
  8. Fair enough, thanks! I was just comparing it to the Universal Storage fuel cell, myself. That might be totally arbitrary, but it's what I was used to.
  9. @ShotgunNinja I love the fact that you can now configure a pod with a built-in fuel cell, but how did you arrive at the conversion rates for those? I was surprised, to say the least, when a monoprop fuel cell burned through enough oxygen to keep 6 kerbals alive for 5 days (30 kerbal/days worth!!) in less than two hours! The standard fuel cell looks like it would burn through the same O2 in a mere 8 hours or so. Surely if real fuel cells were that efficient we would've had to send a second whole Saturn V to the Moon just to carry all the oxygen for Apollo. I can just change them,
  10. This is great and I'd like to use it, but you really need to fix your IVA so it works with the updated ASET props and avionics. https://spacedock.info/mod/1204/ASET Props https://spacedock.info/mod/1213/ASET Avionics As it is, your IVA works great with the files you bundled, but every other ASET IVA is broken. Or, if the proper ASET files are installed instead of your bundled ones, all other ASET IVAs work but yours is missing a bunch of instruments and throws JSI errors. It's unfortunate because it's a really nice IVA.
  11. Man, I just love this stuff! For me, this is THE mod for probe parts. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Looks great. Hopefully that ASET integration will come soon so I can use this, because it's wonderful.
  13. Pretty cool! Just so you know, it's very easy to change the scatterer ocean settings to, for instance, make HUGE choppy waves on your ocean planet.
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