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  1. I did, but there is some issue with the CKAN tracking bot. Please stand-by. I'm hoping the CKAN guys will sort it out. - - - Updated - - - I'd go with Papa_Joe on that. But haven't gotten around to actually testing it to see what happens yet. As for TACLS you can use my work-around forked version in the OP. It is the same as the current version of TACLS just with DeepFreeze issue fixed. So when he updates, it should be the same as if you were using the real version of TACLS with regard to any update issues. Again, totally up to you. TaranisElsu has responded to my request saying he will look at it, but no indication when that will be. He is working on a new version from what I understand so probably he won't update TACLS until then.
  2. It's out.. V0.16.0.0 is up. Enjoy! Stacks of changes and new features. Prepare for the new IVA internals. Unfortunately, save game breaking... But all the major code is now in place. So future updates should not be.
  3. Hmmm, worked good in test. Must be a mod conflict. Is that all the mods you have installed? Can I ask you to supply a log file? even better, go into AmpYear menu in the spacecenter and turn on debugging, reproduce your vessel, error and then post a log? That would expedite debugging.
  4. That depends on what "mod Community Tech Tree enabled" constitutes. If all it requires is for all the parts to be assigned a stock tech tree node, then yes. If it requires other config files, then no. Happy for someone else to create necessary config for all these tech tree configs and mods, as there are just too many of them. Personally I only play sandbox.
  5. Getting closer to a release.. Lots of bug fixes and new features like heat management of the freezer parts... Holding the update release until the internal is done... which is very very close.. Sneak peek:
  6. I've searched and searched but can't find what I am looking for. Does anyone know or point me to how I can run an animation in IVA or internal camera view? (not a RPM prop). Can I assign animations to an internal model mu file and actually run them when in IVA mode or external camera view?
  7. Forgive me ignorance... can you provide an example of what you are talking about?
  8. I did change this at one stage because there are only 10 seats inside... It decreases the crew capacity each time you freeze one and increases it each time you thaw one. if it's zero and you check I can see how this is happening, and if ten frozen aboard I know what's happening when you thaw, it is checking the capacity before changing it... going to need a new process here I think. So currently it changes the crewcapacity and it marks their seats as taken. I did this because it didn't seem to manage seats correctly and probably because the INTERNAL is not complete and configured correctly. maybe it shouldn't change the crew capacity at all and manage the seats correctly. I'll think about it and do some more testing.
  9. Tracking a bunch of bugs and enhancements on github: https://github.com/JPLRepo/DeepFreeze/issues Just found another... the Famous Sounds, including the microwave ping, that this mod is known for... are sadly not working... But I have figured out why. I haven't released an update as I am waiting for the IVA textures/internals... but given all the bugs, maybe I should do a quick update.
  10. New version V0.17 published. Due to popular demand - Includes a NEW 5-way ION RCS thruster block. See changelog.
  11. Hi there. I am the mod author of DeepFreeze Continued... I have an issue with Snacks compatibility that is caused by incomplete Module Manager syntax in your patch.cfg file that you distribute with Snacks. The issue is you are not using the :FOR[snacks] syntax in your MM file and therefore your MM config file is not running in the correct sequence, resulting in other MM config files being overwritten and/or unable to override each other. If you could make this change then our mods would work well together. If you change the syntax in your patch.cfg to have :FOR[snacks] at the end of every @PART line in your file then everything works well together. Example: @PART [*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],#CrewCapacity[1]][B]:FOR[Snacks][/B] ......... @PART [*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],#CrewCapacity[2]][B]:FOR[Snacks][/B] ......... etc....
  12. Refer to OP> Planned work: Finish Internals for freezer part with textures. New smaller freezers (4-6 kerbals) and single kerbal parts.
  13. totally agree with you. I will fix it, just trying to prioritize the urgency. the challenge here is writing code that is modifying a compiled game, with no access to the source and unable to do proper debugging. I also am a qualified programmer (well I was when I finished University about 22 years ago). But until I started mucking around with KSP modding I hadn't written any code for about 10 years. Thanks again.
  14. Ok thanks for that. so the code is still looking for the destroyed vessel. It shouldn't cause any other dramas, just need to fix this to stop the log spam. I assume once you close the flight results the issue goes away and everything goes back to normal?.. In which case, I'll put it on the list of things to fix in the next version. Tracking issues on github. Thanks again.
  15. Can you post the full exception details please? I don't need the 40-60 times a second... assuming they are all the same error. and to clarify how I re-produce this error and the circumstances.. you crash a vessel.. and the dialog box comes up but this error continues until you click the box to get the flight results?
  16. Snacks It does not consume snacks for frozen kerbals, but has a small issue as well where the ship supply screen does not update when you freeze crew unless you switch vessels or game scene. Working on a fix.
  17. Thanks for the info. Can't wait 'til they fix EC, requestresource and timewarp issues. Unity 5 though will bring so much more awesomeness. but yes a lot of re-work.
  18. TAC LS already has this 'feature'. No it doesn't help but thanks for the input. - - - Updated - - - There are no stupid questions... There are so many life support mods.. another one... I have tested with TAC LS and reviewed the code of some others. But I'm very happy for the community to help out with this. That would be great, as I just don't have all the time to set-up test KSP installs with ALL the Life Support mods and test everyone one of them. In fact, I have only really ever used TAC LS myself so I also have to become familiar with each of them as well.
  19. Hey, yes I did re-use a chunk of code originally.. This mod was my first foray into code cutting for about 10+ years. I'm not sure I gave credit in the code for it. But I used bits of code from all over the place. I'll check I have included credit to your code on the weekend in the source. do you have a link to the info about ResourceRequest? Assume this is on their bug log? - This would be awesome if they do fix it. I haven't gone back to the fusebox code and I have changed it a fair bit. It was a once-off. I've learnt a fair bit since I did this mod update and I'd probably like to go back and fix it up but don't have the time at the moment. thanks again.
  20. Lol. I feel a bit guilty. The instructions were there from the start but I changed them to bold after your post for us "older" people who might miss it.
  21. Ok, I got bored and forked TAC LS, made the changes, sent a pull request to TaranisElsu. Source of my change is here. To fix TAC LS to work with DeepFreeze: 1) Install TAC LS and DeepFreeze (if you haven't already). 2) go to this link and click "view raw" - yes this message isn't intuitive. This will download the ZIP file with the fixed DLLs in it. 3) Install the two DLLs in the ZIP file to "<yourKSPinstallDIR>\GameData\ThunderAerospace\TacLifeSupport\" directory (ENSURE YOU OVERWRITE existing files). 4) Done. TAC LS will now correctly ignore frozen Kerbals and won't retrospectively consume life support when they are thawed out. I have no intention on maintaining my fork. I hope TaranisElsu will merge my changes into his mod fairly soon. Will let everyone know when he does. The ZIP file contains just the two DLLs and the TAC LS LICENSE file which permits me to do this.
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