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  1. Missing stock vehicles

    I can confirm that the crafts listed by the OP have not existed since at least .235, and may've never existed, considering that was August of 2013.
  2. Heaviest Rocket

    Holy crap that'd be a lot of parts. At only 247 tonnes I had 457 parts, and tankage per stage was really starting to balloon out. To get 3000 tonnes of stuff that light would be...a lot of parts. Indeed, talking largely tankage at a little under 1 tonne each...that's gonna be over 2700 more parts. Which is just too many parts.
  3. Heaviest Rocket

    I sense @GarrisonChisholm was speaking in the context if a "Most Delta-v" sorta thing. A field wherein I've designed stock ion monsters intended to cut transit time for genuine interstellar travel -- stuff like 100.35km/s in a 247 tonne package, about 53 hours total burn time. I think I've seen bigger ones than mine shortly after the big xenon tank came out, but they were pushing more than the little wisp probe I've used on top, so I can't really say either way. In the context of this thread "Most Pad Weight" monkey lamps do I lose.
  4. Heaviest Rocket

    Heh, I might win in the "Purely Stock" category, but then again I might not. I think I've seen beasts bigger than mine, but they may've been pushing more.
  5. Concurrent Missions

    "Negative, Ghostrider, pattern is full."
  6. Poorly, unless it's a really light parabolic hyperboloid like a Pringle, in which case that's actually a problem they had to solve at their packaging facilities.
  7. Heaviest Rocket

    HEH, mine turns out to be kinda pathetic in retrospect: barely over 2200 tonnes including launch clamps, and lifting a mere 330.7 tonnes. I'm a little surprised that it comes in that light, considering the silly design decisions at the top of the lander stack. Clearly I need to learn to build heavier--perhaps an Eve and back mission sans nukes or ions?
  8. Concurrent Missions

    Are you putting probe cores on fuel rods? KAC to the rescue once again -- you can add detailed notes to any alarm. I usually shove stuff in the alarm such as the burn time (in case the game forgets), the nature of/reason for the burn, weird craft handling notes, and the overall mission situation.
  9. Heaviest Rocket

    Heheh, calling all @Whackjobs, eh? I think my biggest was the lifter for my very poorly-designed .24-era Eve lander. Oddly enough my 60km/s ion monstrosities are a lot lighter (to the point that they have to be dragged to space to avoid flipping) I'll have to check on the mass later. Wow, that beast looks like my old, never completed, "Icarus" super-heavy lifter writ large, if sans asparagus. 'Amazing what autostrut lets us get away with these days.
  10. Antenna Range Diagram

    Hmm, such an aspect ratio. Perhaps make the y-axis logarithmic?
  11. Hehhe, I see the word filter is hard at work keeping Spelling and Grammar Pedants at bay. Best to avoid the pitfalls of postmodern neo-pedantry.
  12. I have something disappointing to tell you, about Minmus... (I'm sure you meant on return, but the thought of trying to capture at Minmus with a parachute made me chuckle.)
  13. Perhaps the OP was trolling for thoughtful discussion to enjoy? It certainly has been interesting. Perhaps no one has read the EULA (save for us), and it's literally just an assemblage of legal clauses with advantageous-sounding handles slapped blindly together by a software tool. 'Might explain a few things, save for who DEPORTED is. That aside, the OP may have a point. Read literally, that agreement is pretty disgusting. In giving the rights-holder so much lattitude, oft' rendering the consumer guilty of something simply by installing the software, the thing leaves the consumer to trust to non-enforcement to protect them, with no guarantee that they won't get swept up in a witch-hunt later if piracy becomes an issue. We call these things standard boilerplate, and no worse than what others in the industry do...but I'm troubled that we actually accept such things as industry standards in the first place. No one would accept an aggreement like that in a negotiation, as words like that would only serve to convince one side of the other's ill will. Indeed I know some elder folk who would spring immediately to physical violence in response to such an insult, and many more who would walk away from the negotiating table. I find it curious that the public puts up with such terms on such a scale, and relies on sypathetic judges to defend them from inanity like implied consent to vast swaths of terms oft' presented in tiny windows.
  14. What resolution do you play KSP at?

    I think I do 1280x1024 -- less if I'm using it in windowed mode. I for one wish youtubers and streamers would kindly easy up on the rez -- the text gets darn fuzzy at 720p, when they're running much above it, and 1080p makes cheap american broadband derp out and skip like an old CD player on a middle school bus.
  15. Multiple KSP Installs

    HEh. Hahha. HEHEheAHAHeHE. So very, very, many. Not as many as some here, but clean and modded copies of most every version (and a couple of betas) since .18. I'm still on the task of bringing the kerbs in those installs home so I can archive the darn things already.