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  1. It took me a while to drill through that whole series, but holy schnikes that was cool. I like how the ships' capabilities got high enough that delta-v just turned into %c. It leads, though, to the amusing thought that absurdly capable craft could see delta-v values in multiples of c.
  2. Same happened at my work. It's why I've been posting so much less, and am back at page 3, never catching up. I miss foruming while eating lunch.
  3. What I'm led to wonder is what happens when you hit the chutes on that first dip -- do they pop in drogue mode and slow the craft enough to not rip off when you hit that denser atmosphere? Can we even get the min pressure low enough to get them pop out at that height? How silly must it look for the chute to be dancing around the plasma streamers?
  4. I start seeing yellowclock around 120-150 parts on my adorable 10 year-old 3GHz Wolfdale Core2 Duo (E8400). Man, but 6 megs of L2 cache seems quaint today.
  5. I'm more interested in what we can make black holes do for us, like storing energy by forcing spin or charge into them, or building Dyson spheres around small ones and harvesting the Hawking radiation for purposes, feeding a steady stream of matter in to keep the output from getting too high as the hole gets smaller.
  6. Monkey blades, Bop has a feature height of over 21.7km?! And it's pretty near the equator? Treacherous.
  7. Here is a place where opinions differ. Looking upon that machine, I see a thing of great beauty. Also, I wouldn't be so worried about that thrust angle. Cosine losses only really get icky around 25 degrees, this looks to be maybe 15, which gives a loss of barely over 3.4%
  8. After the War o' Wrath, when Sauron's old boss and basically Lucifer guy Melkor Morgoth was defeated by the hosts of the almost-gods and elves of the West, Morgoth was bound, tried, and thrust through something called the Door of Night into the void beyond the "walls of the world", forever guarded by the great half-elf mariner Eärendil, who personally slew the captain of Morgoth's force of giant dragons, a massive jerk named Ancalagon (who crushed three volcanoes each 5 miles wide when he fell) with his sky-ship Vingilot. http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/War_of_Wrath This sounds to me like
  9. I'd call it a toss-up 'twixt the fireball from this escape tower test: and that of this staging test:
  10. Huh, I thought it was Sauron's old boss that was trapped in orbit around the world, chased by a great elven mariner.
  11. Hmmm, needs a more wizardly appellation -- "Sariban the Mad"? "Sariban the Automator"?
  12. In a way, I'm playing both 1.3, (because I haven't bothered letting Steam update it yet) and .235
  13. Thank you for that information. That "Insert other media" => from URL => imgur_url.png => ctrl+RMB => Edit => link URL = imgur/a/album path is probably the closest thing we have to a working album embed these days. Not quite as nice as what we had, and tricky in that you need to add the image file extension, but at least you can pick a link image to serve as the thumbnail of sorts for the album link, plus nicely control its display size and/or shove it in a spoiler.
  14. Looks like .235, from the look of things, though my first version was .18, I think .235 is when I started saving old versions before updating, based on the earliest entry in my old Project Bring'em Home series. Edit edit: they did not fix imgur embeds, but it seems there is a way, sort of.
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