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  1. 1.4.1 changelog?

    Not the "craft wandering uphill because shenanigans" bug? Or was that one already fixed?
  2. Holy heck, not only is that a better ratio than before, that's .05 more tonnes of xenon per tank! With no changes to the spreadsheet other than to the big xenon tank (were the other two likewise improved?), those two monsters achieve 116km/s and 68.3km/s respectively, or 103.4km/s in 19 stages for 92.7 tonnes and 63.4km/s in 12 stages for only 20.6 tonnes. Numbers that no doubt get a lot scarier if I optimize and move the S10 engines down a few stages.
  3. HEH, yes, yes, that was cool, but I've had a brachistochrone Eve transfer in the offing for a while now. My pre-1.4 designs breach 100.2km/s in 22 stages and 170 tonnes using ~4500m/s stages, but only really need ~60km/s for the mission, which they can overshoot by 3.3km/s in 13 stages for for only 28 tonnes. I'm guessing the new tankage numbers aren't on the wiki yet. Where might I find them? I look forward to seeing by how much they beat the old .44 ratio.
  4. First time you hear about Kerbal Space Program

    ExtraCredits' "10 Games You Might Not Have Tried", by any chance?
  5. New Mission builder and carreer interactions

    Considering the level of control offered in the mission maker, I feel like this would work...poorly. 'Not too sure how well things like wildly out of control mission rewards/penalties, part failures, and the like would really go over. It smells great for communitity challenges though (save for the paywall of being DLC) -- set up ship constraints, control constraints, goals with point values, disqualifiying/point penalty causing action detection, zones for precision bonuses, character pop-up reminders/feedback, set the success banner as something that can be used as a forum badge or brag flag, and share the completed thing on the challenge forum. Lots of potential, there.
  6. Holy crap! I can't wait to see how vastly this improves my 100km/s monstrosities.

    I for one delighted in learning the math. 'Main problem is I can never remember the vis-viva equation so I'm always having to use that dang subway map. But the rocket equation? Used and abused. I used to plan missions on paper or in a text editor at work, doing the math with little more than calc.exe. Eventually that did get tedious and I switched to KER and a spreadsheet, but I still sometimes will do things like use current vessel mass to find remaining delta-v on the fly if I don't have KER up. There's no need to do it all yourself, but it's worthwhile to gain the power to do so, in part for the utility of having the ability, and in part because it makes you more than you were before.
  8. How many buttons is too many buttons? (controller)

    How many is too many? I use keyboard, so I'd say 102-108 buttons should be fine. 128 might be a little much.
  9. KSP Head tracking?

    *Looks upon towering collection of 1.76 to 3.3 GB KSP game folders from previous versions* *looks back up at post* ... *Looks upon terabyte HD with 330 gigs free* ... HEH. The future is silly.
  10. KSP fun

    Yeah, I don't see an option for things I do, like machines for dispersal of dancing I-beam "spiders".
  11. Stock Timewarp Takes too long

    Don't forget Mad Libs, and those trivia game cards arranged around a plastic pivot that'd swiftly get depleted and accidentally memorized.
  12. Trying to rotate spacex's Tesla in space

    He could have, but remember, this was a test payload on a machine with a predicted 50% chance of blowing up on the pad (they even took out insurance for the historic launch pad in question) that would typically be just a big chunk of something heavy like a big block of reinforced concrete. I'd be sad to be the student whose lovingly crafted cubesat blew up on the launchpad with an experimental vehicle configuration. An old car with a test space suit and some cameras was just for the lulz.
  13. Oooh, a high-velocity runway, I like it! Does it go careening off the static runway on sep or does it use some chutes to stop itself?
  14. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    So... no more modding? Because that is literally what modding means. And I find no article or provision anywhere that makes an explicit exception for modding. Curiously enough, most KSP mods don't actually modify the software, per se. The software as-written has a number of little hooks that go out and look for stuff like module manager and other external configs that override or add to some of its own default settings and assets. Mods happen because KSP goes and looks in that happy little magic folder we all drop our mods in and does a bunch of stuff based on what it finds in there. Now if we did stuff like slice parts out of the SQUAD folder and/or plop in our own, or mess with the stock craft, then after that re-distrute the modified folders to others, that'd be modification of the software. I'll admit I'm pretty perplexed by the third and fourth verbs, there, though. Display is weird, and perform?? That's just confusing.
  15. National Cat Day 2018 in Japan

    Curses, it seems I utterly missed this. What can be done to invoke that delightful effect manually, short of derping my system calendar? Also, if you think yesterday was bad, I expect Feb 22 2222 to be completely out of hand. Cats everywhere, or possibly ninjas (nin ninnin, ninninninnin), or likely both.