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  1. Heheh, adjust your timing just right and you make Ike help you with the task a bit. Get an encounter where Ike'll be a decent ways ahead of your pe, set your burn so you fly out in front of Ike for a gravity desist, adjust further with a burn at Ike to get that ap right where you want it, and re-inflate your orbit into a circle at ap. Ike and Tylo just want to help, you see.
  2. DA-V43.
  3. Yup. Plus while real spacecraft parts tend to shatter into clouds of murderous paint flecks and co. when struck, KSP parts just explode into nothingness, so that two debris fields interacting tends to result in less debris than before, especially if they consist mostly of individual parts.
  4. Multi-port docking remains a great, if somewhat tricky way of ensuring correct orientation of docked modules. I recall a while back, one of the major streamers, possibly @DasValdez, had an utterly beautiful multi-port arrangement that neatly side-stepped the game's noodleisms before autostrut was a thing -- two transverse regular ports, two jrs on booms out to the side of the recieving module that met with jrs on the sides of the module attaching, and two sets of 2 jrs top and bottom. It thought the way it all fit was beautiful, but unfortunately, an update brought forth a bug that liked to ignore all but one of the port connections in such set-up. I'm honestly glad to hear it works again. Might that craft be a couple of centimeters below your username, by any chance?
  5. Windows 7 Pro here. I've even gone to the trouble of buying a win7 OEM install disk (after they stopped selling the OS to push 10) to install it on my next build, because of the things I've seen Windows 10 do. I've watched it freeze and even bluescreen left, right, and centre when streaming games, I've seen it update and reboot without permission, and I've even seen it break the driver for a serial port. So, I'll just give that mess a wide berth, and possibly try one of the hacky "Windows 9" things kicking around, but for now, KSP runs on win7.
  6. Whoops, I missed! I meant to correct "their body proportions are all wrong for them to be mammalian", since marsupials are mammals too. And I've just edited my post, so things just look weird now.
  7. Fixed that for you. Good analyis, though.
  8. 4 AM, when I realize the game's made me stay up way too late on a work night and I've got at best 3 and a half hours for dentifrice and sleep. Again.
  9. Oh sweet! That must've dramatically improved the space station situation. I'm guessing each port grabs in-range vessels and runs down their dockingPorts lists now. Dang but that's nice.
  10. Last I checked, active docking ports each scaned every part in the scene, which means they can get pretty nasty pretty fast. A while back I recommended in the bugtracker that the scene keep a special docking port array so that they each scan only other docking ports (with new ports added and removed as they come into and leave physics range), but I don't think they've had a chance to implement such a thing. Which is too bad, as it'd reduce the load from (for x ports in an n-part scene) x*n every physics frame, to n for frame 0 (scanning everything on load to populate the open port array), and x^2 for every subsequent frame of the open ports scanning each-other for docking proximity. And for say 6 ports in a 400 part scene, 400 followed by 36/frame beats the pants off of 2400 every frame.
  11. Unbounded Navier-Stokes calculations. For every surface. *dashes off into the hills, gibbering*
  12. Sandbox. I spend way too much time testing weird experimental things to ever really get into a career, and one that I did got slightly bogged down by too many atmospheric contracts (testing engines and chutes at...slightly too tight altitude and speed windows). The solution was to make a little plane with a rocket assist pack to make altitude, but I got distracted by more sandbox shenanigans before I could get to it.
  13. "...on Duna."
  14. Cat-like posting detected.
  15. Me too -- a solid rocket booster just isn't the best tool for that.