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  1. Out of this Multiverse-verse-verse-verse-verse-verse

    Huh. So did you go past Rob, or Ross?
  2. Land Speed Record.

    Ah, the smell of fresh-turned grave dirt. I think one Strattenblitz on the tubes has shattered each of the records with ablative monstrostities, at times moving faster than the game can generate new surface colliders, causing speeders to sink into the ground textures and explode once the colliders do load.
  3. Post your screenshots of the messiest systems you have

    Those comms links look like Kerbin's firing off the Death Blossom from The Last Starfighter.
  4. I think there's a name for that phenomenon: Ike.
  5. Ah, #justKerbalThings, got it. I remember that one, it got badly compromised. I...may've misread that as Norton Antichrist. Which is really not quite as hyperbolic as it oughta be. ...All those innocent boxes wrecked by SystemWorks back in the day. Welp that explains that, it was the one that got hijacked (registration-sniped, severely compromised, or outright stolen? I forget.) Now if only I could remember the old old one that used to have an in-game link, that I think squad hosted themselves for a time.
  6. *? Is there a wordfilter on spaceport, or whatever the elder one was called?
  7. I think some lights are going on somewhere

    If you need a low-mass, low-radius mounting solution that's not a service bay, I can strongly recommend an emptied mk-0 fuel tank. Lightest thing per unit length in the game, with sub-meter radius (.75, .5? I don't remember). I like to use 'em for ion ship spines.
  8. Curiously, I can think of a pretty good reason. It reads to me as a bit of an abstraction for something like "We've noticed that seawater plays havok with our engine components, so we've whipped up an onboard instrument package to quantify just how bad it gets and at what rates the corosion takes place. Just splash one down for us, fire up the instrumentation once it's in the drink, and send us back the data." 'Sure would be cool if the contract text read like that.
  9. Asimov's Three Laws of Orbital Mechanics

    Curiously, those laws have lost a bit of their strength. 1 can be broken outright with a solar sail or electrosail. Ion drives and technically NTRs break it too, but they still need remass, which is probably we can assume he meant. 2 as you note is partially broken by the advent of ISRU, but since a few of our favourite fuels are cryogenic (take your pick), have a habit of drifting right through solid metal tank walls (lH2, and corrossively, at that), or just aren't very available upstairs (xenon, uranium/plutonium/thorium), we are still somewhat bound by that one. 3 honestly sounds more like a conclusion based on the first two -- but it at least still makes sense if we stretch it to max payload. More curiously, the nature of KSP means that oft-times the ability to create a bespoke lifter for a mission can make it better follow #3, in that, instead of winding up with a few tonnes of capacity left putting a 27t payload on a 30t-cap lifter and having to fill those remaining tonnes up with a few little gas tanks that'll get drained and possibly thrown away, we do have to option to create a special 27t-cap lifter, simply because we can build and roll out new craft so very, very, fast.
  10. Have you left kerbals to rot somewere

    You see, were it me, I'd design some sort of monster of an ion-powered rescue boat and go intercept them and force that escape trajectory back down to something Jool-crossing, aiming for a gravity assist with Jool and hopefully Tylo, then abuse the excess delta-v in the rescue boat to make the final return trajectory a bit non-hohman to get 'em home faster.
  11. What planets have you made it to?

    Mun, Minmus, Ike, Duna, a big ol' single-launch Laythe landing/return Tylo for a gravity assist on the way back, Eve, Gilly, and a distressingly fast and low Moho flyby.
  12. Comic About Us On Dorkly

    Nah, it's more a justification for the observed phenomena underpinning the stock game. Kerbs are goofy looking greenfolk. Off-the shelf parts--an implied explanation for the lego-esque design and construction of things. The player has been charged with development of facilities, directing R&D, mission planning an execution. The rest is clearly the only logical explanation for the player's in-game powers -- I mean, you can view spacecraft from the exterior, moving your viewpoint around arbitrarilly (clearly scrying), rampage forward through time at absurd rates, and leap back in time at whim, but all with strange and specific limitations. Such things are blatantly the work of wizardry, or at least wizard-adjacent. So, what else could it be but a time wizard with some divination skill and scrying tools having been hired by the aforementioned greenfolk to run their space program?
  13. Comic About Us On Dorkly

    Come now, the basal conceit is that of a bunch goofy-looking green aliens hiring a time wizard to design their craft from a set of off-the-shelf parts, direct their research department, and otherwise run their space program. The resultant tomfoolery could be of any scale. The kerbs were just following instructions -- it's clear the astronauts were in terror of not-so-competent person that was directing them.
  14. Post your most difficult contracts

    The Grandest Tour. Single vessel doesn't imply no docking to different transfer stages or no refueling at depots, does it?
  15. is there a way to disable the cheat menu?

    Seal away your F12 key by popping off the keytop and injecting a non-conductive resin down between the contacts, letting it cure, then putting the keytop back to keep dust out. F12 disabled for good, problem irrecoverably solved.