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  1. It's a good looling model, looks like you spent a fair amount of time on it! Here's an example of ehat you can do with texture hacking in a couple hours: The wing pieces are stock, nothing else is
  2. The knife tool is much easier to operate when combined with the shift key, that allows you vut straight lines When you are really attempting to be as low poly as possible then yeah, it will improve things a bit over the course of 50 odd parts, but KSP doesn't have a really big problem with poly count, so who cares I just fiddle with it until I have a model which is easy to texture
  3. An easy method I found is to get thia photoahop plugin to open the original textures with, use those to just hack something together and then redraw over the result to match the stock look: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop There are also versions for gimpshop as well as some other graphics design tools
  4. Not sure if KSP makes a physics mess of things if you do, not that experienced of a modder, me On the other hand though you can avoid the problem alltogether if you take a couple minutes to figure out the boolean tools Blender provides to smash your meshes together into a single one clipping any excess Blender contains tools for literally anything and youtube provides many tutorials such as this one: https://youtu.be/Vf2M1bxZYk0
  5. Hi guys, I've been experimenting with some modelling and importing it into KSP which should result in a whole bunch of new aircraft parts However while I'm testing importing my untextured Blender model into unity the orientation is all wrong and I can't figure out why So here's what happens: 1. I made a model in Blender 2. Exported it to .OBJ 3. Drag it into Unity 2017.1.3f1 (Can't find the p1 version specified in the KSP-part tools, but seems to work fine and produces no errors) and follow the steps outlined in this tutorial: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogr
  6. It's not that bad, just build a plane that looks like a plane using stock parts and land it on the VAB The rules basically serve the purpose of the 'plane that looks like a plane' bit so as to attempt to create a box without holes in it It's not that bad, just mighty specific
  7. ^ what he said and otherwise we can all just as easily migrate to reddit and do it in our own way there anyway, so there is litterally nothing they could do in the first place I like it a lot that in actual fact they don't do this kind of thing and this actively contributes to the great vibe of this forum and the people it attracts and cultivates
  8. Yeah, I saw the rule after posting, couldn't be bothered to do anything about it though. It's the rule that's not on the list, that's why I missed it in the first place, maybe highlight it a bit, or make it rule 0 in the spoiler, more effective that way Maybe I'll do it with something stock, if I can still identify the stock parts, you never know
  9. Performed for another challenge, but I think within the rules: You can clearly see I have to turn on the reversers manually in order to position the craft correctly so I can take off from the VAB again Kerbal-x link: https://kerbalx.com/hoioh/Shorty The flaps are part of AP+ which is the only used mod for the plane (and there's mechjeb, but it's not used for the flight useless as it may be for this purpose)
  10. I don't think anybody cares really, making history is excluded from a lot if challenges on grounds of fairness, so as not to exclude the haves from the have nots. Which renders the question completely pointless
  11. Then after that, copy your ksp folder and play from there to avoid future unwanted updating. KSP doesn't contain drm to the point where you can't play from a copied folder.
  12. That looks a lot like something I once flew
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