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  1. And here's a test flight worth very few point, I'd say about 50 for the suicide burn, but all the other scorings cancel each other out... It's just a test flight anyway to see the fractions and landing margins. I get about a 10% payload fraction to full orbit out of this one
  2. I will definitely enter my heavily modded suborbital 10 meter BFR lookalike into this
  3. By people liking and quoting you and I think also whne you like others, there needs to be some kind of balance
  4. That would have been nice to know before I just flew my mission which could, obviously, have been crewed, but there wasn't a single Kerbal aboard... I hope you either, don't mind since the capacity is clearly there, or let me do a crew delivery and return mission to the station
  5. Hehe, thanks! I mean why not bring a couple spares, right? I was originally going to do a couple more sats with elliptical orbits that cross over and then below the mun, but I could only succesfully get the one in a working orbit
  6. hoioh

    Fly Like Jeb

    Ok, so, I'm like 60 or so attempts into this and found that the thrust < 1 rule combined with the small size is making this a bit difficult for me... Still not giving up though!
  7. I agree about the inefficiency, but it's actualy me spraying that monoprop to get the angle just right The inefficiency is in the fact that it creates so much distance before it starts to align and approach, but it's still better at it than I am Thanks for the shiny new badge!
  8. Just build a massive shuttle Mine was so big the asterood looks puny riding on it, hardly had any control issues either, but the shuttle i've used for the test pilot missions is already twice as big as a mk3 and the potato hunter was even bigger! And then there's the hylarious option we've all seen recently which is to grab it underneath the shuttle and play soccer with it
  9. Serious respect for your persistence! I gave up on asteroid surfing after 3attempts or so
  10. Well, You've asked for it! My STS-4T (or T-IV, or whatever) with the skylab mission. I'm particularly proud of the final landing, that is just beautiful! (and entirely un-powered) I cheated a little bit with the second set of solar arrays because I had forgotten to put RCS on the windmill with the antenna, but luckily I could salvage it with the tracktor module by just leaving it attached on the habitat side of the station. I might fly in later to correct that if I feel so inclined. The first mission is flown a little bit chaotically, but I'm quite sure I've met all parameters. The second mission is a lot easier to oversee.
  11. There's quite a bit of tweakscale going on there, but not as much as some of my designs. I wanted the station to closely resemble the original for flavour If i'm not mistaken somebody already has, like 2 days after you posted it, but like I said, I might be mistaken
  12. Like I've recommended others: just copy your KSP folder put only the right mods in there and use that copy instead. This will also protect you against failures due to updates at the risk of working with an outdated KSP version at some point (I'm still on 1.3.1)
  13. Just check the first post of this thread for a comprehensive explanation and list of allowed mods. Please consider: the judges need to have ALL these mods installed to be able to test ANY plane, even if each individual plane only uses a few or even none of the allowed mods. each added mod will stress their system and there's only so much we can afford. Therefore we cannot approve any new mods and you will have to get creative with the tools you have been given.
  14. Just 2 shots of my upcoming Skylab report. Finished to build and place the station in orbit and then made the first launch to raise AP and PE, then used the booster to deorbit the panels and antenna and took the Hab module back home somewhere mixed in with that. This being KSP and not real life the booster is no longer needed, but in real life it would not be an option to use it for the deorbit of the panels. They would simply be detached and would deorbit on their own. And I put a docking adapter on it as well to extend the docking arm and increase the port size so the shuttle can dock with it later when on the second mission I'll be bringing the new antenna and solar panels and for flavour I'll be replacing the panels on the side as well on that mission. This is my station prior to any mission flying: And from the other side: