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  1. I see it now. I was thinking more like a protruding truss on a docking port with 4 panels on it some such, one that requires an MMU to attach. I've used that 6-way port more than once and placed adapters to 3.75m on each end and then a big docking port. With autostrutting it works just fine that way
  2. It's long and hard and full of sea men? Bit straight, don't you think? Maybe add some solar panels to the side, or make a cross out of it or something? All it would need is a 6-way coupler somewhere to make it a little more exciting
  3. That's my final setup for the Duna mission. I've tested it on Duna already and found it can indefinitely support 6 kerbals, which is a good start of my mission!
  4. Well, here's my retry. For some reason my craft keeps exploding when I undock the rear payload... So after about 20 odd attempts I just decided to put up with it and resque the cargo: return trip was optional, right?
  5. That was easy: Actually kind of surprised it went so smooth! First time, worked like a charm. Unfortunately I broke the engines off during unloading which made it impossible to fly back, but with a little tweaking this would be a very useful cargo plane In the SPH, payload weighs 44t (check the video in the spoiler) Had to load cargo outside of hangar... Maybe tonight I'll try again and do it proper
  6. I agree, stock is stock. Modded is modded. But I'll add: there's no real difference in terms of worth of either of the badges. Most things are just as hard and some things are harder either way. For me it's a matter of wanting certain parts that stock simply does not offer and I can't be arsed to go build them myself Wanting is the key word there, you dont need to use modded parts, but if you want to you are free to do so, it's just that you get a different badge so as to keep comparing apples to apples and pears to pears. Both are fruit, both are sweet, they're just not the same
  7. haha! For the asteroid one, first, watch a tutorial on asteroid intercept, second, build a shuttle (that flies well) with a claw directly on the center of mass (maybe do a practise run with a test weight), last, intercept, capture, bring into orbit and land your asteroid!
  8. Just keep going, we'll keep commenting. If you've made an error, all you have to do is re-do that specific mission. Just have fun!
  9. Try doing a video next time, it makes it a lot harder on yourself (Funny meme) (I use GeForce experience to record, it's pretty stable and records directly from the GPU so it's not that hard on your system, if you have an Nvidia card)
  10. ROFL! That's anticlimactic... I'll add that I did use some custom EVA suits, maybe that's the trick? just dunk a custom suit in the default folder of TR see if that does it
  11. No pink textures anywhere! Works 100% and I'm running the latest windowshine as well, haven't paid a lot of attention to the reflections though, but at least it didn't bug out. I could clearly see the kerbals head through the visor (can't remember if that's normal or not)
  12. That one works! The new unofficial edition of texture replacer fixed my texture issues I've been modding for forever, all started the moment I touched the original 'total annihilation' 20 or so years ago, back when amd was just starting to kick the pentium's behind. Nowadays it's just a thing that I do, don't even think about it anymore