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  1. Considering what you're saying, could it be an idea to repurpose the existing badge in the light of the changes to the challenge as a whole? (Not that I would ever qualify)
  2. Perfect geostationary is pretty much impossible, it's more about close to or slightly over with pe and ap really close as well. If you can manage perfect I'm sure that would be considered very awesome though! The following is my opinion and hopefully something that inspires you to think of something awesome: Your suggestions, other than dress, aren't really missions as much as they are achievements. Which is interesting in it's own right, but doesn't really gell with the structure of the challenge as is. Even just heading for dress and landing on it, on it's own is an achievement, but not much of a mission. Why go to dress and what will we do there? If you could figure out a reason to go, that could make it a mission and it might be interesting and really cool to perform!
  3. Ok, this is a really vague sentence, let me see if I understand correctly: 1. you may use liquid fuel for the rendezvous clear as day 2. unless the craft also used SRBs only to get into orbit, it cannot assist in the rendezvous So, if I used if I don't conform to the parameter A, I can't use LF for the assist. Not that it matters, because I've already failed the mission 3. If it also used only SRBs to achieve orbit, you may use its engines and the other craft's engines interchangeably.  I'm guessing this is about the other craft now and that's why the sentence confused me This means I have a Craft A and a Craft B: Craft A can go up on SRBs, or any other method Craft B can go up on SRBs only If craft A went up on SRBs it can expend some fuel to assist with docking If craft A went up in any other way it cannot spend any fuel to assist with docking Is that correct?
  4. Got one more for ya: On my way into the jool system I tend to dip in under Laythe to get a gravity assist capture for jool and then adjust for the final arrival at laythe
  5. We may have just resolved why nobody watches those albums then, maybe make it a bit smaller and more obvious you are sharing a mission report. Something simple like: Mission report here: (insert link to album) The thing is, it looks like a massive title, not neccesarily a link to an album Anyway, nice launch! I like the weird look of that cargo bay on the front of your shuttle by the way
  6. hoioh

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    So, I was going to type up a whole stroy line surrounding this, but then I got back into a 40hr work schedule and that, I think, is permanently out the window now. Giving that up did allow me to launch my first craft for this mission though: I've made a separate playlist for these, but I'll simply post each video here as I publish them. The playlist link can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuLlQala-o_1MSiviuu26Fg/playlists
  7. I know, I'm lazy, but I design for a near KSC drop. Without trajectories installed I miss by about 1000km and that's too much to correct because my shuttles always return on litteral fumes... I aim for extreme controllability in low atmo and reasonable control up high. Not always the most stable, but 9 out of 10 times I can recover from a spin and still land on the runway.