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  1. New release, get it here! Waypoint Manager 2.7.5 Recompile for KSP 1.6.1 Group auto-generated site waypoints separately from custom waypoints. Make waypoint data visible in IVA (thanks @taniwha). Workaround stock bug that causes the launch site waypoints to be added in duplicate on each scene change (thanks @catonthekbd & @Steven Mading).
  2. Oh yeah, I just checked - it figures out lat/lon based on world position, which is centered on the player (Krakensbane stuff). Out at Ike you're more or less on the same plane, which is why it's only affecting the longitude. I think I'll just bring the tolerance way up to one km or so, and only do the check if the waypoint name matches something in the list of site names. That plus the existing no contract check should hopefully limit it enough.
  3. Wow, okay... that is a lot more than what I saw in my (limited) testing. I may have to give this one a bit more thought.
  4. See the details in my commit. The difference is coming from rounding errors in KSP calculating the position. A tolerance of 0.01 mm was enough to get a consistent match - so I doubt it's going to remove any legitimate close/similar waypoints.
  5. It did, but I just gave it a bit of a tolerance and it looks good. Should have a new release out in the next couple of days.
  6. Contract Configurator does its reload in a co-routine, and it leaves its own config in a bad state while the reload is happening. This is no big deal on the main menu, but space center is a different story. There's lots of ways for me to fix it, including the bad (but easy) fix of just not doing a co-routine in the space center. Anyway, I don't think there's a Module Manager problem here - since this is all happening in my own ModuleManagerPostLoad() call. The only thing I'm not sure about is the part database loading - was that always happening after the ModuleManagerPostLoad() calls in 3.x, or was that changed in 4.x? The part database isn't an issue in this instance, but I could see it causing problems in other cases.
  7. @blowfish & @Tonka Crash - Reloading the Contract Configurator stuff (which is what's getting triggered by the module manager reload) has been somewhat broken for a long time. It's also not really supported from inside an active game (which it looks to me like what's happening in that log, but it's only a partial log so it's hard to say for sure).
  8. Ugly, but I'm not aware of a better way. for (int index = 0; index < GameDatabase.Instance.ExperienceConfigs.Categories.Count; ++index) { if (traitStr == GameDatabase.Instance.ExperienceConfigs.Categories[index].Name) { Type type = KerbalRoster.GetExperienceTraitType(traitStr) ?? typeof(ExperienceTrait); return ExperienceTrait.Create(type, GameDatabase.Instance.ExperienceConfigs.Categories[index], null); } }
  9. Huh, I didn't realize that would have that impact. I've already fixed it, but just haven't released the fix yet - should be getting to that soon. Otherwise I'd expect this runs fine in 1.6.1.
  10. Oh, it could be Bases and Stations disables it (although I checked and this does not seem to be the case).
  11. The short version is that you have to use the TutorialScenario (there are some very old examples if you search github). An alternative is to build your own dialog boxes using KerbalInstructor (that's what provides the picture). This is what Contract Configurator does, although it uses the old GUI system and is... overly complex.
  12. I thought I'd put something in place to prevent that... but I honestly can't remember and will look into it. Raised here:
  13. DMagic Orbital Sciences has its own contracts that don't use Contract Configurator - so you'll have more luck if you check out that thread.
  14. Must be Bases and Stations - Anomaly Surveyor doesn't have anything like that. It sounds more like Field Research though.