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  1. Pretty questionable to continue on 1.29.0, I don't know what will happen. Looking at the diffs now to see if something jumps out. Problem is that localization happened between those two versions... so there's a lot to diff. I'm going to try to repro first, so if you're around, @VoidSquid and can post your save file it may help make that go a little quicker. EDIT: No need for the save, I managed to reproduce. EDIT: I think this is a SCANsat bug. I haven't identified it completely, but I have enough for @DMagic to take a look. What's happening is that SCANsat builds its tooltip based off a cached StringBuilder using a SCANSat specific caching framework. The place that reads the tooltip releases the StringBuilder, which is questionable, but may or may not be the cause. So what *seems* to be happening is that Contract Configurator and SCANsat are using the same cached StringBuilder (as part of some performance enhancements, I started using a StringBuilder using the stock caching framework in 1.30.0, which is why rolling back past that "fixes" the issue). Now, I don't 100% know how/why this could be, since SCANsat does it's own caching and I use the stock StringBuilderCache. I did see a spot where SCANsat uses the stock one, and found a questionable method that could allow injecting the stock one into the SCANsat framework (but I didn't see a call to it, so not sure if that's correct or not). So there it is - I don't completely know what/where the issue is, but I'm fairly certain the fix needs to happen in SCANsat. DMagic hasn't been on the forums for a couple weeks - so if we don't get a response from him then I'd suggest linking this thread from a SCANsat GitHub issue.
  2. @VoidSquid - I have a vague sense of what's going on here. The Contracts appis a bit silly and doesn't have the ability to support dynamic text. Contract Configurator fakes this the same way it does everything else - through hacking internals. In this case it walks through the UI elements associated to the contracts app, and then updates it when it finds it based on what has changed. I don't really know how it could get crossed up though, as Contract Configurator looks for children of the Contracts App. I'll have a look later tonight to see if I can reproduce, unless @DMagic knows off the top of their head what could possibly be causing this.
  3. I have never heard of anything like this. Those things sound like they should not be related in any way. Can you post some screenshots (or a video) and I'll take a closer look?
  4. Hmmm.... I think that's an old bug that's come back. I'll have to take a look at why it's not persistent anymore. Going to be working on Anomaly Surveyor for a while, and then I've got a laundry list of Strategia issues to look at. Mind raising this one up on the GitHub tracker so I don't forget?
  5. Stock comet stuff is already done. I was undecided on SSPX, but I don't need much of a push (and having someone else do it is enough of a push). Just toss it in the pile with the others.
  6. I fixed the downloaded (the version that was up just had the version number wrong in one part, nothing else). The KeyNotFoundException where it's happening now shouldn't have any adverse effect (but I've still cleaned it up for next release).
  7. Yaaaaaaah.... okay, that's why it was disabled. It's funny because in my one (very quick) test it seemed okay. I'll still try to play around with it, but it may just be a lost cause.
  8. New release! Contract Configurator 1.30.4 Fixed major issue when Breaking Ground wasn't installed (thanks boribori).
  9. @boribori - Oops, looks like it's an issue when Breaking Ground isn't installed. I may have to testing with & without expansions. I'll fix it shortly. @Morphisor - Hmmm... okay, don't do that then. Curious, if you do a Module Manager reload (through the Alt-F11 menu), does it do the same thing? @KPD87 - I'm guessing you hit the same issue as boribori, for which I'll be release a fix ASAP. If it's still not working after that, please send a KSP.log file.
  10. New updates, first in... 3 years! Wow, how time flies. This is main just bug fixes, but I had wanted to add a Deployed Science contract. However, any way I seemed to slice it made it not much different than the stock version. So question out to everyone: Do you even want a Deployed Science specific contract (it would only show up for people with the Breaking Ground expansion installed)? Do you have any ideas for how you would like to see it (it needs to be sufficiently different/bettter/more interesting than the stock one to make it worth doing)? ContractPack-FieldResearch 1.2.2 Added agent title. Made experiment contract more likely to successfully generate. Minor improvements to contract text. Prevent Scientist contract from asking for impossible Surface Feature scans (thanks Lathari).
  11. New release, changelog below. But first, a couple items to discuss. There is now support for localization, but so far I only have @tinygrox's Chinese localization. If anyone wants to put in the effort for localization in other languages, please let me know. There is also better support for contract pack localization. I'll make updates to any of my contract packs that people want to localize, but only if Contract Configurator already supports the language, and only if someone says they are interested (because there's a non-trivial amount of work of re-organizing the contract pack for localization. I re-enabled the Reload Contracts button. I honestly can't remember what was broken about it now (it was a specific scenario). I think the safest is to do re-loads in the main menu, but otherwise let me know if you run into any problems with that functionality. Contract Configurator 1.30.3 Deployed Science from Breaking Ground no longer generates tons of message spam. Instead, the messages (including screen messages) are intercepted and combined into a single more useful message. Re-enable the reload contracts button (may or may not work). Fixed issue where invertRequirement was no longer allowed for Any (and All) REQUIREMENT nodes (thanks Morphisor). Made Asteroid and Comet science into Sun-only science to prevent them from showing up in weird (but valid according to the game) scenarios. Prevents contracts for things like "comet sample while landed on Kerbin" (thanks Lathari). Cleaned up some duplicated name in the contract type selection settings window (thanks gamerscircle). Added Experiment.ID(). Removed a workaround for a stock bug fixed in 1.4.3 (#18267).
  12. Umm.... I just meant that it's not an issue in Research Bodies, so we could move any additional discussion to GitHub or the Strategia thread. Not that we needed to scrub all history.
  13. Okay, we can take this off the ResearchBodies thread then, since there's no issues there. And in principle I agree, it doesn't make sense to see the strategies for bodies that you don't "know" about yet. But from a technical perspective I don't know how easy it is for a strategy to be hidden. But I'll use the feature request to take a look at it.
  14. Didn't see too much conclusive in the log, so tested myself, and everything looked good (brand new game, set RB to hard so only Kerbin/Mun are researched): What are you seeing in your game?
  15. Do you have a KSP.log file you can provide? The issue could be Strategia, ResearchBodies or ContractConfigurator (which is where the bulk of the Strategia => ResearchBodies integration happens).