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  1. nightingale

    [1.5.x] Strategia [v1.7.3] [2018-12-12]

    Generally Patreon is better, unless you're wanting to make a single big lump sum (see someone's analysis here). I'm happy either way though!
  2. nightingale

    [1.5.x] Strategia [v1.7.3] [2018-12-12]

    Exactly 6 months between releases, we've almost got some sort of release cadence going! Download here. Strategia 1.7.3 Rebuild for KSP 1.5.x. Fixed active strategy text in facility right-click menu (thanks avalancha).
  3. I figured as much - what I should've said is that this thread only links to 1.1.17, whereas KSP-AVC reports 1.1.18 is out there, but with a broken download link to this thread (because of how the forum software started handling shortened links a while back). So most users won't be able to find 1.1.18, and KSP-AVC users will get extra confused.
  4. Hey @sarbian, I'm going to be doing a Strategia release in the next couple days, and it looks like there's a 1.1.18 of CBK hiding in Jenkins. Is this just a case of the thread being out of date, or is there more testing you wanted to do for this?
  5. nightingale

    [1.4.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.9.0.0 (Mar 17)

    My alarm just triggered, and it looks like @ObsessedWithKSP re-entered KSP's sphere of influence after two year long trajectory....
  6. nightingale

    [1.5.x] Contract Configurator [v1.26.0] [2018-12-05]

    Should be based on the RecoveryValue (CelestialBody.scienceValues.RecoveryValue in code, I think it's in Properties/ScienceValues in Kopernicus). If you want to interact with it in CC contracts it's body.Multiplier() (for historical reasons).
  7. nightingale

    [1.5.x] Contract Configurator [v1.26.0] [2018-12-05]

    Sure, I'll have to take a look at that.
  8. No problem! I'm going to do a Strategia release next (there may be nothing needed other than updating version files), then I have one outstanding issue that I owe you (around launch sites). If there's anything else you want as a priority on the GitHub tracker, just post on it to notify me that it's something you're actually still looking for (as it's hard to tell with many of the enhancements that were raised 6+ months ago if anybody is still waiting).
  9. Awww, that makes me sad. I almost took this one over before @Z-Key Aerospace stepped in. Not something that would be in the cards these days (I hardly update my own mods...), but hope someone will come along.
  10. nightingale

    [1.5.x] Contract Configurator [v1.26.0] [2018-12-05]

    A wild release appeared! @nightingale used GitHub.... it's super effective! Contract Configurator 1.26.0 Recompile for KSP 1.5.1 Updated to work with RemoteTech 1.8.13+ (thanks PiezPiedPy). Added trig functions to expression language (thanks VaPal). Invalid Celestial Bodies constants no longer throw an error on parsing (improves overall support for planet packs that remove/rename planets). Fixed a bug that prevented casting from string to ExperienceTrait. Fixed an issue affecting CollectScience and biomes with spaces (thanks mpharoah).
  11. nightingale

    [1.5.x] Contract Configurator [v1.26.0] [2018-12-05]

    Am Canadian - sorry, but it's in our DNA!
  12. That's Anomaly Surveyor. Look for updated releases for all that stuff in the next week or so. EDIT for stuff I didn't see: Jeez... sometimes it feels like I've forgotten so much... yes, it's Field Research that has those contracts, not Anomaly Surveyor. Working on it as we speak.
  13. nightingale

    [1.5.x] Contract Configurator [v1.26.0] [2018-12-05]

    All - I'm going to work on a quick update for 1.5.1 over the next few days. It's not going to be much - grabbing and reviewing a few pull requests, recompiling to 1.5.1, doing some quick testing and seeing if there are any "easy" outstanding issues that I can do a quick fix for in the GitHub list. Sorry that I haven't been updating this recently... other things have been a higher priority than KSP of late, so it's fallen down in priority. If there is anyone who is capable and interested in taking over, do send me a PM.
  14. nightingale

    [1.5.x] Waypoint Manager [v2.7.4] [2018-10-21]

    You'll have to raise that with the CKAN folk.
  15. nightingale

    [1.5.x] Waypoint Manager [v2.7.4] [2018-10-21]

    Github wasn't behaving, so I just did a new release. Waypoint Manager 2.7.4 is now available.