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  1. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    But remember, you can only change your name once!
  2. Does this contract pack work in 1.3.1?

    It technically works in 1.3.1, but I haven't officially updated it in a long time. The problem is there is a mission at the very end that is broken (that's the part that requires the DLL). If you grab it and just use it for all but the last mission, then it works with nothing else required (just ignore log errors and KSP-AVC errors). I have plans for a big update, but have been very absent from KSP modding for almost a year now. Every time I try to get back in I just get overwhelmed by all the support issues and stuff and don't end up doing any real worthwhile development.
  3. I can't really confirm since I'm no long with Squad. But from what I recall I had put in a fix for that, which should've been released by now. So if it's not working - raise it up as a bug.
  4. [1.3.1] Contract Configurator [v1.23.3] [2017-10-05]

    The update is automatic, and worked as far as I'm concerned - the .ckan file got loaded by the NetKAN system: Versions all look correct, so if you're having an issue you'll need to report it to the CKAN folk.
  5. [1.3.1] Contract Configurator [v1.23.3] [2017-10-05]

    New release compatible with KSP 1.3.1! Download here. Contract Configurator 1.23.3 Recompile for KSP 1.3.1 Improved display of HasAntenna parameter ratings (thanks Kerbas-ad-astra). Fixed logic for determining contract prestige (thanks sopindm). Fixed previously unlocked parts being re-locked if player tries to buy a science node they don't have sufficient funds for (thanks inigma). Fixed issue using DATA_EXPAND with values that had special characters in them. Fixes interop issues between CatEye and Other Worlds Planet pack (thanks Chemox).
  6. [1.3.1] Contract Configurator [v1.23.3] [2017-10-05]

    Reputation has a massive effect on contract limits (and that's a stock feature). Starting at -1k will give only access to trivial contracts (with a few scripted exceptions). Yup, that's known. It just needs a recompile, will be doing that and a bug fix or two for a release shortly.
  7. I remember an unintended Kerbol almost* snuck its way into KSPedia. * almost = It was caught long before release, might've only been in the KSPedia mockups.
  8. [1.3.1] Contract Configurator [v1.23.3] [2017-10-05]

    No, it broke a long time back (KSP 1.2, I believe), and I haven't had the chance to fix it. So rather than disabling I just threw "BROKEN" in the label and made a note to go back to it. Those aren't contracts, they are milestones that are coded into the game. It should be possible to add those types of milestones through mods, but not via Contract Configurator. Technically feasible, but I'm mostly keeping KSP mods on life support at the moment. Still, that should be a relatively simple one to add. Best bet is to raise an enhancement issue on GitHub. Even better is to submit a pull request. @MrChumley - Your usage looks correct, but I think it's because the timer parameter is special. It sets itself to completed, and then fails itself when the time runs out. The expression is looking for a parameter that triggers itself from Incomplete to Complete. Your best bet is to just use the CompleteContract requirement. If you're trying to do something more complex (like basing off an optional parameter,) you may need to wrap your timer parameter inside the optional parameter. --- And one last thing - as far as I can tell Contract Configurator bombs hard in KSP 1.3.1 (ie. actually crashes). A simple recompile seems to fix it - but I will not likely release the new version until KSP 1.3.1 goes officially live. @JPLRepo - See above (FYI only). I doubt there's anything that you guys can do, but just in case you get similar reports for other mods or from other sources. If I had to guess from the timing, it's due to the changes to CustomerParameter. Here's the stack trace from the issue: 0x00007FFE1BAD0E18 (mono) mono_reflection_type_from_name 0x00007FFE1BAD1723 (mono) mono_custom_attrs_construct 0x00007FFE1BAD538A (mono) mono_reflection_get_custom_attrs_by_type 0x00007FFE1BA83ECA (mono) mono_domain_finalize 0x0000000005048CB1 (Mono JIT Code) (wrapper managed-to-native) System.MonoCustomAttrs:GetCustomAttributesInternal (System.Reflection.ICustomAttributeProvider,System.Type,bool) 0x0000000005048B61 (Mono JIT Code) System.MonoCustomAttrs:GetCustomAttributesBase (System.Reflection.ICustomAttributeProvider,System.Type) 0x0000000005048221 (Mono JIT Code) System.MonoCustomAttrs:GetCustomAttributes (System.Reflection.ICustomAttributeProvider,System.Type,bool) 0x00000000050ABB1E (Mono JIT Code) System.Reflection.MonoField:GetCustomAttributes (System.Type,bool) 0x000000001951F3BB (Mono JIT Code) GameParameters/ParameterNode:Save (ConfigNode) 0x000000001951F198 (Mono JIT Code) GameParameters:Save (ConfigNode) 0x000000001951C1C4 (Mono JIT Code) GameParameters:GetDefaultParameters (Game/Modes,GameParameters/Preset) 0x000000001951BA5F (Mono JIT Code) MainMenu:Start ()
  9. [1.3.x] Contract Pack: RemoteTech [v2.1.4] [2017-08-27]

    @FluxC - Sorry for the late reply, but you should post RP-0 issues on their thread (RP-0 does not use this contract pack). @pawelz - Just releasing a new version that fixes a major problem with contract availability. Let me know if it works for Galileo or not. --- New release here! ContractPack-RemoteTech 2.1.4 Fix contracts to work in latest KSP/Contract Configurator (thanks oroussel). Fix agents file to use title instead of name.
  10. You should now be able to just grab the new Contract Configurator, cancel the existing contract and then be good to go.
  11. Going from memory, but the problem in the linked thread had to do with displaying with the "P0" display format (ie. percentages). It sounds like you just need more decimal places - try with displayFormat="F3".
  12. [1.3.1] Contract Configurator [v1.23.3] [2017-10-05]

    New release, download here. Contract Configurator 1.23.2 Clarified wording of ActiveVesselRangeRequirement for RemoteTech (thanks Alshain). Added check for old usage of partModuleType=Power (thanks muppet9876). Prevent Rendezvous parameter from completing when doing an EVA (thanks pap1723). Don't allow main menu to continue while still loading (prevents issues on slower systems). Made RemoteTech distance function (for coverage system) more generous (thanks NathanKell). Fixed issue with Kerbals spawned at KSC starting an extra ~60 meters in the air (thanks Keniamin). Fixed error when cancelling a contract with spawned Kerbals. Fixed exception with FlyBy and ReturnFromFlyBy requirements. Properly fixed Facility requirement in the tracking station (thanks Kerbas_ad_astra). Fixed NRE from struts breaking (thanks Alshain). Fixed multiple exceptions when using Sigma Binary (thanks Rodger).
  13. [1.3.1] Contract Configurator [v1.23.3] [2017-10-05]

    Something changed in stock KSP - I've been trying to work through some issues and am going to get a new build out to see if that resolves some of this stuff. @SchrottBot - I haven't been able to reproduce that particular issue. I'm going to do a release to sort of re-baseline things. @chrisl - I'll see if I can take a look on GitHub. @TheRagingIrishman - Yup, no reason you can't change another mod's contracts using Module Manager.
  14. [1.3.x] Strategia [v1.6.0] [2017-06-11]

    @Filigan - Please raise that on GitHub, and I'll see if I can get that fixed when I'm doing the next Strategia bugfix pass. @Raphaello - They would need a serious redesign to make them work, given that most of those strategies work by increasing rewards for one body and decreasing for others. Having one unmanned + one manned could be feasible, but otherwise it's probably not a change that I'd be looking at doing soon. @canisin - I assume you mean the stock on screen messages? I can probably do that, please raise that in GitHub as well.
  15. @Gordon Dry - That one should be fixed in the upcoming Contract Configurator release. I'm aiming to get it out this week, but non-KSP constraints are currently making things difficult. @WakabaGyaru - Agree - raise an issue in GitHub for that one and I'll take a closer look.