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  1. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    I guess I've got some updates to do.
  2. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Any updates (or any other thread I should be following on this issue)? I'm getting lots of grief from people complaining about broken links using the old-style links and I really don't want to have to go track down and fix everything if I don't have to.
  3. [1.4.x] Waypoint Manager [v2.7.2] [2018-03-10]

    The export feature is kind of a hacky mess to be honest. You should be able to get the lat/lon directly from your save file, but otherwise I probably won't be coding anything more anytime soon (not enough time, sadly).
  4. [1.3.x] Strategia [v1.6.0] [2017-06-11]

    Yes, soon.
  5. You get another 600k to bring them back - so that should be very doable if you use the MK3 crew cabins (16 passenger capacity).
  6. [1.4.1] Contract Configurator [v1.24.0] [2018-03-11]

    Not really sure I know what you're talking about.
  7. [1.4.1] Contract Configurator [v1.24.0] [2018-03-11]

    Thanks, seems like a whole lot of KSP mods (and KSP itself are getting flagged).
  8. KSP Weekly: A Brief History about Stephen

    Having been on the team I can guess at exactly how this happened. It starts with Nestor asking everyone to fill out their blurb a week in advance, and ends up with everyone scrambling to fill it in on the last five minutes. And this isn't meant as a knock against anyone on the team, it's just human nature (and in you guilty of this). Or we can do the normal forum thing and start throwing out conspiracy theories. Anyway, congrats to all of you on the team for making it through this milestone!
  9. Hypothetically possible - there's a lot of overlap between CC and Mission Builder functionality. But it would be easy, since they are structurally different, and the missions can also have a starting situation. Then you get into the legal aspect - is it a good idea provide something that takes DLC-produced missions and allow them to be loaded in a non-DLC mod? Probably not.
  10. [1.4.1] Contract Configurator [v1.24.0] [2018-03-11]

    It's effectively its own mode - missions in the builder are standalone.
  11. Goodbye tiki bar, we hardly knew ye! On a similar note, vessel spawning always seems to be the thing that gives me the most grief in updates - hoping that there's some changes in 1.4.1 that'll make this easier (since the mission builder should have the ability to spawn stuff). Still doesn't help with version to version vessel compatibility, of course...
  12. Haha, I doubt I'll be able to get anything done for April 1st this year... but the re-release of this mod... feasible!
  13. I'll take a look. Make sure that you still meet the contract though when you EVA (if you don't have a pilot on board you don't technically meet the objective any more). But it could be there's an issue - since switching vessels should be fine.
  14. [1.4.x] Waypoint Manager [v2.7.2] [2018-03-10]

    Sure - if you use the old version.