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  1. @capi3101 I see you are using MechJeb as well. The part you tried to print is a command part (or includes a MJ module), isn't it? If so you might want to try a development version of MJ2. Any version after 926 should fix it. For more information see this post, three above yours
  2. If I understand your intent correctly and if KRND and Tweakscale work/patch the way I think they do and if you are able to write or edit your own MM patches: Couldn't you just tweak tweakscale (baddum tish) so that it only tweaks structural parts? Just filter out anything with an engine or a resource or some kind of module and all that's left are structurals. Or simply confine tweakscale to parts that have category = structural. With tweakscale out of the way, KRND would then work for all other regular parts again. Just a thought. Apologies if it's unhelpful and if I just wasted your time
  3. I gotta hand it to you, you really know how to speak to your audience and sell your products! Sold! Let's wreck this son of a sun.
  4. I just get a 401 Unauthorized error - in different browsers and even via TOR. So I assume it's not me. Is it possible the mod is not set to public? Did you try accessing your own link while not being logged in? So far I thought it was just an error that it's still uploading/processing. /Edit: I think HebaruSan just beat me to it
  5. No, there isn't a visual cue. But Since I added the orbital workhop before the ground workshop, I know that the first one is orbital and the lower button is the ground one. That order doesn't magically change. By the way, I forgot to mention that the efficiency multiplier, which works for the ground workshop, doesn't work for the orbital workshop. I tried it at first, but removed the line from the code since it had no functionality. Which is why I didn't add it in my example. Not really a dealbreaker though. @RoverDude Personally, I'd prefer my two buttons with the same label over one button, where only one works at the ground. That was more confusing for me - finding out that the workshop doesn't work in orbital position after having build and assembled my space station. But I understand your point of view. Two buttons with the same label and different functions isn't really intuitive.
  6. @JadeOfMaar I think I found a bug (or at least an issue) in OPT_Reconfig\OPT_USImodule.cfg at line 552: The highlighted line basically removes the tank option from the two h_4m_noses (the long noses h profile that are part of OPT Main). Removing the red line (or commenting it out) restores the B9 switchable tanks in these parts. Also, this line isn't used anywhere else in this config. I was just checking which parts from OPT Main aren't in OPT Legacy yet and decided to keep the H-profiles because they are sooooo cute. Gotta love'em! That's when I noticed that the noses had no tanks - at least not while having USI/MKS installed.
  7. Sorry @JadeOfMaar to bother you yet again with this mod! I just found a small 'issue' in that config update. In the file \MarsDirect\HabEngines\MD-HabEngines.cfg (Hellas Engines) you defined the atmosphere curve as follows: The first value at key = 4 shouldn't be 0 though (the red highlighted one). It would be better if it were 0.001. Because if you use KerbalEngineer and you choose the Body: Eve, then the following error message will start spamming: Might be interesting for @bcink as well in case you're integrating Jade's config update.
  8. Sounds awesome. How about an extra part at late/endgame which is basically like an entire craft anti-corrosion cover or coating with a variable mass and costs (let's say 5 or 10% of the entire craft mass, or possible depending on the surface area of the craft). Some parts like engines or antennae could be excluded for obvious reasons. This part would add HP to all parts. It should not make them invincible or completely immune to the effects, but still much more resilient. Or how about galvanic anodes which protect the vessel by failing first and 'attracting' the chemical reaction (in layman's terms) - a technique also used by the shipbuilding industry, especially in military naval vessels.
  9. @Nertea This is just a thought: If you want to fix the orientation without breaking all existing crafts, then you could just hide the currently existing affected cores and make them legacy parts and clone the corrected parts as a v2 or v1.2 or something similar, with the possibility to completely remove the legacy parts with an update for KSP 1.9 or KSP2. They'd still be using the same assets, so it shouldn't really clutter KSP, should it? Or if it's purely a cosmetic issue (sorry, I don't actually know the issue at hand since I'm currently half way through my current KSP run and am not keen on adding more mods midway of my game - I'll probably give NFEx a go with my next playthrough - huge fan of your mods/your work though, including the NF mods), couldn't you just turn the images so that they match? Disregard that suggestion if it doesn't apply. /edit: And yes, I do have a bad conscience about not having tried your latest mod yet! I can imagine that it's always quite a lot of work to create it and even more work and commitment to maintain it. So not having tried it yet feels like not honoring your work... Same goes for lots of other mods as well. Or even parts in mods where I use the mod but rarely or never get to use a specific part despite wanting to.
  10. @RoverDude I just noticed that the GC workshop in the MKS Tundra Assembly Plant is only a Ground Workshop, which means that you cannot use it to assemble kit containers unless you are landed and on the ground. It does not work as a workshop as part of an orbital station. Is that on purpose/by design? I always considered the Tundra parts as intended for both, orbital structures and ground structures. So it would be fitting, in my opinion, if the Tundra Assembly Plant could be an orbital and a ground workshop. If it were a Duna-part, I would understand that it is limited to the ground workshop function. If you would like to change it, I just tested it and you only need to change this in the Tundra_AssemblyPlant.cfg: to this: Unfortunately, you see "Workshop Window" twice. But I can live with it. I understand if you're against that change. This might just be my personal observation and flavor. So, just a thought.
  11. Awesome job. This really is just perfect for late carreer games where you don't know what to do with your science. Thank you so much for bringing it back! I do have a small issue with the window height, as you can see in the images: As you can see, if a part has a lot of improvable modules, than the last or last few get snipped off. Would it be possible to make the window size dynamic, so that we can in- or decrease the size? If not, could you increase the height a little bit, so that all options are always possible?
  12. Well, it does say "rekt" on the side... Sorry, couldn't resist
  13. @sarbian And let me be the second to say THANK YOU! I can confirm that it works properly now.
  14. @linuxgurugamer I used a clean KSP (1.8.1) install with the latest OSE workshop + its depencies, KIS, KAS, MJ, and it recreated the error - even without MKS. Here are the logs - both, the KSP.log and the Player.log. I also included the craft file in case you want to try yourself. @sarbian The new version did not help. And here are your logs (including a simple craft file as well). Let me know if you, both of you, need anything else. Screenshots, further testing, more information/logs, you name it. Well, OSE only puts the part into a container inside a vessel. It does not attach it to any vessel, so the part is only stored within another part. Oh, before I forget: printing other parts worked as intended with both MJ-versions, the latest release and sarbian's test version. Again, only parts with MJ Core are affected. The regular ground pylon does print, the GP on steroids doesn't.
  15. Hi, I'm currently facing a weird issue and this post is just to ask if this is a common or rather known issue and if there is any solution. If it isn't, I'll file a more detailed bug report, including one on Github. I searched all three existing OSE threads for MechJeb, but didn't find any matching issues. So here's the situation. I'm using KSP 1.8.1 and a lot of mods, including OSE Workshop Reworked 1.2.13, MechJeb 2.9.1 and MKS (all three are currently the latest mods). Whenever I try to print anything in the workshop that is a command part or includes a command part (like the KAS/KIS Ground Pylon on Steroids) and thereby any part including Mechjeb, the process does not finish and I'll get a NullRefException: The log gets spammed with that exception until I pause or abort the printing process. The process gets up to 100% and than starts spamming the NullRef when trying to finish. I made a copy of my game and deleted the MechJeb-folder in GameData and I was able to print any command part as intended (which is why you see the command part in the container at the left top). I can print any other part, just not command parts/parts including MechJeb - unless I deinstall MJ. One more thing, so far I've only tried printing the part in one of the MKS Modules, which basically just copies the workshop function. I haven't actually tried it in an OSE original workshop. Though I suspect the issue will persist. Any thoughts?
  16. @DrKartoffelsalat I cannot confirm your observation. I just upgraded from 1.5/1.8 to 1.6/1.9 and it loaded without any issues even though I play with lots of mods (sometimes there are conflicts between mods even though they work fine on their own and fine with most other mods, but create unique issues when combined with a specific mod). All the parts work as well, at least as far as I can see. Did you delete the OPT_Legacy and OPT_Reconfig folders in your GameData directory before applying the new versions? Did you upgrade both, OPT_Legacy & OPT_Reconfig? Did you already try it manually instead of using CKAN? Do you have any mods or custom configs affecting OPT? Sorry for the obvious questions.
  17. Hey guys, just out of curiosity, has anybody created a mm-patch yet that makes the K&K Centrifuge use Uraninite instead of Ore as a source to convert into Enriched Uranium? Or any other kind of KPBS-MKS compatibility patches? I'm not asking anyone to create one, especially not on my account. Just asking if anyone has already done it (which I might have easily overlooked in the more than 100 pages long thread ). If not I'll probably just end up creating one for myself. I know that it is probably somewhat redundant to use both, KPBS and MKS, to create bases. But I really like the parts of both mods (and others of course) and could never decide which one to opt against. So I always used both. And both mods are already pretty compatible. But it just feels kind of cheaty to me to use Ore to create Enriched Uranium when also using MKS, you need Uraninite as resource. This is not a criticism at the author, Nils. It's just my personal flavor, which I think would be more MKS-like lore.
  18. I'm using the 4k Textures. I just tested the 2k AVP textures to see if they'd work. And they didn't. So I tested AVP + 2k/4k textures + TR 3.7/4.0 on a clean install. Same results. With 4.0 the textures don't load. Just replacing the 3.7-..\Plugins\TextureReplacer.dll in the 4.0 package is enough to make them work. Just FYI: I also checked if force D3D9/11/opengl would make a difference. It didn't. A few screens and logs: (same as in the following spoiler, but it might be more convenient for you ) /edit: Just a small Nota Bene: The AVP Logo isn't showing up either, as you can see. Deleting it and trying again doesn't change anything, why would it. And just trying the AVP Logo wituout the skybox didn't work either (the logo didn't show up even without the skybox-files).
  19. I just updated from TR 3.7 to TR 4.0. I'm using KSP 1.8.1 and Astronomer's Visual Pack v3.83. With 3.7 the skybox was appearing as intended. After upgrading* to 4.0 I can confirm @Autolyzed Yeast Extract's issue that the skybox (dds-files, don't ask me which kind, the one in AVP...) is not loading anymore. I tried moving the skybox files from GameData\AstronomersVisualPack\TextureReplacer\Default to \GameData\TextureReplacer\Default, but it didn't change anything. It seems to my that TR 4.0 is no longer accepting/using dds files even when they are in DXT1 or DXT5. I know it has been discussed before on this page. But the posts are from before the last patch date (17.12.2019), so I thought I just point out that it is still not working ;-) * (deleting old files instead of just replacing them)
  20. @JadeOfMaar Wow, that looks great, especially the fuel tank touch ups. Could you share the config files or mm patches? I always hate balancing or changing engine stats myself because I fear that I would make them too OP and favor stats that I would want to see rather than what's "realistic" (kerbalistic? I mean of course realistic in terms of the game and its universe). @bcink No pressure! I wasn't actually asking for a patch or a correction. I was just kind of wondering if that was intended or if I missed something about the engines. I totally understand and I am grateful for this awesome mod! I really like the parts/the mod in general.
  21. I just compared the three Engines and I got curious. Are these values intended or did you make an error somewhere? You have three engines. All have the same ISP values. They only differ in mass and thrust. Engine 1 (Marletta, the smallest) has 50 kN and a mass of 0.25t. Engine 2 (Mira LM 20) has the highest mass compared to its thrust, 100 kN with 2.75t, that's 11x the mass compared to twice the thrust. Engine 3 (Hellas Engine) has 150 kN (the most powerful in your collection) and a mass of 2.75t. The last one at least offers some kick, 3x the punch but still 11x the mass of engine 1. Am I missing something? Engine 2 makes no sense in my opinion in this set. Engine one is overpowered for its mass and thrust (and ISP). If I compare Engine 2 and 3 (both 2nd stage engines), they have the same mass and ISP but engine three offers 50% more thrust than engine two.
  22. Hey guys, I'm using KSP 1.8.1 and MKS Is anybody else having the issue that the KSPedia file doesn't load? I'm only seeing this issue with Scansat and MKS. DeepFreeze's and Planetary Base Systems' KSPedias work just fine. And I know DMagic is aware of this in his mod.
  23. Trouble is my middle name! Sorry, couldn't resist. If I need to know the version I just look it up in my Downloads/KSP1.8 folder ;-) Probably even faster than navigating to my F:\Games\KSP8\GameData\Mod-folder and checking the version file. I don't use CKAN or any other automated updates though. When I update a mod and it works, I also erase the old zip-file in my KSP Download folder. You are absolutely right. Deleting these version files serves no beneficial purpose and will probably end in chaos. But come on, we're playing KSP here. We love it when stuff goes wrong, don't we? Huge explosions, crash landings/lithobraking, ... Why stop ingame? :]
  24. I believe there was something in the log-file which hinted towards the MiniAVC. Besides, I only updated two mods at the time and my KSP was running fine before, so the pool of suspects was thankfully very small. I use way too many mods... Yeah, I know. And they actually don't really waste any space on my disk. I think I have some sort of an OCD when it comes to files I feel are unnecessary I still have the .version-file in the original zip, which is inside a special directory. So if I need it, I know where I can find it.