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  1. Some patch in some mod you have installed is probably formatted badly. It's in the log, unfortunately hard to find if you're not too experienced at that. But if you post it I can look.
  2. Just to clarify, Kerbalism broke because it was depending very deeply on the specific timing etc of how ModuleManager applied patches. This is not the case with other mods.
  3. Ah right, forgot about that. It shouldn't be an issue with Kerbalism 2.1.2 anymore though.
  4. Do you have a specific reason to believe it isn't?
  5. Why would you be running an older version?
  6. blowfish

    New user needs help with mod installation

    If you've never used Google Drive, Dropbox, etc there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet. Evidently you found the file, it's just a question of putting it somewhere where other people can access it. But you're going to have to figure some things out yourself too. Running KSP with any mods is occasionally going to require some troubleshooting and knowing how to resolve issues - there's only so much help that can be provided via forum posts.
  7. blowfish

    New user needs help with mod installation

    @The_evil_martians that's literally the path on your computer, it can't be accessed from elsewhere. You can upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc, share, and post the link.
  8. About This is the new thread for B9 Aerospace. The old thread is available here This pack adds a vast selection of new parts, introducing new spaceplane components such as new engines, cockpits, wings and fuselage systems, new structural components for orbital installations and colonies, and so on B9 was originally developed by @bac9, @Taverius, and @K3-Chris, now maintained by @blowfish and @Flashblade with help from many others Requirements The latest version is compatible with KSP 1.5.x. The bundled dependencies are for KSP 1.5.1 and may not work on other versions. All other KSP versions should be considered incompatible. If you are on an earlier version of KSP, however, you may be able to find a compatible version of B9 here B9 depends on several other mods to make it work. They are included in the download, and listed below in the "Dependencies" section. Installation Instructions You can install with CKAN and have the dependencies installed automatically. If you are doing a manual install, open the zip you downloaded, find the GameData folder and copy all of its contents into your existing GameData folder in KSP. If you already have any of the bundled mods, check which one is the latest version. Note that the core and HX packs come with the same version of some dependencies. B9 will not work unless installed correctly. If you're having issues, please verify that you have installed it correctly. Download Three packs are available for download: B9 Aerospace Core Pack - All of the main spaceplane parts B9 Aerospace Legacy Pack - Older Mk1 and Mk2 parts, modular wings. Requires the core pack and all of its dependencies B9 Aerospace HX Pack - Large blocky futuristic parts. Does not require the core pack, comes with its own dependencies Download mirror: S3 Also available on CKAN Changelog Latest Version Release 6.5.2 Release for KSP 1.4.2+ Fix RCS effects being backward and too big Update CryoTanks patch to be consistent with current CryoTanks Previous Versions FAQ Q: The mod crashes the game for some reason, what can I do? Make sure that everything is installed correctly, your dependencies are up-to-date, and you are on the correct version of KSP. If you can't find the issue read this helpful topic and post the issue in this thread. Be sure to include your logs! If you are quite certain that you have found a bug, you can create the issue on our Github page. Try to provide as much detail as possible - logs, example craft, reproduction steps. Also be sure that the issue is reproducable with only B9 installed. Posts along the lines of "Its not working" or "Everything is broken" won't really help us much. Q: I don't understand a thing in those IVA displays, there are too many buttons and screens Here is a very helpful manual. Q: Why aren't you respecting stock balance? Mods should reference stock for the configs of the new parts, otherwise balance of modded game would be all over the place! While we try to respect stock balance as much as possible, there are a number of inconsistencies in the balance of stock parts that make it impossible to keep balance against every stock part. If something seem very far off of what it should be, feel free to ask in this thread. Q: I can't find those huge blocky parts from the opening image in my part catalog. Why are those missing? They were recently separated into another download as they mostly don't share dependencies with the main part of the mod and as many people prefer not to use them. Q: I can't find the modular wing pieces that are depicted on many screenshots of this mod. Why are those missing? They were removed and will no longer be developed. They are available as an optional download in the Bitbucket repository linked on top of this post, but we do not recommend using them. A far better option is using procedural wings, since you'll have just one part with just one material and just one texture covering any possible wing shape then. Good for performance, good for design freedom, good for looks. Grab the procedural wings here. Q: Why aren't procedural wings integrated into the main B9 package? Because they have entirely separate dependencies and are maintained by different folks. Merging them will only needlessly complicate updates. Pictures New Mk1/Mk2 Parts HX Parts Old Screenshots Dependencies Core Pack B9AnimationModules plugin by blowfish B9PartSwitch plugin by blowfish Firespitter plugin by Snjo and RoverDude ModuleManager plugin by ialdabaoth and sarbian RasterPropMonitor by Mihara and MOARdV SmokeScreen plugin by Sarbian Legacy Pack Depends on the core pack and all of its dependencies (not included in the legacy pack download) HX Pack B9AnimationModules plugin by blowfish B9PartSwitch plugin by blowfish ModuleManager plugin by ialdabaoth and sarbian SmokeScreen plugin by Sarbian Credits Old core team: bac9 - 3D modeling, texturing, editor tools Taverius - balance, 3D modeling, craft design, maintenance K3|Chris - 3D modeling, texturing, IVA New updates: blowfish - plugin code, maintenance, balance, coordination of new updates flashblade - various contributions V8jester and M4ck - stack node adjustments danfarnsy and JaredTheDragon - RPM fixes joshwoo70 - RT compatibility sparkybear - Part tags taniwha - Fix for planet-illuminating lights Contributors: Nazari - HotRockets Engine FX: forums jadebenn, Hyomoto, Helldiver - RPM MFD configuration. alexustas - RPM MFD configuration FPSlacker - HR exhaust pressure compensation Special thanks: DYJ C7 r4m0n Sarbian NathanKell egg snjo ferram4 Mu mrBlaQ License This work is shared under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. Dependencies may come under their own licenses. Please check dependency documentation for details.
  9. You could work on your tone ... a politely phrased reminder might have encouraged me to work on it, but comments like this make me want to delay it just out of spite.
  10. B9 Part Switch About B9 Part Switch is a plugin that allows mods to make parts switchable, similar to Firespitter and Interstallar fuel switchers. This mod doesn't do anything by itself, but provides a way for other mods to enable switching. Features Parts can switch their resources, models, stack nodes, textures, heat tolerance, surface attach position, crash tolerance, and many other fields Mass and cost can be modified Tanks used to switch resources are defined centrally to allow easy modification and minimal setup Easy to read, easy to write configs Configs are designed for easy patching by ModuleManager Unlimited switchers can be defined on the same part, provided that they do not conflict Download Download Latest Version from Github Also available on CKAN Latest development builds can be found here. Please only download if you have a specific reason. Development builds are not guaranteed to work. Troubleshooting If you are experiencing an issue, please read this topic, if you have not already, on how to get proper support. Incomplete support requests will not be processed. Most importantly, include logs. Source On Github Requirements Each release of B9PartSwitch is intended to be run with a particular version of KSP. Please only use that version. If you have an earlier version of KSP, find the correct download for that version. All previous releases are listed here. B9PartSwitch requires ModuleManager to work. Documentation Wiki in progress. Feel free to contribute. Changelog License B9PartSwitch is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3.0 Authors @blowfish Main developer @bac9 author of Part Subtype Switcher, upon which this is heavily based And all others who have submitted fixes and enhancements
  11. Based on your log it looks like some old part files from a previous version of KSP are hanging around in GameData/Squad. I'd recommend replacing that entirely from a fresh install.
  12. Known, as ReStock prevents the model from loading. There's an open issue at SSTU which I was helping on, just need to get some more info on it before it can be fixed.
  13. Made some edits to the whitelist/blacklist wiki page, I added some more explanation and a practical example
  14. I'll incorporate that feedback, but also address it here: You can copy the path from the blacklist in some cases, but it may not always be appropriate. For instance, if ReStock blacklists an entire directory and you want to only whitelist one or two files from it, you should do that instead. Also note that this won't revert the part itself, which is changed with a ModuleManager patch, it simply allows KSP to load the models/textures again. A mod would use the restock version by modifying the config, same as anything else. Nothing to do with the blacklist/whitelist. For instance: MODEL { model:NEEDS[!ReStock] = Squad/Parts/... model:NEEDS[ReStock] = ReStock/Assets/... }
  15. I added a wiki page on the blacklist/whitelist. Feel free to give feedback about it if it's confusing
  16. If you want to see how many things break when you do that, go ahead. E: I'll save you the trouble: Blacklist won't work, but per above you're ok with the extra loading time and ram usage, to each their own I guess Fairings will look ugly The solar panels will look ugly E2: apparently this is no longer the case The few Mk2 parts I got around to adding normal maps for will no longer have them
  17. Adding a detailed wiki page on it is on my todo list, feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions for now though. The blacklist is 100% my code.
  18. For anyone using mods that are broken by the blacklisting of Squad models and textures, feel free to put me in contact with the mod authors/maintainers. There's a simple file that can be added to those mods to prevent things from breaking. On the other hand, they might consider adding patches to use the (better looking) ReStock assets if available. I'm working on a wiki page so that this can be self-service in the future, but in the mean time I'm happy to work through it with anyone.
  19. blowfish

    [1.5.x] KSP-AVC Add-on Version Checker Plugin - MiniAVC

    For ModuleManager I created a command line flag that will disable copying the MM log to the main log. So far I haven't seen anyone use it who shouldn't.
  20. I think it used the same 8:1 nozzle, just with the turbine exhaust aspirator removed
  21. @CoriW @INPUT_RESOURCE[EnrichedUranium] looks for an INPUT_RESOURCE with name = EnrichedUranium, it knows nothing about ResourceName. You probably want @INPUT_RESOURCE:HAS[#ResourceName[EnrichedUranium]]
  22. Scale probably depends on who you ask. SSTU uses ~64% scaling, but some other mods use 62.5% - if you use that scaling then 3.125m is the closest for Delta IV
  23. blowfish

    [1.6.1] B9PartSwitch v2.6.0 (January 13)

    I didn't. I could pretty easily though. Maybe create a Github issue so it doesn't fall of my radar this time.