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  1. One of the most useful tools to make stock bearings is the mod collide-o-scope, it shows the wireframe colliders
  2. A lot of us got inspiration from this guy it's an RCS/RCS bearing, though many have thrown other things in the mix https://kerbalx.com/quitessa/Ultrasmooth-Microbearing Like this, same principle, larger parts https://kerbalx.com/SelfishMeme/KAe-Stock-Turboprop-Cargo-Plane---new-bearing
  3. A 2009 Tesla Roadster for all your Falcon Heavy launching needs, 177 parts. WARNING: not tuned for driving on Duna Download
  4. Most people who make this have trouble getting it to actually go forwards, because of all the odd wing panel drag
  5. Textures Unlimited mod, but it's quite involved to get setup, you also need @Electrocutor configs
  6. This guy builds some really cool turboprops, I learned a lot from one of his
  7. I think that might possibly have more parts than my Falcon Heavy! Nice job
  8. I will have to stick it on top of my Falcon Heavy and send it to Dina, it looks like a lot of parts.
  9. It's part of the new version, we complained the new fairings looked...not nice and they gave us stock off-white
  10. Got to within a 100ms of landing this baby, with a TWR of 1.9 I started final burn with 7 Vectors at 3000m, I still had a little fuel left when I hit the surface and was slowing rapidly, the orbiter had been given a 50k apoapsis at separation and I got back to within a couple of Kilometres off the KSC beach. It's doable, the orbiter has a high enough TWR and enough fuel I don't need to baby it so high, which gets me back closer to KSC. I wonder how many lander legs I will need on this thing. Not many craft in KSP give you a big scale feeling but this has 'momentum'
  11. He stopped developing the mod 2 years ago, Squad changed the whole wheel collidor functions so I doubt you could make it work anymore without rebuilding it from the models
  12. Did a bit of a stream tonight https://www.twitch.tv/videos/241896983 working on the BFR, mainly the booster, thanks @Dafni for watching and chatting with me. Booster is coming along slowly, getting closer to a landing attempt Is it madness? I am not sure yet, it's certainly going to take some tricky flying, and a bit of trial and error to nail the right distance for the heat sheild
  13. Just found out those images come from an artists impression that Elon liked, and has possibly used on the SpaceX site. The most confusing thing about the official SpaceX videos is the Booster is shown landing in a crib and also with legs! Mind is racing on how to implement that with my own stock build
  14. Dudes, don't want to get in this argument, I just thought I would show an interesting bit from the IAC presentation. Also there were two versions of the BFR shown, one in the engineering and main presentation, and one in a media video showing the BFR in action, which is an artists take on it. The engineering descriptions, show no flanges. They only appear in the artists video. In regards to the re-entry alignment on mars....it is interesting Also SpaceX's Sep 2017 video BFR Earth to Earth shows no flanges The only ones I have seen with flanges is from a guy called Hazygrayart on youtube
  15. We should reboot the Kerburgring, I was having a play with the new DLC structural parts last night and they offer some interesting possibilities for cars, plus Helblazers stream using structural intakes on his Tesla recreation also offers new building methods - plus new wheels!
  16. There already is a spacedock mod, you could probably pinch it's codr
  17. The new 1.4.1 BFR is flying, sunrise launch, it handles pretty well for such a big ship, landing it is going to be challenging
  18. I use your configs quite a lot, I mainly use stock parts and pretty much kept to stock and porkjet stock, plus Airplane plus and KAX
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