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  1. This thread was split off from the SpaceX discussion thread, so it's possible that the discussion is a bit disjointed at places. If you think I forgot your post in the other thread or moved your post here in error, then report it and write why you think it should be moved. Report this post, if you think this thread should be merged with the Mars colonization thread.
  2. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I've split 7 pages worth of colonization discussion off into it's own thread. If you think your post was moved in error or didn't get moved, then report it and write why you think it should be moved to the other thread (or back here).
  3. Locked as requested.
  4. Thank you. I've fixed the link in Extraplanetary Launchpads to point to this thread instead and removed the bad links in the old thread. When you find bad links like that, please use the Report post feature found in the upper right of the offending post. It is a much more certain way to get the moderator team's attention.
  5. Moved from Technical Support.
  6. Moved from Gameplay Questions, as this looks more like a support question!
  7. Rich vein of ore?

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  8. Moved from General Discussion. The way to post screenshots, is to first upload the screenshot to an image hosting service (I recommend imgur). Once uploaded right-click the image as shown at the hosting service and copy the image's link/URL. Finally paste the link in your post here.
  9. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    No. The only requirement to be classed as SSTO, is that you do not remove any hardware from your craft (staging) between launch and getting into orbit. How many times the engines are ignited is not a factor. Nor is reusability. Though, usually the whole point of avoiding staging, is to make it easier to reuse. BTW the question you answered was posted in 2013
  10. The "Complain About Your School" Thread

    Locked at request of OP.
  11. Is this an SSTO to everywhere or not?

    It is an SSTO, because it gets To Orbit without staging or splitting up, but it's not SSTE/A if it splits up at any point later. The definition for Single Stage is a craft that does not shed any parts, even if it gets those parts back later. However, it does make the craft fully reusable. Anyway, the craft you made looks great and is a huge accomplishment. Awesome.
  12. Turned 40 today

    Happy Birthday and Welcome to the club, @Azimech I am 44 and often forget that I'm not in my 20's anymore
  13. I think, Spacecraft Exchange is a better fit for this topic than KSP Discussion, even if it's only pictures that are being exchanged.
  14. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Nice design, but I would call it a SSTMO (Single Stage To Mun Orbit) based on your pictures. At least, in my opinion, it sounds better than Single Stage To Orbit To The Moon, that you called it.
  15. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Amazing footage of the returning stage