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  1. Moved from Add-on Discussion.
  2. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    If you're post concerns itself with colonization, ISRU, survival on extra-terrestrial planets, satellite internet, or flamethrowers, then it doesn't belong in this thread and will be moved. Consider posting it in one of these threads, instead. If you have questions or comments regarding this, please do NOT post here. Either report this post with your question or concern or PM me or another moderator.
  3. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    According to SpaceXNow the next 2 launches are expendable, though possibly with soft landings in the ocean.
  4. Help with EVE config editor

    Moved from KSP Discussion.
  5. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Moved a couple pages worth of posts (again ) to:
  6. Mirror mode functions

    Moved from KSP Discussion. I think the problem is the wing has some how gotten the idea, that it is in Radial symmetry. You'll probably have to pull the wing off and reattach it in Mirror symmetry.
  7. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    Open for business again.
  8. Unstable mk3 shuttle

    Moved to from Tech Support.
  9. Moved from KSP General Discussion forum.
  10. [WIP] [1.3.1] Sigma LoadingScreens

    As requested
  11. Moved from Technical Support forum.

    Moved from Add-on development.
  13. Help me plz

    Moved from Tutorials forum.