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  1. I was a regular member and was told I got picked as moderator because my responses were helpful and polite. (Of course that all changed after I got to be moderatar. MUAHAHAHAHAH)
  2. Moved from KSP2 discussion.
  3. Moved a few post to the Starlink topic.
  4. Teslas are liquid cooled and have radiators. Liquid cooling in cars is also air cooled. All the liquid does, is move the heat to a "radiator" where air is blown across it to convect the heat away. Because it's more efficient, than just blowing air directly on the source of the heat. You'd need a real radiator on Mars. One that is actually meant to radiate the heat away, and not convecting it to the air. Mars does technically have an atmosphere, so I guess you could use a regular radiator (convection). It'll just have to be a lot bigger. Probably 100 times bigger for the same cooling effect.
  6. @Klapaucius I think, the description is read from the craft file. Fix the typo in the hangar and re-upload.
  7. That's not true. A point size object, can still hit something that has size, and be hit by it, if the path of point intersects the other object. Mathematically, speaking.
  8. Split a discussion, of whether Starlink is a Kessler Syndrome in itself, off to it's own thread. (Some posts may have included comments that were meant for this topic)
  9. Removed a few posts regarding a missing image, which became clutter once the image was restored.
  10. The easiest way is to click the Report post button on the OP of the topic you want to nominate, and write that you wish to nominate it for Thread of the Month.
  11. Identical topics merged and trimmed.
  12. I think this is the correct answer, when it is not April 1st.