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  2. @Klapaucius I think, the description is read from the craft file. Fix the typo in the hangar and re-upload.
  3. That's not true. A point size object, can still hit something that has size, and be hit by it, if the path of point intersects the other object. Mathematically, speaking.
  4. Split a discussion, of whether Starlink is a Kessler Syndrome in itself, off to it's own thread. (Some posts may have included comments that were meant for this topic)
  5. Removed a few posts regarding a missing image, which became clutter once the image was restored.
  6. The easiest way is to click the Report post button on the OP of the topic you want to nominate, and write that you wish to nominate it for Thread of the Month.
  7. Identical topics merged and trimmed.
  8. I think this is the correct answer, when it is not April 1st.
  9. Moved from Tutorials as it appears to be a Question.
  10. It is not your PC that is the problem. Most likely it is a mod or combination of mods, that make the stutters noticeable.
  11. Moved an interesting, but off-topic discussion to it's own thread.
  12. Moved the April's fool to it's own thread, now that it and the following discussion have become too many and too off-topic.