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  1. Val

    Engine modding

    Moved from Tutorials forum.
  2. Val

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Moved the Tesla privatization discussion to a "private" thread . And I also thought it was Honest.
  3. That might happen, but if you learnt how to make your links take up less space, there'd be room for them. Use the link button in the toolbar when you edit your signature. My signature has 6 text links and 3 image links. And there's room for more.
  4. XLjedi

    What game is your avatar from?   Looks like it could be a Chiss, but no red pupils...

    1. Val


      Right universe (Star Wars: The Old Republic), but she's a regular human. The blue shading comes from being in a crystal and ice cave. Chiss is a playable race, though.

    2. XLjedi


      I asked cuz my son and I used to play a lot, but it got too repetitive after a few years.  Your avatar name seems familiar to me, but probably coincidental.

      Did you belong to any guilds?  We were mostly in Birds of Prey.

      Trying to remember all my character names:  Reelo, Sunderstone, Chizzel, Chunk Norris (fat DPS Jedi hehe)

    3. Val


      I don't recall meeting those names. I've played on EU servers only, except for a couple lowbies, just after the game released.

      Chunk Norris is an awesome name, though :D

  5. You can find instructions on how to attach screenshots here.
  6. Val

    Aukury Planet Pack (InDev) KSP 1.4.2-5

    Moved from Add-on Releases as it seems to still be in Development phase. When you are ready to release, you can either create a new thread in Add-on Releases, or ask to have this one moved back by Reporting the OP and stating you want it moved.
  7. Val

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Moved ½ page of dream posts to the Dream thread.
  8. Val

    5Dim Redux

    Moved from Add-on Releases as it seems better suited here.
  9. Val

    kerbal respawn

    Moved from KSP Discussion as this sounds more like a Gameplay Question.
  10. Moved from Suggestions and Developer Discussion as I think it'll get the right kind of attention here.
  11. Val

    Parts Missing

    Yes, that was an assumption on my part.
  12. Val

    Parts Missing

    Moved from KSP Discussion as it looks like a support issue and I think it'll get the right kind of attention here.
  13. It is usually not considered a necro if the topic or question is still relevant to the current version of the game or if what you post has current and meaningful contribution to a discussion, no matter how old the thread is. So it's fine to ask a question in the thread you linked. Because the thread started a very long time ago, that message is automatically shown to remind people to check that what they're responding to is still relevant.
  14. You can't delete a post. You can edit the contents or click the Report button and ask to have it (re)moved by a moderator.
  15. Val

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Moved ½ page of SLS posts to the NASA thread.