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  1. Val

    KSP memes Megathread

    Decoded the image that was pasted as Base64 code. @Ultimate Steve, @lapis
  2. Moved from KSP Discussion as it seems more like a Tech Support issue.
  3. I cleaned up the long post as it seemed to affect mobile users negatively.
  4. Seems like this deserves a topic of it's own. Moved from PopupDialog and the DialogGUI classes.
  5. Val

    ISRO Discussion Thread

    Identical topics merged.
  6. Moved from Science & Spaceflight as it seems more like a request for advice on a personal matter.
  7. I recommend starting with a simpler craft and consider what the other posters suggest. Avoiding drag is the very important. Drag can be unintuitive in KSP in some situations Fuselage drag can be reduced drastically by adding Angle of Incidence to the wings. Cargo bays only reduce drag for items that are inside the bay AND connected to the attachment nodes inside the cargo bay or attached to something that is attached to the nodes. Multiport RCS pods are very draggy. Use the single port instead, if it needs RCS. Also downloading and flying someone else's craft to see what a working one feels like is a good way to learn.
  8. This old 4 RAPIER design still checks out. SSTO Z-2 High-Five Mk4 I've added a larger vertical fin, some RCS, and updated the craft file to KSP 1.6.1.
  9. It's an older design. I haven't checked if it works in newer KSP versions. Did you download and test the original version? There's a craft link in the post you linked. What kind of ascent profile do you use? Accelerate to 450+ m/s at sea level, or slow climb to 10 km before accelerating? All my designs are meant to do acceleration at sea level, because it takes less real time usually. If I have time, I'll test it tonight and report back my findings.
  10. Val

    The Cow Event

    Removed a post that was very off-topic from the intended topic, and a response.
  11. Moved from KSP Discussion as it seems more like a Tech Support issue.
  12. Val

    Dislike Reactions

    No one will know if you didn't read it and only moderators will know if you reported a post. And we don't tell anyone, if you reported their post. The only way to show your dislike is to reply to the post.
  13. Val

    Minimus Orbit

    Moved from Tech Support as it seems like a Gameplay question.
  14. Val

    A Business Opportunity

    Split from "Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!" as it is not asking any questions of the moderators
  15. Val

    The Question?

    Split from "Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!" for being off-topic.