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  1. I'd try with a simpler wing layout to reduce the possible amount of faults. A simple straight wing, with optional Ailerons. One set of horizontal fins at the back for elevator control Keep the vertical fins as is. Keep the CoL close behind CoM as you have it now. If you can get that to work, you can add more and modify layout until you find out what made it go wrong.
  2. Very likely. As the CoL doesn't take into account lift and drag from parts with no Lift rating. Which also means my statement is only accurate for crafts with very few non-Lift rating parts. Torque from off center engine thrust can also be a factor.
  3. No. If you place CoL behind CoM, then the craft will have a natural tendency to dive towards the ground unless some up elevator is applied.
  4. Yes. It is probably not the only problem you are having, but I think it's a contributing factor. I first recorded it as a video clip, then made it to a .gif with
  5. It can't be based on CoL, because moving the control surfaces moves CoL. That is actually the whole purpose of control surfaces. Moving the CoL around to make the craft change attitude. No. The pivot is CoM.
  6. I think another issue could be the control surface that you've added to the swept wings. It appears that the axis of rotation for the control surfaces crosses the centerline in front of CoM, which used to cause them to work opposite direction of what you want.
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