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  1. Moved from General KSP Discussion as it seems more of a Tech Support question.
  2. Val

    Rocket noodle problems

    Split from TweakScale topic as it seems more like a Gameplay Question.
  3. Moved a question to the active thread and removed some off topic posts. @Whitecat106, you may report this post or the OP, and request the thread reopened.
  4. Val

    Mod to fix weak connection physics

    Moved from general KSP Discussion to where mods are discussed.
  5. Val

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Moved some non-SpaceX post to it's own topic.
  6. Moved from Add-on Discussion as requested.
  7. Moved from General Discussion, as I think this is a Gameplay question.
  8. Val

    kerbal life science

    Moved from Add-on Releases.
  9. Val

    Rocket roll

    Split into its own topic and removed necromoaning.
  10. Val

    Red Burn Time Indicator

    Moved from Tech Support, as it seems more Gameplay related.
  11. No, it's not deducted automatically. (Intentionally vague answer )
  12. Val

    control surface problems

    Moved from Tech Support as I think this is gameplay related. "Up/down" gets inverted when the axis of rotation of the control surface crosses the center-line of the craft in front of the CoM. Which is very common when the control surface is on wings that are swept back. Try mounting the control surface more perpendicular to the center-line. Or it could be that your craft is controlled from a different cockpit or probe core than you're expecting?
  13. Should be possible to edit it now.
  14. Looks to me like it is based on time. When I mouse over the names, Last Visited: seems to increase. At least generally. Some of the Last Visited times will be reset, if people do something after the list was rendered in your browser.