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Show Off The Aircraft, Jet,Prop,Cargo,Passenger,Glider,Fighter etc That You Put Loads of Time Into Getting Just Right.


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I have not found a section in the index for this so hopefully it doesn't already exist somewhere else. I put loads of time getting aircraft, mostly jet fighters, to look as close to the real thing as you can with the KSP system. I happily embrace all the mod packs made for aircraft construction and even config up new parts with no mass or attributes simply to sculpt in curves and smooth transitions. As such, unless I released a mod pack of my configs. I can't upload the craft to KerbalX for others to enjoy. So here I am creating a thread for all the people who put hard time into their creations and would like to Proudly show them off for others to see. Doesn't matter if you are pure stock or modified through the roof. Feel free to display your work here.




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3 minutes ago, JB182 said:

i had more, one of them is a seaplane that couldn't take off

If you like big and loud you might like one of my old ones.


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4 minutes ago, JB182 said:


im putting it in my to build list

I think SXT was the cockpit, Airplane plus the engines and other stuff. And Near Future Aeronautics for the Big rectangular engine mounts under the wings.

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I'm gonna gatecrash this thread with something that doesn't fit into any of your categories, but I did spend a long time fiddling with it to get it just right: my stock Starship!


Yes, the bellyflop descent works just like the real thing :D

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