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  1. Yes, sir! Thanks for the inspiration. And: GREAT CATCH! Yes, this thread was about Ursa (transport plane) and your final rev of it was perfect. I then turned back to Falcon (an SSTO, now Peregrine) to apply what I had learned. So thanks for pointing out that I posted a different craft so that it won't confuse anyone reading this later. TWO for the price of ONE. Thanks also for the suggestions. I'll follow up. I just updated the craft at KerbalX because I discovered that removing the precoolers made the plane fly considerably better. So to anyone who downloaded, I do recommend you download it again or simply take the precoolers out of the wingboard engines yourself. --- My next project will be to take my old Trident craft and convert it to a flying control tower. It's fundamentally 3 towers of Hitchhiker cabins with a cupola overlooking the lot. Aquila Neptune. You de-orbit it toward your target; drogues to slow; glide over the top of the target, then deploy main chutes to set it down vertically on its fins. [I'm working on a KSP "mod" to "build" hub airports and refuel aircraft parked on the tarmac. ]
  2. This is very close to the final result for me, and it is inspired by the Dolphin, one of the two contributions from swis-swjr. I'm still a noob, so it's hard to judge perfection on an absolute scale (when you don't know what you don't know) but Peregrine is now close enough that the remaining defect(s) stand out quite tall: it's a semi-wild stallion without SAS coz I have the CoL cranked quite close to the CoM, but I like that agility and this plane has enough punch now that the minor drag from SAS cannot rein it in. EDIT: I took the precoolers off (not quite as cool) but performance and stability surprisingly better. [It moved the CoM forward, naturally.]
  3. I am learning so much by downloading contestant entries and flying the submissions. Right now, I am fascinated by seaplanes. I thought they were hokey, but did YOU realize that 50% of Kerbin's surface is perfectly flat (non-mountainous!) airport-capable!? Well, I am test-flying the Katalina and its only two problems are a) looks (which I've never cared about) and b) the jitters at rest on its landing gear that prevent you from making a quick save. To those interested, the solution is simple: raise the gear and sit it on its pontoons! Embark/disembark; save state: no worries. Raise the gear again when ready to go. And, I notice, if you cycle the gear, no jitters! Great work! I now have an air/sea rescue for outlanders!
  4. Before I reinvent some wheel, I want to outline a mod I'd be really enthused to prototype myself and have been thinking about ever since I first opened up a .sfs inside an editor. Recently, I really enjoyed this Regional Jet Challenge topic and had a blast flying some of the entries! I've also started looking today at the Simple Refuel 0.2 mod with interest. I do not think I want to write a full KSP mod (not yet anyway) but I can write a (hokey) prototype in which you hit f5 to save; run a Tool to edit the savefile; then hit f9 to reload the modified save file. Yeah, I know... (And, yeah, of course it would make progressive backups of the files before edits!) So what I want the tool to do is support operations at 2 Space Centers (KSC and the Inland KSC) and to support a regional aviation network based on airports hubs and also thereby to support the same on e.g. lo-grav moons. When the tool is run, its objectives are: move any craft deployed on KSC R9 to an appropriate place on the grass at Inland KSC for either an easterly or south-easterly departure; similarly, move any craft deployed on the launchpad at KSC to the launchpad at Inland KSC; refuel all craft within the precincts of both KSC and Inland KSC refuel all craft at "hub airports" The value of the Inland KSC is that it forces some non-equatorial launches. So, I am going to define a regional airport as any place that has 2 flags (runway end markers) between 600-1000 meters apart. [Name contains "Rn"] Usually, a rover would be parked for local use. I would further define an airport hub to be one that has a control tower and two intersecting runways, marked by 4 flags: long runway is 1000-1500m and the short is between 600-1000m. The tower must be located somewhere inside the four flags. A tower is defined as a cupola suspended >= 10m above the surface. (I have a vehicle that is composed of a main body of cupola and 4 HitchHikers.) The name should end with "Airport". Any stationary vehicle parked within 50m of the tower gets refueled when the Tool executes. Some tighter standards for runway slope and levelness might also apply so that larger craft could land and in order to force a distinction between regional and hub airports. I think the nature of this mod somewhat supplants the activity and challenges of drilling and refining fuel, but not completely. Getting the "control tower" transported and located (especially to a pinpointed location) might not be so easy. What I like about refining fuel is that it gives a good motivation to make many ascent/descent trips to the surface to fuel a space station in orbit and its visiting clientele. Well, that would still occur. I also experimented with a xenon-powered flitter for regional travel on the Mun. But there's no way to refuel xenon in the standard game. This Tool would replenish xenon, just like any other kind of tank. I think the idea of Colonization may extend the boundaries of KSP way out from mere Exploration? Maybe there are some mods out there that I should pay attention to or study in detail or that achieve the bulk of what I want to do? Suggestions, comments?
  5. Cooling issues since 1.3.1

    Same thing happened, I believe, upgrading to 1.2.1. Radiators became less efficient or drills became hotter to operate. I haven't tried them in 1.3 yet, but now not looking forward to it.
  6. What did you do in KSP today?

    Upgraded to 1.3, so thought I'd give this stock plane a spin. In orbit, only on Puffer power, as you mentioned. I have more or less concluded that, though one has the main engines and though one has the fuel/oxi, there's no way to feed the fuel to the engines and Very Low Kerbin Orbit is about the best one can manage with this. For want of a directly-connected tank and some fuel connectors... That right?
  7. Most Frustrating Things in KSP

    Exactly right. Last year in about August or so, I used Steam to upgrade to 1.2.1 or so and Steam (on Linux Mint) was having conniptions. By the time it had finished, it had deleted all my saves and Ships. What saved my butt was that I had just recently copied my KSP universe to another computer, which effectively became the backup that saved my life. Since then, I play out of another directory, far, far, far away from Steam's grubby paws. So today, I thought, "OK, I will bite the bullet and upgrade to 1.3". All the mods I want seem available and I've downloaded then. I can't run Steam now on my Mint 18.2 system and I think it's because I installed a new Nvidia graphics card earlier this year. Steam can't find a 32-bit to use. I have lib-gl1-mesa-glx:i386 installed. It may just be out of date. Anyway, it's a really good idea to move KSP out of Steam. I believe that way you could maintain multiple KSP versions simultaneously (as swjr-swis does). Edit: Happy ending and of use to other Mint 18.2 users: upgrading to the latest nvidia-384(?) reinstated my X server and permitted Steam to work again. If you run Linux, check out Aptik for a useful utility to remember and re-install your packages (over system upgrades) or in emergencies.
  8. You might be interested to know that I found some coconut shells in the cargo bay after one of your test flights and was able to identify them as the kind carried by Hawaiian swallows, of all things! Perhaps that clears up a mystery(?).
  9. Excellent! All of Kerbin has opened up to me now. Thanks for dealing with me on 1.2.1. (I'm inspired to upgrade now.)
  10. Very nice. (The wing/engine tanks in the original were all locked to make only the forward fuselage tank supply all engines at departure to begin shifting the CoM backward. Not needed now!) Flaps are good. Very, very easy to land anywhere. The chutes are arguably not required now: they were there just to get the beast stopped in a hurry. (In the staging order, they were supposed to be between the engines and the rover undock.) In 1.2.1, have you checked the chutes will deploy on landing? I'm trying to stage them with the Space Bar but they don't deploy. Nor can I get the Kerbal to the top of the ladder and re-enter the cockpit. Sidrigh exits the top of the ladder and simply falls back to the cargo bay floor in a heap. I don't think I quite know how to make him Board the cockpit once reaching the top of the ladder. Looks like they are going to have to buckle on to the rover and fly from there. Hope they can land blind at KSC simply talked down by KSC Tower!! (This craft has some personality about leveling off at cruise but I think that is my piloting skills rather than the machine. EDIT: my second flight went better; just some very patient micro-trimming. Back-taxi on R27 @ KSC and, 19m later, the Inland KSC is in sight.) Thanks for all the craft notes detailing the Action Groups and providing lots of those. Life is good!
  11. I've imported it and christened it "Aquila Ursa swjr-swis" [let me know your official choice for that third component of the nomenclature and it will stand]. It's on the runway for take-off. Given it'st payload ad short-field mission, this looks so much more a propos. "Pirep" back here after extensive flight testing! Merci beaucoup.
  12. Wonderful. Meanwhile, I watched your IslandSpeeder1 video: amazingly creative. I love KSP and I can tell you do too. Kudos!
  13. You are a champion. I'm pretty much speechless. I am on (LinuxPlayer) 64-bit (In the very early 1980s, Microsoft pretty much invented single-handed Version Incompatibility and made a business out of Planned Obsolescence. I know because I worked for a large computer manufacturer in the 80s and Compatibility was our God.)
  14. I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade to 1.3! I am on 1.2 and had sworn never to upgrade again. Oh well. (It took me a year to get over the last upgrade after I had found all the mod versions.) My mods are 1. Kerbal Alarm Clock, 2. Docking Port, 3. MechJeb and 4. Haystack. For this: it will be worth it!
  15. Daniel Prates: thank you sir. swjr-swis: swesome, I am not worthy!!