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  1. OK! How about this pretty place? This reminds me that I have a pseudo-Elcano Challenge attempt underway with a Pacemaker rover that is about 1/3rd of the way around Kerbin, going westward, but planning to take a very southerly dip down into this Lakes Region. Thanks for this one, @purpleivan!
  2. For you Adventurers who have not yet heard about Kayak Club, here is an unsolved puzzle. This looks like the best B.A.S.E. jumping location on Kerbin! Can you find it?! No spoilers! Please post an entry in Kayak Club! (Rules are stated in the first post!)
  3. Have you ever done something and then kicked yourself for not doing it much earlier? This is Fulcrum: (click the first and then use arrows for a slideshow) It works surprisingly well!
  4. Lovely location. But I had given up on the directions! Just needed an existence proof from purpleivan to get there! Uhm, bit embarrassed about this and hope I don't get accused of cheating: Because I couldn't resist the mighty fine plane, either! I was amazed how fast your plane goes, @purpleivan!! It does Mach 2+ @2km on just normal aspiration: I did not know Panthers could go so fast without afterburners.
  5. Hotel26

    Shower thoughts

    ...however, raising one's hands above one's head is the universal sign of surrender, potentially triggering the bear's Easy Meat Response... not advisable. [this is what happened to my cousin, R.I.P.]
  6. An Engineering Change Order for Paxjet applies some long-overdue Tender Loving Care: Paxjet, operated conventionally, was prone to suffering intake air starvation with the result of the port engine spooling down to about half power. The asymmetric thrust created did not bother the aerodynamic stability of this jet, but it did hamper max performance. With the addition of a ventral Radial Air Intake plus two small circular intakes at the wing-tips, and with a careful climb to maintain acceleration (and thereby intake), Paxjet is now able to achieve cruise 1310@21/0.37
  7. 10% speed of light in just over 4 days [making an assumption or two]
  8. That is, indeed, Castille7's original Landmark post, with purpleivan and myself having been there (Castille7 and purpleivan both posting in What Did You Do Today In KSP), so you can claim 3 points. And... you're in the Leaderboard!
  9. OK, here's my Landmark entry: [click & arrows] This is Lemdas Kerman, Mathematical Physicist and eminent B.A.S.E. jumper, just moments before he slipped and slid to his death, R.I.P. He had gotten overly-excited by his discovery of this Landmark -- and suffered premature, unplanned ejection into the chasm. [..words to that effect..] He will be missed. We truly believe this might be the absolute best B.A.S.E. location on Kerbin, but all we have to go on for the whereabouts is Lemdas' last SMS... "This place is OUTSTANDING, Dude! I can't believe Kerbals periodically see this from a distance as close as 70-100km but NOBODY notices it! It's PRISTINE! We have to keep this a SECRET, Dude!! All I can tell you now is: abs(lon) ~= abs(lat). Aah! Waaaaah! OOP....." If you can find this well-kept secret Valhalla, you will know you are there due to the datum the instrument on your left wrist is reporting -- and because you are a B.A.S.E. jumper... Dude! [But don't tell anyone!!! First Rule of Kayak Club...]