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  1. (Hope your wife makes a good recovery and is out of the hospital soon, @Cavscout74) I wanted to put my new turboprops to use, so I built this, this evening: It's modeled on the Twin Otter. It does about 215 m/s at 3.5 km/s but it's VSTOL performance is utterly outstanding, particularly when you nudge the props into reverse just as it touches down. It has a full rack of independent flaps, just like the Real McCoy. The turbo-props are 3-bladed with a 400-kallon tank, a n
  2. Septimus Operation Guide Controls [1] Junos [2] R121 turboshaft [3] rotor brake [4] VERT ref [5] ladder [6] RW boost (15% -> 115%) [T/F] HORZ ref [H/N] rotor thrust [K/I] collective Vertical Departure engage brakes start Junos [1] engage rotors [2] disengage rotor brake [3] engage SAS [T] select VERT ref [4] retract ladder [5] run up rotor to 460 rpm [H] reduce rotor thrust to 15% [N] ladder up? ready to lift-off? add collective [K] to begin a slow but
  3. This is Septimus, a single-rotor express helicopter based on RuBisCO's eminent Compound Speed 2. First off: all credit to RuBisCO for the original, very beautiful Compound Speed 2, a stock helicopter in which RuBisCO invested countless hours tuning to be the perfect machine, incorporating a state-of-the-art KAL controller. The reasons for the "fork" are several but the notable quality of this work is that it can be flown with a single rotary wing plane and no counter-balancing ag
  4. Call me old-fashioned but electric props don't cut the mustard for me. That eery silence, apart from the whistling wind... and I find myself heading for the EXIT door, strapping my chute on... (I reckon it's the training from my service days, still kicking in.) I published Alpine 2 this evening. I loved the result: a black-and-white movie Grand Old Dame of the Skies relic but her climb performance is not great. So I won't be the first Kerbal to have invented this: The turbo-prop. An R121 tur
  5. I've explored this with spaceplanes Geist and Poltergeist pictured below. Geist features a center-line NERV with a low-slung Whiplash. Atmospheric flight control has to compensate for the Whip on the ascent. Poltergeist took the opposite approach by centering the Whiplash thrust and mounting a canted NERV underneath. The NERV is aimed directly in the general direction of the CoM and has its own aligned probe controller for control reference. (See the comments about its flight in vacuum resembling a crab 'scuttling'.) It's quite doable and the benefit was LETO ("les
  6. My feeling is that it is so utterly irrelevant.
  7. Team effort working under the Chief Architect, Caerfinon. (Fun was had by all.)
  8. This brings back memories of Christmas, 2014, when my son gave me KSP. He had been playing it with my grandson (Calvin) who was about 3 at the time, and Calvin's sole, gleeful duty was to hit the space bar at the end of the countdown. I bet the SPH & VAB could feel pretty much like Lego to a youngster! (Just need some guidance diagnosing what happens outside after leaving the runway or launchpad.) Well, I'm going to give the Dad a quick demo of KSP on a laptop sometime soon.
  9. Riddle: "What's the difference between a divorce and a house fire?" "A house fire doesn't take half your salary..." OK, OK, sorry. (And congratulations to all the January TOTM award members!) I'm here researching the new(?) Lego ISS because a non-KSP colleague (yes, we all are blighted with them), has presented his six year-old with this Lego kit (even though it's rated 16+) and I'm trying to engineer a way for aforesaid colleague to get aforesaid six year-old hooked on KSP. Hmm....
  10. 19 hours ago, KSC Command was quite jubilant about having found a super-secret mountain-top location on Eve (right on the equator), at an altitude of 6,439 meters. It is a pretty flat site and quite large. Easy to land a rocket glider on reliably. Mauve Mountain, we've proudly called it. Since then, we've noticed that heavy/expensive equipment (rocket-powered interplanetary vessels), parked atop the aforesaid location tend to "drift" at rates measured up to 5 cm/s. We weren't happy. We all Trust in Squad as they say, but on this occasion, we felt that Squad had let us down.
  11. I have flown a prototype of an Eve SSTRV called Eagle. The first three images below [click + arrows] show Eagle: a) crossing 90 km upward into space, b) apoapsis at 121km and a sub-orbital speed of 1,665 m/s and c) passing back down through 90 km after 2m 51s in space. An SSTRV is a Single-Stage To Rendez-Vous and you probably haven't heard the term very often[1]. It's a Krakpot notion. The next phase of the project is to design a companion RV Interceptor. It will wait in a 1
  12. This is a false alarm and inspection of the code and some better testing have shown that the latest Haystack works fine. In debugging a similar problem in Kerbal Konstructs, I learned that one may change the CKAN "minimum version" setting and, as a result of doing so, the latest Haystack updated into my KSP 1.7.3 installation. This is what rectified the textures/icons problem in Haystack, I believe. Please ignore the report above.
  13. A very warm welcome to you! I will look forward to your posts and read them with interest.
  14. A new airport has opened at Heavenly Valley so I thought I'd fly in and take a look. Apparently a ski chalet will open in the mountains nearby for helicopter traffic with maybe a very short strip with a tricky approach for prop commuters. [click + arrows] And the first commercial arrival, an UltraPaxjet-W, arrives after a 27m flight from Kerbal Space Center.
  15. A collection of rovers. Pacemaker I'm currently doing a Kerbin circumnavigation with this and, in the plains, it's easy to maintain 45-50 m/s. KW Jetta enormous fun on the Mun. Invader my stock standard with lots of aerial transports for it. Krew: 8 kerbals. AFF Scooter original idea from AFF, but his was mono-prop propelled but I discovered that it could be RW-propelled.
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