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  1. Unfortunately not. However, if you let me know what version you are running, I will test it there and let you know. The mod was, in the main, working very well, with the problem being on the teleport to Baikerbanur. The first teleport worked fine. Subsequent ones would get "the shakes", an unusual, non-destructive kind. You could work-around it by switching focus to a nearby parked craft (left-bracket) and back, but I couldn't solve this problem and became somewhat discouraged. Thanks for your interest.
  2. If you attempt to delete the Favorites hangar, you will not be permitted to delete it, but you will be given the option to Reset it, which should remove its contents.
  3. Nemo, under the capable direction of Kapitan Dantop Kerman, ferries a replacement crew out to the Marianas Neptune oceanic research base. [click & arrows] I woke up this morning feeling the "need for speed". Dynamite cruises at M5.6 @ 24.2km.
  4. So for my second (and probably last) foray into "Kraken technology", I built a 3-bay submersible hoping to apply vertical thrust for buoyancy control. Did not succeed in that (too weak), but did produce a nice 1-bay result. Nemo cruises at 200+ m/s in the air, 39 on the surface and 10 underwater. It's a hydrofoil in order to enable lift-off...
  5. Nemo undergoing trials... [click + arrows] 3 service bays for 3 "electric" drives. It's rigged for "silent running". 200+ m/s in the air. 16-18 m/s on the surface. Maybe 8 m/s underwater. Looks like, once it's properly rigged/trimmed for underwater running, it won't need the bow and stern vertical drives at all. They are nowhere near sufficient to keep the submersible down, so Nemo does have the usual Tardis ballast system. This format does seem to lend itself to a conventional sub which would be powered by wingtip Juno stacks.
  6. Are we not using WorldStabilizer? Also: I note your drills were extended and operating...? Do check that extending your drills does not lift your craft even partially off the ground. (Shift them higher on your craft as necessary.) [All of the above is folklore and superstition. Your mileage may vary.]
  7. One has to be careful about extrapolating solar system rules out to this scale. Spiral galaxies, for example, spiral as a disc with no or little relative movement in the spiral arms with distance. This "anomaly" is what kicked off the "dark matter" speculation. (Your post is a stimulant to further thought.)
  8. Had been quite looking forward to a bright, sunny day out on the water in my busy schedule. KAC gave me a break and... we are, mapping the floor of Lake Tahoe, barrelling across the Lake at 110 m/s. [click & arrows for slide show] At the end of every pass, we slow to a crawl, turn slowly and proceed 1km northward, and then ... do it again. So far, greatest depth recorded beneath the keel has been 948m. Very cool. When we're done, Cousteau will come in and do a more detailed survey. Lastly, no doubt, I will probably get the idea to create some kind of "flying quotes" diving bell "flying unquotes" that will trap the occupant deep under water such that it can unseat itself momentarily to Plant-A-Flag for the obligatory photo-shoot. Anyway, here's the next few passes we made...
  9. Welcome to the Wonderful Wild World of Vee Tee, Oh Hell!!
  10. As you might recall, I have a couple of projects going. One is to map the floor of Lake Tahoe, the big lake over at 21S 67E. And continuing the Mercy inter-planetary rescue project... In today's Comic Strip [click the first image and then use arrows to slide the show], I launch 8x Mercy capsules plus a Mule tug on an Aquila VIII lifter to rendez-vous with a Hedgehog, already in LKO. All the Mercy capsules had to be transferred from the Aquila VIII to the waiting Hedgehog (which already had 4), in what eye-witnesses called "a complex ballet in space". Mission Control is not too convinced it will want to do this again the same way. The final shot shows the transfer injection destined to GKO (Geosynchronous Kerbin Orbit).
  11. Good tip. I have a ship on the way to find out (it's almost in position). In my case, I actually want to find asteroids close to Moho's orbit but in a 0-degree inclination. If that means I have to put my ship in a 7-deg incline, that is OK, as long as I can filter for asteroids that are a) Class E (huge) and b) as close to 0-deg as possible. My intention is to find an interplanetary transit station, in a convenient inclination. Moho obviously won't suffice for this since it is notoriously hard to get to. I guess an interesting Plan B would simply be to put a huge space station into a Moho-like orbit but with 0-degree incline, same period and synchronized so that Moho and this station arrive at the same point in space once per year, in order to transfer a year's supply of fuel from Moho to the station. (That's still a 7-degree inclination change though for that rendez-vous to occur.)
  12. (A very good question and I second it! I would add: how much does inclination matter also? I want to put a SENTINEL "inside" the Moho orbit to find asteroids anywhere within about 5-6Gm from the Sun. Can I use a zero-degree inclination, even though Moho's inclination is 7 deg?)
  13. Hotel26

    Shower thoughts

    There. I condensed it for you. (w.a.d.r., you do know you are in the Shower Thoughts thread, right?)
  14. "Objection, Your Honor!!" Claws can be used to refuel and also to pass crew members. Inasmuch as KSP allows this to happen (outside the Cheat menu), it is permissible. A claw, like a dock, is used to join two vessels together as one. At that point, transfer of crew and fuel is subject to KSP laws applying to a single vessel. KSP is a game. The game defines the rules of the game. In reality, that's how games work. They are fun. Not real. KSP is just a game, cleverly-tuned to be fun. Welcome to the Wonderful Wide World of KSP, oehxfudmf! (king of nowhere is correct about those dots and commas! Think of dots as Liquid Fuel and commas as Oxidizer: together they will launch your posts to record altitudes!)