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  1. Hotel26

    The Truman Kerman Show

    Zephyr Craftyard Description 0:gimbal A stock rocket called Zephyr. Built with 56 of the finest parts, its root part is dockingPortLarge. I packaged Zephyr some time ago with Mosquito Javelin, replacing the original Javelin lifter therein, but here it is now, separately, in its own right. It’s a modest-sized lifter, but very versatile! I am now using whenever I can. It is based on the fundamentals of Atkara’s Mk1a Launch Vehicle with a few alterations. Certainly, please look at his design, too. Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.1.
  2. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Skunk will go to space (quite uselessly) but its mission is "surveillance UAV". (So: not a space plane, but a spy plane.) Skunk manages 1615m/s @ 22km for a draw of 0.58 kal/sec or 1660 m/s @ 24.7km for a draw of 0.22. Closed-cycle draw at 31km is 0.42 OX + 0.34 LF (if my notes are correct). However, its predecessor, the Q2, was discontinued after two separate incidents, over Kuba and North Kerbea, involving total loss of both aircraft precisely because they were flying at or below 25km. High Kommand thus commissioned Skunk for fast-response, maneuverable photo-reconnaissance operating between 30-35km altitude. The challenge was to sustain flight in a zone that is conventionally only used for transition between the lower atmosphere and space. That's all I am at liberty to tell you.
  3. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    LFO? Low Flying Orbit? To explain a little further, if you put rockets on your heat-insulated vehicle, I guess you can fly at any altitude you wish... so it doesn't seem very magical. However, the problem is to enter the desired flight profile at the optimal angle of attack. It's easy to get Skunk to fly at 30 or 31 km but, unless you fluke it, you will be "on the back of the power curve", with a high AoA. The result is that you use power to hold position and burn through the very limited supply of oxidizer in a few, short seconds. Typically, I knew this had happened because (apart from the nose-high attitude and high throttle setting!), the periapsis was negative. Whenever I could got an altitude of 31 km with a periapsis of 31km, I knew I had the sweet spot. The corresponding apoapsis of 36.6 km merely indicates that KER thinks I have excess speed as if I were in a vacuum. And this excess speed simply indicates the excess required to compensate for atmospheric friction. In this sweet spot, Skunk typically has enough oxidizer for 5 minutes flight time, at a very low throttle setting. Then, with power off, it cruises in a shallow descent for much further, after which, the respirators kick back in once reaching 25.5km. I have a small ablator in the nose. On a typical spy mission surveillance flight, the ablator will lose material from 50.0 down to about 43 or so. The ground techs replace it before every overflight.
  4. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I built a UAV back in September. It's called Skunk. I pretty soon accidentally discovered it contained a genie... I was so surprised, but I could never reliably conjure up the genie. I got up at 5a this morning to discover the Magic Elixir -- and bottle it. Skunk sustains flight at 30-31km at a speed of 2,187 m/s. Here's the elixir: It absolutely requires Atmospheric Autopilot to pull off this trick. Great mod, btw!
  5. Well, it didn't go so well. Not in Firefox, anyway. That's life in the web lane, I suppose. The last post in the topic has gotten itself way out of sync with the underlying Wiki layout. The drift is starting in the post before... I'm still able to edit that last post (despite the Edit link being nowhere to be seen), but I'm just not sure what to "fix". Fooey. UPDATE: I jiggled it a bit. Looks good enough now.
  6. Hotel26

    The Truman Kerman Show

    Sailfish Craftyard Description 1.engines 2.mode 3:bay/dock 20 deg until 500m/s; 30 deg to orbit A stock spaceplane called Sailfish. Built with 76 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3CrewCabin. 64 tourists to space! We specialize in birthday parties [for the very wealthy] More seriously, a good way to exchange large crews with space stations or for travel within the inner Kerbin system. Ditto the Joolian… dV: 9.984 km/s Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.
  7. Hotel26

    The Truman Kerman Show

    Honeybee Craftyard Description 1:Panthers 2:mode 3:Wheelseys 4:HORZ 5:VERT 6:ladder A stock VTOL aircraft called Honeybee. Built with 43 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2Cockpit.Standard. 223m/s @ 5km for 0.11kal/sec. My chief test pilot, Chuck Kerman, flew this wonder from KSC direct to land atop Mt 6767 at night. (At that altitude, VERT TWR is still a remarkable 1.31.) The Honeybee is equipped with twin Panthers for conventional flight and quad Wheesleys for VTOL. Honeybee comes standard fully equipped also for Vernor fine control (enable RCS and use HNIJKL); pilots do so love that extra convenience during the final, harrowing, roof-top touch-down phase of their day, don’t they!? Vivamus lobortis lobortis lacinia. Nunc imperdiet nisi et est imperdiet feugiat. Donec semper gravida est, eu sollicitudin lacus sagittis quis. Aliquam quis placerat est. Vestibulum dapibus nibh sit amet neque placerat auctor. Sed fringilla pulvinar massa faucibus efficitur. Sed nisl enim, pellentesque eu gravida eleifend, faucibus vitae orci. Vivamus eleifend non turpis vel vehicula. Sed nisl urna, mattis a commodo sed, semper quis ipsum. Donec ornare purus mauris, non lacinia libero egestas et. Donec suscipit eleifend nulla, vitae fermentum odio fermentum vitae. Sed nisl purus, finibus eu tincidunt vel, condimentum quis risus. Donec nec lacinia lorem. Suspendisse eget augue justo. Ut mollis, libero non tristique sodales, orci lacus pretium est, sit amet scelerisque tortor nisl at ligula. Nulla blandit odio ac leo finibus aliquam vitae in lacus. (Use HORZ control for conventional flight; use VERT control with SAS: Radial Out to maintain a hover attitude. Pilot absolutely MUST train to tap ‘F’, SAS Hold, before transitioning to HORZ control. CAUTION: DO NOT ATTEMPT a VERT touch-down with LF in the stern Mk2-to-1.25m Adapter; either do not fill it or else wait for it to burn off first…) Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.
  8. I recognize this symptom and the key part is not 'veer' [to the side] but 'side to side'. When this happens to me, it's always because I haven't -- and rectifiable by going back into the SPH and -- use[d] the rotation gizmo in Absolute mode to absolutely confirm that the yaw and roll axes of the wheels are perfectly orthogonal to the runway. Click the gear with the rotation tool in the snap-to-grid mode and deliberately cock them off center-line and then reset them to center-line. Wheels aligned forward down the runway [not pigeon-toed] and wheels aligned vertically [not bow-legged]. It's the latter misalignment in particular that sends the craft wandering back and forth over the runway center-line...
  9. Which is exactly what I am going to do now, this time. One cannot please all the people, all of the time, it seems.
  10. Helpful, thank you! And thinking this information through, I believe there may be a way to get what I want using the Table feature that *is* exposed in the editor window. As background, it was actually Geonovast who pointed out to me some time back that using tables in this forum does sabotage the phone user experience. I had been using tables in a very widely-read topic and so it mattered, particularly because Geonovast pointed out a better solution in that case. In the case now that is under my consideration, the topic is my own and not destined to be widely read so, with apologies to the phone readers, some compromise will have to be accepted. In general, the middle ground of textual WYSIWYG, like Markdown is pretty desirable and comes without the risk of compromising the underlying HTML integrity of a Wiki. Anyway, if I can achieve what I have in mind, I'll report back here with a link to elsewhere in this forum. Thanks, all.
  11. This forum Wiki: I would like to know what the underlying accessible markup language is? To give a clarifying example, KerbalX uses Markdown. Great. What about this forum: Is the toolbar above (in the Edit window) the only set of markup tools available? Is there any escape through to basic HTML [doubtful]? [I've www.searched "invision community" but turned up nothing useful...]
  12. Hotel26

    Any mods to get probe control back?

    If you can edit your quicksave.sfs (it's in your saves\nameofyourworld\ directory, but do make a backup copy of the original file first), look for the following lines in succession: a VESSEL line followed closely by a "name = nameofyourvessel". Then search further down (within that VESSEL) for a line "name = ElectricCharge" closely following a RESOURCE line. Set the amount to the same value as the maxAmount and "set flowState = True". Save the file. Reload KSP and then F9 to reload your quicksave. If you have any doubts whilst following these rather off-the-cuff instructions, hold off.
  13. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Nothing too special: a Hawk delivering a Ladybug lunar explorer to the surface. I got tired doing them one at a time, so here's the last 4. The flight line at Mawson Station and a Skunk UAV being refueled in prep for a daily morning surveillance run over the Kerbean peninsula:
  14. Advertisement: Hi. I'm Truman Kerman! Welcome to my Craftyard. This week's featured deal is Zephyr: Hangars: Personnel: Honeybee Sailfish
  15. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Attempting to locate two particular Kermans in our persistent.sfs file, we came across this lovely specimen: Vermin Kerman. She was duly located, High Kommand were alerted and they, of course, were highly desirous of a personal interview. Gregdos Kerman was dispatched in a meTro to escort Vermin Kerman to KSC. I guess it's been a slow day on Kerbin... zzzzz