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  1. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    This feature has been in KSP (as I recall) since I started in late 2014. Mod-F5 will take you straight into the named save menu and Mod-F9 will perform a reload from a named save.
  2. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Incredible work.
  3. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Triop, Congratulations on 4,000 (always-entertaining) posts. Long live, Triop!
  4. Hotel26

    The Truman Kerman Craftyard

    Aquarius Craftyard Description 1:engines 2:bay 3:ladder A stock aircraft called Aquarius. Built with 33 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2CargoBayL. Aquarius is a high-speed, military, classified-cargo transporter. Twin Mk2 cargo bays for transporting potent devices at high-speed. Medium range. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.6.0.
  5. Yeah, baby. You read my mind... SHIPS COMPUTER has already done the statistics. Computers never lie... Anyway, that's a Mercator Projection which exaggerates distances at the poles (which is why the population density is so low). And which is why the scenery there is so beautiful...
  6. TO: TRIOP FROM: SHIP COMPUTER PRI: URGENT CLEARANCE: YOUR EYES ONLY Triop Fan Club Focus Group Results: Diversion of route through 48S 11.5E could result in 42.5% improvement in scenery and 15% higher viewer ratings for only 3.9% extra distance traveled for a meager 12.7km of additional bridging. Increase to Risk of Failure to meet Eighty-Day Hard Deadline: ~22.5% CYA FACTOR: 100% RECOMMENDATION: DO IT SHIP COMPUTER: OUT
  7. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    "You can do it!!" Totally. Go, Triop, go!
  8. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Just now, I built this out of a few left-over parts: But I didn't want to leave it there on the KSC R9 threshold...
  9. Hotel26

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I enabled the rear-wheel steering in order to make it easier to wiggle under the cargo bay. (you can tweak this temporarily, too, to reset it when you drive away.) I found if I drove straight in, it worked pretty well. But if I was more pains-taking in the approach, it was harder to get lined up!! After about an hour of fooling around, I realized that the KSP 1.6 "slip-sliding around" bug of the waiting cargo plane was what was defeating me!! The airplane was moving south slowly like a glacier. Don't that beat all!? So then I just drove up by the side of the cargo bay on the "downhill" side (south at KSC) and patiently waited for the gd-plane to slide over the fuel truck... then dropped its gear to make the transporter 'sit' while I loaded the rover. Now, ain't that grand!?
  10. Hotel26

    Realism in Stock KSP

    KSP wouldn't exist without a certain amount of familiar parallelism with the physical universe. And space is a fascinating frontier... There's our common basis. There's an endless plethora of tedious detail to mine from Reality, though. It's an easy pursuit to play a formulaic brand of one-up-man-ship with this. I guess the technical term in gaming circles is "Fetch Quest". Maybe it's also a bit like "jumping the shark", in desperately attempting to sustain "interest". In a wider context, emulating historical exploits in a virtual setting (KSP) can seem a bit like the operation of a cargo-cult mentality: the "if it looks like it can fly, it will fly" rule-of-thumb is a poor substitute for what it really takes to be an aerospace professional IRL, yet almost no aerospace professionals are in complete charge of a project from start-to-finish and in every detail like we are in our KSP endeavors! (Which may be why some in NASA are reputed to play KSP, to escape the real-world stringencies of Management in their day job!) The aspect of KSP that always intrigues me, though, is those who use KSP as a basis for true creativity. Exploits that are perhaps only possible in KSP. Creations that aren't just faithful replicas of existing reality. Stuff that is simple and elegant and utterly surprising. "You did what?! How??" That are not mired in encyclopedic layers of complexity that just require mainly rote learning, as a sort of chest-beating totem for accomplishment. I understand the view of those who want more Realism, I think, but not so much their compulsion to impose that viewpoint in stock or, at least, cluttering stock, eliminating choice. I'd call the diametrically opposite viewpoint, Imagination, That's why I am never concerned with the spectre of getting bored with KSP. In fact, with the gamut of mods available, from a wide and deeply-inspired community of talented afficionados, there is more to explore than I will ever have the time to do. And have I already mentioned the luxury of all the mod-cons we enjoy, such as CKAN for access to that mod smorgasbord...? The opportunity cost of imposing more and more constraints from the real, physical world is that it throttles and finally strangles creativity -- "I had to put this radiator on here and so now it's not possible to place this other part I need for my concept anywhere..." [KSP 1.2 and 1.3 upgrades breaking mining still a very sore case in point.] Not to mention that very little about the real world is fun, or else you wouldn't be "wasting time" playing KSP. (I really don't wish to buy a "urea recycling system", figure out where to install it in my ship and then budget for its mass/energy consumption in my dV calculations.) I understand also that community input is a valid process and sometimes possibly even valuable. This is not a 'democracy', though. We all love Squad's vision as demonstrated since, gee, at least 2012(?) or we wouldn't find any enjoyment playing the game [the Kraken being the "exception to the rule"!]. I, for one, personally, trust Squad to continue on with its vision and I have no desire to second-guess that. Just my viewpoint and you'll note I don't ask to impose anything from it upon anyone! To be constructive, I guess I would be much happier to hear ideas/suggestions aired (once), but not so doggedly argued.
  11. OK, listen: I'm checkin' back in after just a couple of days and the collaboration has been fast & furious. I get it that Hu is on first base. I do. I just want to know if Hu is buggering Hu. And if not, who is buggering Hu? [And, yes, I get it that I am getting reported for this post, so don't bother: I'm going to Report my own Post myself... trust me.]
  12. And we could not have that... (It's the Code of Silence: the first rule of KSP is: don't talk about The .. Great .. Vacuum!) >"and eventually learn the actual purpose of the game." Very, very funny!
  13. Hotel26


    500 hours in the late 80s/early 90s, with complex and instrument ratings. I owned a 1961 PA-24 250 Comanche at that time and did the bulk of the hours in it. Averaged 2 hours per week, so it felt like a glove, getting into it. I would sometimes fly from the RHS just to disorient myself enough to have to think clearly about everything as I did it. Based in New England, did a trip to Stella Maris in the Bahamas, a couple to Tennessee, several to Michigan, one to Prince Edward Island, 3 to the left coast., 5 times down the Hudson River VFR corridor (first time during the day, and then late at night every time, which is a much better (and more relaxed/safer experience). Lots of friends in a company-centered flying community so lots of rides in other airplanes, including a friend's Beech Baron and logging some time (~10h) myself in it. Marvelous experience desired since age ~6 and one I knew I would never attempt to repeat when it came time to cut-away from the commitment entailed. I've had rides in helos, since that's OP's interest. First was work-oriented in a Bell JetRanger, 3 hours mostly hovering over traffic in Sydney, Australia, and finishing up with a routine auto-rotation at Mascot Airport upon return. Then a ride in an Iriquois over the jungle of Malaysia on a ride up to a casino at Genting Highlands. (That service was later stopped after a couple of fatal accidents.) And another BJR, a company helicopter in a wild&windy ride from Nashua, NH, to Malrborough, MA, to pick up a 3rd passenger, and then a ride down the Charles at the 500' minimum with a 500' ceiling and poor vis, navigating by contact to the Boston GA(?) terminal to catch a flight.
  14. Hotel26

    Out of curiosity, what's your craft naming scheme?

    Similar to 5thHorseman, but abbreviated. MX1 would be space station (X) 1 at (or going to) the Mun. Every planet/moon has a unique single-letter designation: e.g. 'N' is Minmus. Every type of craft has a unique single-letter designation: e.g. 'R' rover. I use X for space station only because mine is 'Krux', which is a cross. For the exact type of craft, when it is important, I sometimes add that after code for clarity, especially for airplanes. On Kerbin and the Mun, with lots of bases, I'll add the longitude for the base the craft is attached to (even if it is traveling). Haystack searches happily on short, consistent abbreviations, so entering e.g. '34W' brings up everything relevant to that longitude, if it is so marked. The clarity part after the abbreviation could include something like 'KX1', which prompts me that when it has finished its mission, it should return to base, Kerbin space station #1. The system is still somewhat fluid and evolving. So perhaps something like 'KX1H1 Hawk', meaning 'first Hawk attached to KX1' is where it is going.