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  1. Currently with Contract Configurator there is no way to determine the depth of a location using the waypoint generator. I can currently randomly select a water location. The location type expression only has LON/LAT and Biome information in it. I could probably do something to ensure the location was a) always on water and b) check that the location was always part of the shores biome. This would limit the depth ranges some. But I'd have to tinker with the code to see it that was possible. I have raised Issue #16 I myself play at norrmal difficulty settings so I never encountered this issue as I can dive to any depth successfully.
  2. looking forward to trying these!
  3. I'll look into it, but I suspect it's a one at a time thing without a change to the KK DLL for the sound cube module. You could make a compilation ogg file of a few tunes merged together like the mix tapes of my youth, and play that.
  4. I've been running silent and deep. But I'll surface for this. @Admiral Fluffy
  5. I suppose I could... just this once. @Maria Sirona
  6. I am honoured. Many thanks and everyone "Dive Safe".
  7. I watched the Apollo landing in school and spent a lifetime playing with model space ships and latter the early "moon" lander video games on a trusty old Commodore PET. When KSP came along it just clicked for me - close to actual physics and it didn't feel like submarines in space like so many other games did. Haven't looked back.
  8. he may have... but not at THIS time @ColdJ
  9. You need to have a kerbal/ship/probe at the location where you want to edit a KK site. then use CTL-K to enter edit mode. If you are new to KK editing, this wiki may prove helpful Getting Started With Kerbal Konstructs
  10. Nothing... Naught, bupkiss, nada, zip, zilch, zero. "Adulting" is overrated and inconvenient.
  11. Empirical testing is always best.
  12. From Community Resource Pack for most. Beer is a custom resource that comes with The Outpost Mod.
  13. The layouts are loaded on game start and whenever the "load" button on the GUI is pressed. You can edit the layouts in a text editor, save them, and then load from the GUI without restarting KSP From OP - "Layouts can be modified while the game is running, allowing for instant preview of changes."
  14. The Outpost Tavern I made sells food, water, supplies, and beer...
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