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  1. Unfortunately Stock is not very accommodating for underwater activity. If you are able to use a mod then the closest to stock is @ColdJ's Working Underwater Lite mod. It alters the configs of stock parts to make underwater travel more accommodating. Get it from SpaceDock or CKAN.
  2. You can edit the persistent.sfs file and change the tourists to one of the other professions.
  3. I have been in contact with people who are working on a port. I unfortunately do not have the time available currently to undertake such an effort.
  4. Visiting each site and using the tool to grab the coordinates from the end of the runway worked well. But always copy the results from the custom runway file and put it into your own file in a separate directory. This does the trick. (for KK Flight Plans, I had to use python script to create the approaches to each runway, and then test fly them all to ensure the glideslope didn't fly into a hill or something).
  5. It's part of the mod Kerbinside Remastered - The Life Aquatic. A collection of underwater contracts with sites designed in Kerbal Konstructs. The diving suits are from the WIP addon Sunkworks. See signature for links
  6. GIMP is a raster graphics editor application. SVG is a form of vector graphics. You can get some gimp plugins to help, but a good vector graphics program would be better and it doesn't take too long to get the hang of it. But the choice is yours.
  7. You should check out the following thread; You will need to use an SVG editor like Inkscape instead of paint, but it is free to use. Details are in the post. This is one of mine... You can use different fonts in it as well. I used one called Space Age in this example
  8. Unfortunately the damage detection routines don't really distinguish very well between real damage and detachable parts. Adding a parachute is a good workaround. Thank you for making use of the mod.
  9. The current version of the mod has not been tested extensively with 1.12.3 and Contract Configurator has not been updated since Oct 05, 2020. I'm going to assume that there are occasional bugs in both mods. It has been my experience that because of the group level data arrays that define the parameters for all waypoints and other relevant mission information that sometimes errors occur when the contracts are set and information is written into the persistent.sfs in the Contracts section of the save file. This can serve to make the missions impossible to complete. There are two ways to correct this issue; The most difficult Fix - Find the details of the status of the active contract in the persisten.sfs file and change the values there with the correct values contained in the Groups.cfg of the mod. This is not always easy to do, especially if it's an issue with the VesselParameterGroup defining the right vessel that has to complete the mission. The Easy fix - Complete the the actual mission to the best of your abilities in game and if it won't for some reason complete on it's own, open up the game's debug console and mark the contract you are working on as complete. and collect the rewards. Both are imperfect solutions. Unfortunately my current schedule does not afford me the time look into the matter at a deeper level.
  10. I am well and as typical these days, very late ... @Stormpilot
  11. You really need to say my name 3 times these days @Hotel26
  12. The Mod " Kerbin Side Remastered - The Life Aquatic" contains several Kerbal Construct underwater sites where there are animated fish. The Original static for the Fish come from the mod "CountryDoggo's Random KK Bits!" I wish for a quite place near the sea to rest and relax.
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