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  1. Version v1.0.3 for Kerbal Space Program 1.11.2 Released on 2021-08-03 now on SpaceDock Fixes Issue #9 Dive Site 7 - Sunken Avalon Ruins throws Exception and will not load - RC1 Issue #10 Coast Guard Patrol mission - "Stay at Sea" parameter fails when using Bon Voyage for naval Travel - RC2 Issue #11 Deepsea Salvage mission. Vessels controlled by Bon Voyage collide with wrecks at crash site. - RC3 Issue #12 Salvage1 has incorrect Requirement conditions. Continually repeats - game breaking KSP support reverted to version 1.11.2. The mod will work in 1.12.x, however some Kerbal Konstructs features do not work correctly and cannot be corrected until that mod is upgraded support KSP 1.12.x
  2. Current Status: If you use Bon Voyage to maneuver your naval vessels around please note that in the Deepsea Salvage missions if you navigate directly to the missing aircraft waypoint when you switch to your naval vessel it will likely collide with the aircraft wreck on the surface causing serious damage to your craft. Best to navigate withing a couple of km from the the way-point and approach in normal physics. Due to the inability to determine the precise depth of a location in the contract setup, the missing aircraft is spawned on the surface rather than below sea level. This also causes issues with the Coast Guard ship rescue missions in v1.0.2 of the contract pack. This only effects players who use Bon Voyage. I've added some code to offset the search area waypoints so that they are not directly on top of the spawned wrecks. They now appear within 200-300 meters of the wrecked vessel. Available on GitHub: v1.0.3-RC3
  3. The game ends when you decide it's over... Otherwise it continues.
  4. @Angel-125 Well I did chuckle a bit... Looks like your company is offering contracts (but for the Mun?) (If you set the agency to "mentality = NoRandomContractMentality" then it won't offer randomly generated contracts.)
  5. Well third time is the charm then! Welcome back. Enjoy all the new things, and fly safe!
  6. Sky Science! Assisting Scientists getting to remote locations on Kerbin... in stylish comfort (Scientists are not used to this).
  7. Sailing Advisory: On a couple of occasions I've run across an issue where when when one of my active vessels gets within 2.5km of an inactive vessels in a "port" and presumably "splashed down" KSP for some reason determines that the ship is "on rails" and then proceeds with the destruction of the vessel due to atmospheric pressure issues. Doesn't seem to happen with aircraft or rovers on the ground, just on water. So my new rule of thumb is to have everything prepared in port on the ground before the naval vessel arrives there for a mission. Less frustration and needless loss of good Kerbals.
  8. As an addendum... Mission accomplished. Aircraft rescued and returned to the marina
  9. More Sea Bee sea trials... Cruise mode Salvage mode
  10. Pimp My Sub... Took my USI Otter sub to the shop for some upgrades; Detailing, luxury crew pod, and upgraded lights courtesy of @ColdJ's excellent part upgrades (the inventory space is much appreciated!) Added the reactor and some radiators back in because POWER! Tricked out the command pod with a Kommodore Sea 64 Dive controller system from @Angel-125 's SunkWorks with some modified ballast tanks. Let's go diving!
  11. Normally I don't wish to belong to any club that will accept me as a member, but I'll make an exception in this case. Now back to... stuff
  12. Only one hour.... I have a lot of new subs to build @OrdinaryKerman is around.... no?
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