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  1. That there is some kerbalesque awesomeness! Nicely done.
  2. Can't take credit for that... Came with the original plane design -> https://kerbalx.com/Rocketology/KC-10A-Seabird
  3. Yes. I have a tow bar in front and back of the rover and I have a winch to assist with loading the vehicle. Planes with a sudden shift in cargo weight tend to... plummet. I also find that just driving the rover in can cause stability issues in both vehicles. The winch takes a little longer, but it generally works out better.
  4. The Feline Utility Rover mod. Was just recently updated for new stock inventory as well.
  5. Took my favourite plane (Seabird), and my favourite rover (Expedition) added a little Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) magic and I can now deploy a fully equipped science rover anywhere on the planet via airlift to a land or water landing. Good thing the rover is amphibious!
  6. The ship that is uncontrollable and floating away was destroyed by the Null reference event. I agree that DockRotate seems like the likely culprit but would need to see ksp.log and player.log.
  7. Planning new flight plans isn't all fun and games... Jeb went MIA after reporting that his landing gear malfunctioned. Then radio silence. Val is on her way to investigate. It doesn't look good....
  8. Side Projects: JNSQ-KSRGAP A look behind the scenes. Mapping out bases for navigation tools.... lots of little details. AirBase N46A (8 flight plans and NavUtils configurations) Now I have to fly them all and make sure they are right.
  9. I use them without issue, but they do not interact with the stock EVA Construction mode or the Stock Inventory. They are completely separate beasts.
  10. Beware, Kerthulhu lurks there... DUH DUH DUH!
  11. Well you've joined a very like minded group here. Welcome aboard. Fly safe!
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