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  1. Current Status: V2 Changes are coming Issue 25 Restructuring Airline-Flights for Version 2.0.0 release I've completed the work on the new code and have reduced the original 88 flight contracts down to 5 contracts that will generate 93 flights and support the KSC Extended mod's TSC base if you have that installed This also provides the ability to expand easily to "other" Kerbal-Konstructs sites that may be desirable. Still working on the multi site code but I imagine it will require 3 additional contract files that will produce and additional 138 flig
  2. The current code for that mission appears corrected; description = Trans Kerbin Airlines wants to open routes to the . The site is of great historical significance to the history of kerbaled space exploration, and the fishing is really good too.&br;&br;Fly out @/numPassengers company executives to Cape Kerman to negotiate, wait 30 seconds for the deal to be finalized, take off and return back to KSC. genericDescription = Trans Kerbin Airlines wants to open routes to the Cape Kerman Space Center. The site is of great historical significance to the history of kerbaled space explor
  3. No worries. 50% or your report is still a real bug. Thanks for pointing it out.
  4. The spelling mistakes are still there but Dan should be OK None of the mission names or requirements have changed so progress should be maintained in your current game.
  5. @vardicdAre you running the latest version from spacedock/ckan? The upsidedown Lt. Dan was corrected in v1.1.4 and we are currently at v1.2.0. I'll verify the spelling on the messages and the Lt. Dan issue - Issue 26 has be raised to track (and yes my spelling is atrocious) Any missions from the Navy, the United Knations, Trans Kerbin Airlines, or Hinterland Tours are mine...
  6. You could "clip" wings in the identical position of existing wings the look of the aircraft would be the same but the lift would be increased. (not that I've ever done something like "that" ). Requires some fiddling in the SPH but it can be done.
  7. You could just go into settings of Contract Configurator and disable them from GUI (along with any other stock contracts as well). Otherwise you need to make a contract group... but the GUI is the way to go on this. CONTRACT_GROUP { name = somename displayName = sometext minVersion = 1.30.3 agent = Field Research Team // Disable the stock science contracts disabledContractType = thingstodisable } Contract Configurator > wiki > Contract-Group More details in the wiki
  8. So I modified some things; Not enough air intakes so engines flamed out on launch causing issues replaced you wheels with versions that didn't have the spring and damper settings added control surfaces and canards and modifies the pitch roll and yaw settings of them moved your front wheel forward a little Flew it round my test system and landed at KSC on the brakes settings you see in the pic. was a little rough. needs more tweaking, but it didn't crash.
  9. @Kerburettor Can you upload a craft file of your aircraft? I'd be happy to test it out in my lab game.
  10. Two things come to mind. Do you have Scatterer installed and the ocean settings haves waves interacting with ships? It makes it pretty difficult to launch seaplanes. It can be turned off in the settings. Another mod that impacts this is the new Kerbin Weather Project. If it is not set to ignore winds below 50m for landing and take offs a good cross wind will cause issues.
  11. I override the auto friction setting and adjust the rear wheels to a setting between 2.4 and 3.0 with brakes at 80-100%. For front wheels I use 1.5 friction and 60-80% brakes landing speeds 85-100 m/s depending on the aircraft. For larger planes I also use air-braking parts and reverse thrust engines tied into the brake action group. I am not using FAR however.
  12. Could my topic be moved from Add-on Development to Add-on Releases? I'm past the WIP phase. Thanks.
  13. The mod Throttle Controlled Avionics has decent launch to orbit, rendezvous, and landing autopilots functions. I use it for repetitive launches of modular stations for assembly in orbit.
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