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  1. holy sh.....uttle... let's go with shuttle.... I leave for a (long) while and return to find in-game editor recoloring kinda made my textures useless (not complaining), but awesome, now I can make a golden rocket worthy of a sheik still didn't try that PBR shading though, just saw the link lol
  2. latest release got screwed up royally with the 1.3 update, I'm working on updating it, but I basically need to start from scratch, checking file per file as for the engine size, something is probably triggering the RO patches and rescaling them
  3. you mean 19 engines in total? I'm pretty sure I did make that specific cluster in my SSTU Nova pack
  4. I was thinking on one global for the all engines in the layout, yes, keeps it simple and possibly compatible with new clusters (like those on that madman pack somewhere in the forum)
  5. No, I'm not maintaining it anymore btw, since you are working on the code, can I ask you if it is possible to add a slidebar or something to change the rotation of the engine clusters in-game? some engines look right with the clusters, but others might look off
  6. about Orion, I included a cloned version of it at ~64% scale (3.125m) at SSTU-expansion. It's cloned, so it doesn't remove the original 3.75m Orion
  7. maybe using ModuleEnginesFX, and the EFFECTS as you did on the RD-0120 fixes this? these FXModuleAnimateThrottle were giving me null-refs with the clustered version of the engines, I removed it from the RD-0120 since it already had the EFFECTS configured there already and it worked like a charm
  8. Thanks! there are more coming btw about the meshes being limited by technode, I did try, but unfortunately it isn't possible to do that as of now, me, @minepagan and @IronCretin thought of doing that on CWP but unfortunately the module doesn't allow that for now however, diameter limits should be working just as they do with regular SSTU-MFT as for engines, the tech nodes for these are kept unchanged, idk why they are showing up at the start node for you unless you are referring to engine clusters, which would fall under the case above
  9. Community Resource Pack? it's bundled with the SSTU package and is a dependency
  10. @Shadowmage, if you want to take a look at implementing WildBlue Technologies on BaseCore, I heard @Angel-125 is part of some secret kerbal discord society
  11. wat? adding @CobaltWolf's FASA knock-off mod is just going to add a new MFT, "solid" interstages, scaleable IU, engine clustering for the Saturn engines and some one-part Apollo service module using his FASA-alike parts there might be more stuff too but I'm not remembering anything right now... the extra textures are all from my pack, even those based on BDB and Tantares Soyuz
  12. no problem btw, since SSTU handles engine meshes in a different form in order to allow the one part engine clustering, I have added a config for these engines so they are re-scaled in case RO is present, so in theory the three (RealEngines+RO+SSTU-Expansion) should work fine together
  13. the ones on my pack are adjusted to stock SSTU, which is at 64% scale with 40.96% thrust and real iSP, the RD0120 is the same thrust as the one on your pack (but now has a real iSP and uses liquid hydrogen and oxidizer) the dV there is in a RSS level because I just have a dirty personal patch that allows stock rockets to get to RSS orbit without having a dedicated RO patch also, time to add the patch to the RD-58
  14. a few stuff left to cleanup but so far so good (ignore the dV, that is scaled to a RSS scale) I'll include the MM patches in the next version of my SSTU-Expansion pack, providing support for your engines
  15. could you make the RD-58? this was an engine missing on Bobcat's Soviet Engines pack that could be helpful especially as a Buran OMS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RD-58
  16. just add support for SSTU engine clusters, which would allow one single engine to become like a 30 engine cluster in one single part I suggest trying out SSTU to check how it works
  17. I saw this thread the other day, started following it and downloaded the engines, once he completes the others I'll add patches for them and possibly deprecate Bobcat's or if @Alcentar wants to have the patches in his release instead of needing my pack that can also be worked
  18. Version 1.2 is up on Spacedock and Github https://github.com/FFCJoseEduardo/SSTU-Expansion/releases/tag/1.2.1 http://spacedock.info/mod/1044/SSTU Expansion Pack Changelog: EDIT: also, picture because reasons: EDIT 2: removed stock engine clustering as this wasn't ready yet.
  19. ullage and limited ignitions are something only Real Fuel does and you need a patch for the specific engines in order to have them working, and these are maintained by the RF/RO folks, not by modders
  20. I call Reagan and Thatcher and we tear down your wall muh freedoom land
  21. speaking of the vertical offset, where do I modify the limit for it and the engine spacing?
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