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  1. ya so not the type i envisioned goto ebay and type in paper fan http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chinese-art-paper-handmade-oil-paintings-Fans-of-the-qing-dynasty-/281751459692?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4199b2176c stuff along that lines is what i been thinkin, but smooth / no bends once open, prolly 90 deg sweep though i admit i'll def be using DRE module to change lift values in a FAR module, only way that makes sense functionally to me no idea if theres a decent way to do it in stock modules for stock aero so prolly not a project youd want, so i prolly gotta gotta learn ksp animations lol
  2. just thought of a new part today, seems like it fits your mod, but would likely require a plugin so you might not like would be nice to have glider style wings that fold up, think of the paper fans fits inside of fairings as you send it up, when you reach duna fairings protect it until you aerobrake off enough speed then you jettison fairings, deploy the wings, the high lift to mass ratio of hang glider wings would serve better for the thin atmo would need a plugin prolly as i dont think stock has any modules,perhaps ModuleControlSurface itys used on flaps else DRE has a moduleanimate2value so
  3. NOW it should work -.- flippin logged out n downloaded my own mod, sorry for trouble first mod i bothered to hand out so first time usin kerbalstuff interesting sidenote, while no teleporting, i can glitch it into a 'paused' animation got panels to 1/2 retract, then pause, and rotor spinning em XD reminded me i need to install dangit/entropy but ya, no mid-anim-retract > teleport glitchyness
  4. fixed link above sorry, for future ref its just a tag at end of link heh had time to play around with the 2.5M panel, overall i love the mechanics, my only complaint would prolly be when you extend the panels, the solar cells themselves 'stretch' i know i'm just bein kinda .... about it, but its the kinda thing i notice the other panels keep their shape as they 'unfold' while the new ones has an accual stretch to it i would say add more folds to it, so the end result doesnt stretch a panel then perhaps key the animation so start of opening is the faster speed,and ending is slowest to keep the
  5. https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1004/ModuleSolarTracking?noedit=True when using 2 ModuleDeploableSolarPanels you have 2 sets of numbers on right click menu of the part, saving issues, etc the above mod provides a new ModuleSolarTracking (use it instead of the 2nd ModuleDeployableSolarPanel thats 0 chargeRate) it inherits the stock module, does not hide buttons, changes nothing, just hides the 'useless' lines of power/sunexposure since the module name changes, it looks to have fixed the saving issue play with it, dont care what you do with it made it or me, just thought id toss it out to share and
  6. as for the solar panel issues, i wrote a mod (have to register to kerbalstuff now -.- or dif way to give to ya) that just changes module name and hides the extra 3 lines of 'useless' solar panel text on right click menu, looks to also solve your save issues (likely from module name change)
  7. the shape of em is fine, but only reason i dont really use the hubs is the color, just doesn't quite fit, too....grey....seems like it should be white such as the plane parts yay solar panel updates, time to retest main reason i got the mod was solar panels and skycranes heh edit: +1 for the service bay + solar panel part, but having 3 panels might cause more issue for tracking lol upside they only need be single axis, downside the 120 deg seperation
  8. for the MK1 (first) rotor panel, i like how you fixed the animations so now extend is perfect and jerk free, in any order retract can still jerk it for the rotor module, any chance of cleaning that up? edit: IMO the 'speed' the panels themselves deploy is way quick, about 1 sec, i wouldnt mind that being atleast 5 sec minimum
  9. is there a mod that can be used with tweakscale, to give more info on the stats of a part after tweakscale changes them? i'm trying to write custom configs for some parts, and i'm the type that would like to see every number that is effected i've tried saving craft, launching/savegame, to view files and see what gets edited right click menu shows resources, you can watch cost of vessel and with work get the change but i cant find a way to see the rest, heatconduction, emmisives, tolerances, maxtemp, etc if there is no mod or other way to see, perhaps add a partmodule that would list full stat
  10. was playing with the panels (granted was on kerbin surface) but at 'noon' sun exposure says 0.38 at 'sunset' sun exposure reaches 1.00 seconds after hits 0 somethin sounds screwy and backwards, but stock modules so -.-
  11. when using a part with 2 moduledeployablesolarpanel, such as dr jet chopshop 2 axis solar panels, the autodeploy module does not work, and exceptiondetector says it had an error in ToggleAutoDeploy also to fix when theres 2+ (besides the above error) it should deploy all of the modules on the part, not just the first, so 2 axis panels can deploy correctly
  12. got everything from there, found a few things i didnt have yet anywhere else?
  13. for afteburner, there is ToggleAfterBurner event, could you also add an EnableAfterBurner and DisableAfterBurner plz? edit: enabling afterburner should also set throttle to max normal engine operation is more efficiency, afterburners is literally dumping fuel into the exhaust for extra thrust so nobody in their right mind should use afterburner without max thrust that said i'm sure some nut would complain, so perhaps a KSPField SetThrootleMax = false then if config sets true, it acts as i suggested, else works current way edit: just realized throttle applies to all engines uh... some way to m
  14. ya like i said i added to both, been workin fine since, new crafts though each time, im not concerned with saves for a while heh rather expand my ksp to all it can be, then play a perfect game
  15. id give it a big plus to tie in but i can also see some would dislike, shouldnt be hard to make it optional tie-in if keepfit provided
  16. only if resource has a part path crossing a dock, else if you want it full cases then id say just a new mod, be simple, a dozen sound mods all do their little corner, dont clump IMO as for docking sounds, might i suggest taking both vessels, moment before they dock, get mass/momentum, and size of the docking port, see how 'hard' it docks, and scale volume to that - asked in IRC andi was told you can got both vessels from onPartCouple and docking port size also play arole in which sound is used (that can already be done with MM just have no suggestions what dock gets what sound) possibly also s
  17. for retractable parts (may need a new animation module) but could i request a low profile / retractable something be made, capable of using RPM cameras? preferably disabling video feed/just showing black when retracted the cameras from hullcam (which rpm uses) can get blown off from aero sometimes, but arent low profile enough to justify making them imune to blowing off, as well a retractable camera shouldnt be effected from external heat (sunlight) as much - that 2nd bit can use DRE moduleanimation2value to adjust heat value perhaps, just some thinkin
  18. dangit switched to stock profession/stars, entropy is still the old profession/customvalue (skilled etc) will this still work for 1.0.4?
  19. using what i pasted and works fine, not sure how yours is dif
  20. ah far as realism goes, another mod called keepfit basicly simulates fitness in space, and the g forces that can be handled (both short term and long time durattion) before kerbal dies, basicly its simulating brittle bones - your mod does the classic G effects for vision etc that are more commonly known, would said effects ever be different when considering time spent in space such as keepfit does? heart would do less work in 0G, and get weaker, so i would think threshhold would lower point being, perhaps interface with keepfit, if available, and follow its numbers for influence? could be a 2n
  21. id like this to be in RPM as i play IVA only
  22. ok so i'm one of the uh....silly people ....ya we'll go with that, that installs nearly every mod i can find i go a step beyond, checking through every cfg/model/texture/etc, putting in different folders (yaya i dont complain when it breaks), renaming parts to a cleaner naming convention, custom MM scripts to correctly apply all modules where they should go, etc basicly 100% custom install currently at 519 mods (counting parts pack as a mod, not just if a plugin) and yes to date i have deleted 2836 cylinder tanks (yes i kept count) i've gone through every forum post here (and went to their p
  23. for the skycrane parts, could you switch ModuleAnimateGeneric out for BahaMutoD animated modules? (or atleast with MM cfg if mod installed), AnimatedEngine was made for cases like this, so engine is only on when deployed seeing thrust fire when its retracted is just ;_; (might need to adjust some names to fit it to the module) love all the adapter parts and the solar panels edit: had a few min so thought id throw this in for ya @PART[dskycrane_mk1|dskycrane_mk1]:NEEDS[bDAnimationModules]:FOR[bDAnimationMuodules] { !MODULE[ModuleAnimateGeneric] {} MODULE { name = AnimatedEngine E
  24. works on 1.0.4 but either i'm smoking something or it is causing red/white/green spheres, about 1 meter diameter, to randomly spawn at collision locations the spheres are unclickable and seem gfx effect only, do not collide, do not move, go away, etc i was getting this every launch until i removed this mod, problem gone wasn't getting this in 1.0.2, so think somethin happened, or perhaps a simple recompile needed
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