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  1. New release, Thanks to user @JonnyOThan for this: Use InternalCam for first person Certain graphics mods like EVE and Scatterer rely on the localspace camera for drawing effects like clouds and atmosphere when in low orbit. The existing implementation of pulling the camera's near and far planes closer was resulting in those effects getting clipped
  2. Loretta Lynn, country music icon, dead at 90. I grew up occasionally listening to her music, it was all good
  3. New release, Thanks for @HebaruSan for this fix: Fixed a couple of other places where relative paths where used to save settings outside game folder
  4. Nope. From what I know, it won't work without that dll, so it would be a useless exercise
  5. Ummm, that was a bug in an old version of PatchManager. It was fixed in version 0.0.14, it 's now up to Without a log file I can't confirm this, but as I said, the fix was done, and I just looked at the code to confirm it. When you did the full reinstall with CKAN, it downloaded the correct version of the code
  6. @HebaruSan Can you add this as a conflict in CKAN for the current version of KerBalloons, please? Beyond that, @Gordon Dry, not sure what I can do. This is from 1.2, 8 years ago.
  7. Ummm, without knowing anything about your game, I can't even comment on this 2256 days is not necissarily bad, it's merely 3+ years in a stock game, and for things really far away, that makes sense
  8. Ummm, those messages are from ProcAvi. The EvaFollower mod issue is something totally different. Why are you posting in this thread? PartInfo has absolutely zero interaction with any other mod, it merely displays information
  9. You are probably missing the dependencies. Othr than that, no logs, no support
  10. First, no logs, no support, see my sig for info on how to get logs Second, without knowing what other mods you have installed, and without the log file, no idea if there is in interaction between mods. Only thing I can suggest is to exit the game and try again
  11. Frankly, I think you are bashing them too much. It's a brand new system, new hardware in many areas, and there have only been a couple of scrubs. Don't bash them for what are normal development glitches.
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