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  1. @PrivateFlip is not modding and is letting me continue this mod. Original thread here: Routine Mission Manager This mod allows a player to track flights to vessels and station in orbit of Kerbin and it's moons. After completion of the original flight, repeat flights can be ordered at stations and vessels in orbit. These flight will happen in the background, cost money and will take time to complete. After completion the mission vehicle will be found docked on the station or vessel. The mission vehicle can also be ordered to automatically return to Kerbin. (Only missions which start at KSP and end with a docking event in orbit of Kerbin or its moons are supported.) Currently in BETA Availability Source: Download: License: Modified BSD Full release will be uploaded to the current Spacedock entry when ready. New Dependencies Click Through Blocker ToolbarController In-Game Manual There is an in game manual detailing the operation of the mod. When placing a vessel on the launch pad or runway or viewing a vessel in orbit around Kerbal, Mun and Minmus the 'rmm' button will appear in the ksp button bar. This button will open the routine mission manager menu which will contain a 'Manual' option. The mod is operational for Kerbin and it's moons. This can however be changed by altering the AllowedBodies.txt and HomeBodies.txt files of the mod, especially relevant for those using planet mods. An AllowedBodies.txt and HomeBodies.txt file are present in the RoutineMissionManager folder in GameData. Both can be edited to edit and change the allowed bodies and the home bodies the mod works with. Planetary body names are case sensitive. Each planetary body should be placed on a new line in the file. Allowed bodies defines the planetary bodies can have their orbit be a destination for repeat missions handled by the mod. A home body defines the planetary bodies which from which launches can occur and to which missions can return to. (All basic functionality should function with multiple home bodies, but the mod logic is geared towards a single home body and could display somewhat weird behaviour from a game play point of view.) Changes from previous version Adoption by Linuxgurugamer Note: Latest code was included in the release, but was not updated on Github Updated for KSP 1.8 Created Changelog file from release history on Spacedock Added support for ClickThroughBlocker Updated button graphic Replaced stock toolbar code with ToolbarController Added alternate skin Added settings page Improved layout of various screens by merging lines as appropriate, not having only one item (label or data) per line Fixed some typos in variable names Added some spacing to manual Source code is no longer included in the mod
  2. Why not ask @NESD if he could do it, he is still around
  3. Removing the gun is not that hard, could be done with Blender. A canopy is beyond my skills
  4. New beta, Fixed internal spaces for flight school and movie theater Removed resources from the flight school (Not needed since they are added by LS patches) Added message to hab module showing current breeding status Improved recruitment, to now take into account what is being show in in the movie theatres Chance of female getting pregnant now improved if romance movies are being shown My thanks to user @pmborg who has helped in the testing of this. Changes to the base mod are now complete. I'll be working on Life Support now. The following mods already have patches in place for Life Support, so I'm not going to touch them: TAC-LS USI-LS Kerbalism (both Classic and default) I'll be adding patches for the following: Snacks! Progressive Colonization When complete, the 5 most popular life support mods will be supported.
  5. Really? I do that all the time. Please provide a log file for analysis
  6. No, it specifically says in the OP that the transport is to Kerbin-Orbit
  7. New release, Fixed the other OnSave reference, with the same solution as the previous fix. Again, only seemed to affect OSX
  8. Two choices: You can fork it and have your version a different name, and then have that added to CKAN, with a conflict statement of the original You can ask that CKAN be updated to point to your fork as the current maintainer,
  9. I wasn't aware of this. See if he can do it. I took this on at a request, and mostly all I can do with it is fix compile stuff and keep it updated. I can look at this later, but not sure what's going on yet
  10. New release, Fixed 2nd F9, meant to close window, doing a reload of the quicksave Added code to not do screenshot save if less than 15 seconds since the previous one. This needed because the OnSave on OSX was generating large number of OnSave events for a single save The problem on OSX manifested itself with a massive framerate drop, but worked perfectly on Windows. I don't know if this was also an issue on Linux, but I suspect it might have been.