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  1. New release, Thanks to github user @Rockttman for this: Bluedog Design Bureau configs for the mod are old, out of date, and inaccurate to real world ignition data. Configs are being revised and will be bundled with Bluedog compatibility patches from now on. Added InstallChecker Thanks to forum user @subyng for the following: Fixed errors in Ululage calculations
  2. New releaes, Thanks to forum user @aerospike for this: Fix issue with stock engine plates being in wrong stage
  3. New release, 0.1.7 Added new color picker Fixed harmless nullrefs which occurred when launching Removed log.cs, now using log functions from library *** Added SpaceTuxLibrary as a dependency ***
  4. New release, 1.2.11 Thanks to @zer0kerbal for this: Breaking Ground patch Majority of conversion to B9PartSwitch Added recipies for GroundConstruction parts Added highlighting of lab when error occurs Added tooltips to top row of buttons in workshop Added tooltips to part list Adjusted progress completion from 100 to 99.999f, in both the workshop and recycler in case of any possible floating point errors **** Added ToolbarController as a dependency **** **** Added SpaceTuxLibrary as a dependency **** Replaced LoadTexture code with the ToolbarController code Replaced use of ResourceBroker in the recycler with the same calls in the Workshop Added highlighting of recycler when error occurs Added popup dialog when error occurs, gives option to open workshop if it isn't open
  5. I took a look at the mod (would have been nice to have a link). It does a lot of stuff which I stay away from, and frankly to a certain extent, I don't understand. I'm rather busy with other mods, and in case you didn't know, I didn't write this mod, I'm only maintaining it. If he would like to collaborate, I'd be willing to talk, but since this isn't an interest of mine, I'm not going to push the issue.
  6. I don't own any VR equipment. And the camera ALWAYS follows the kerbal when I've used it. And if it is only when VR is enabled, I can't do anything about it.
  7. Snarky? Sorry you felt that, but you didn't give any other information, no log files, etc And now, all of a sudden, you mention that you are using DMP. How was I supposed to know that, do you expect me to read your mind? I refer you again to the video clip, and next time, please give more detailed information other than "It's broken", which is essentially all you said. You said the following on Github: Please show me what "setup" you described. No log file, no version of KSP, no list of other mods, etc. I'm good, but not that good.
  8. It does depend on the rocket; if there is a lot of draggy bits, then you do want to higher first. But just as an example, I've been launching my shuttles (for the Shuttle Challenge) and have been doing a final circularization burn of about 25-50 m/sec Significantly, probably not. Measurable, probably. But if you go for a vertical launch, you aren't going to get the advantage of the rotational velocity of Kerbin at launch
  9. I've also merged the PR which removes the BDB config from EI, according to it you will be including them in the BDB release.
  10. It should, but saying that "it isn't working" isn't helpful at all. Details about your install would be helpful, as would a log file. Somewhat along these lines:
  11. I only go with Samsungs, either the 850 Pro or 860 Pro. If you just get the regular one (850 or 860) you save a bit of money for somewhat lower performance. also, if you need a lot of storage (1Tb) and reasonable speed, you can get the QVO 870. It's slower than a regular ssd, but cheaper as well
  12. Sounds like a missing dependency. Make sure that the Toolbar Controller and ClickThroughBlocker are installed and up-to-date
  13. You aren't being ignored, I'm just a bit swamped with RL right now. I hope to look into this tomorrow night