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  1. Sorry @Me1_baseI was probably mixing my words up, yes correct, the plugin defines the additional values FAR uses as you know doubt already know and then FAR does its voxel stuff to make it all work nicely. Sorry for any confusion @HebaruSanI looked a few pages back, I can see you highlighted the issue. I do remember you being in contact all that time ago. Unfortunately RL got in the way (I got diagnosed with early stage cancer so I had to drop off the radar to get myself sorted - all better now). Now that @linuxgurugamer is getting us altogether it would be good to touch base in
  2. That log only gets to the main menu, please get in flight and try that, then post the log
  3. Oh sorry. I was going on the recent comments that FAR wasn't a dependency Maybe it's ripe for an adoption? I will look into creating the organization you suggested
  4. Lights are either off or on. Every time something else gets added, it adds complexity and overhead
  5. that's the latest I am interested in any exceptions which you see with it
  6. Next beta will have the KuddleKorner lights going on automatically when two kerbals (male & female) are inside
  7. Respectfully, when it comes to scientific research, it's impossible to say what is missed by delays like that. On paper it looks good, but going cheap on R&D has caused numerous issues over time.
  8. I did a minor update to EvaFollower the other day when I saw your log, are you using it?
  9. On the other hand, with things like this, you could send 10 probes and suffer 100% loss because of an overlooked issue which would have been revealed with more R&D.
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