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  1. Yes. It will be upgradable via the settings page.
  2. Maybe there are some dependencies? Log file would help
  3. Make electricity make sense

    Isn't that pretty much what I was saying?
  4. [1.2, 1.3] KW Rocketry Redux released

    Two posts above yours Reminder, KW Rocketry was revamped and released, new thread is here:
  5. when do I execute a maneuver

    Physical timewarp doesnt help if the system is already overloaded
  6. Make electricity make sense

    Regarding voltage, it is trivial to convert one source at pne voltage into a different voltage, with some loss is the conversion. The loss is merely part of the usage of the part, so it can be ignored
  7. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Neither. Suffice to day, this is the music that is played when the couple cpmes into the reception, and it not anything most people have heard. Its rather specific tp where I am
  8. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Wedding music, I'm at a wedding right now and the music will stick in my head for a week
  9. Make electricity make sense

    Batteries and capaciters both store energy. You can quibble about the details, but the essence of what I wrote is still valid. The average person doesn't know about voltsge, pressure, etc. So the game has simplified it to what can be inderstood by everbody. And while I do understand what goes on, I don't want to be forced to think about it in a game.
  10. JoolTube: Destroy the KSC!

    They still can, they have done multiples in the past
  11. Make electricity make sense

    You are making it too complicated. Batteries store electrical charge, in real life called ampere-hours (or miliamp-hours). Kilowatt-hours can also be used. Voltage shouldn't be a thing in the game, that just makes it too complicated. So really, it is pretty similar to the ither resources. I agree that some of the consumption rates need to be adjusted, bur the basic mechanic is fine
  12. when do I execute a maneuver

    I remember one mission I had. I ended up with a 5 hour burn, with an accel of something like 0.05g
  13. Make electricity make sense

    Fusebox is your friend
  14. Good mods for career mode?

    Get The Janitors Closet, you can mark pars as hidden, and using the Permaprune option you can keep the unused parts from being loaded
  15. Planet/Star Remover Utility

    Of course anything is possible; if you want to spend enough money and time to get it done. Of course there are three wheeled cars, but they are designed for it. So, you can wait until some crazy modder(not me) decides to waste time doing something which nobody else is going to use, or you can spend a little time and learn how to do it yourself properly. I leave it to you to decide the best way to get done what you want.