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  1. Following up on this: I've closed the issue on Github because I was able to do the same test on a KSP 1.9.1 install with the current version, and it worked without any problem. Your report is lacking in almost everything, including a log file, version of KSP, version of the mod, Operating system, etc. If you can replicate it after rebooting your computer, come back and post the information needed, along with a written list of steps need to follow to replicate it. Include all mouse click, what control the mouse was over, etc.
  2. report it here, in case it's not a bug, someone else besides myself can help sometimes
  3. New release, 2.0.4 Added Close button Updated pre/post build steps
  4. New release, 0.5.12 Removed all old Blizzy code Removed old dead code Fixed saving of window position Fixed open/close of window when entering scene Added option (stock settings) to remember last checklist Added support for the ButtonManager Added SpaceTuxLibrary as a dependency Cleaned up log lines to avoid double printing of the mod name Added check for minimum KIS version
  5. HI, I'm working on updating the old L-Tech mod. As part of this, I've asked a couple of modders to make me some new parts for the mod. All parts are covered except for some tanks. The mod currently uses the stock RCStankRadialLong. The mod defines three resources Model Rockets Snacks Clipboards I'm not sure yet if the Snacks will stay the same, due to there being Snacks as Life Support in other mods. Regardless, I'm asking if someone would want to step up and make me the tanks. They could all use the same model, and just change the skin for each type. Thanks
  6. It looks like the same issue with a different part module. I just reported it on the bugtracker
  7. I wouldn't call it silly, multiple windows can be useful even on a single monitor. It just isn't necessary to be part of an initial release
  8. I reviewed the code, the only thing not there is the floating window code, and that isn't really important, unless some buttons leak through to the menu screen
  9. New release, Added check to "ScienceAlertProfileManager.OnSave" check that a game is loaded before trying to save data
  10. New release, PR submitted by @DarthPointer to support his mod: Setting isKCTBuilt = true fields for all the modules KCT sees in the ship's config tree
  11. Actually, there is a lot more work involved than you might imagine. Besides the coding work, there is UI development, QA of the UI, QA of the window, QA of the data being displayed in the window, etc. Even something as "simple" as Telemachus is not; I did a fairly deep dive into it last night on my coding stream, and there is a LOT more than you might expect. You also have to consider the issue of performance. Even though there are known ways to avoid performance issues, and threads, etc., it takes time to implement and time to test. Time which, especially before the first release, is probably more profitable to invest in the main part of the game itself. At most I would expect them to put in hooks so this can be added later
  12. ToolbarController needs the ClickzthroughBlocker. Make sure you have the correct versions for the game.
  13. @Nereid I'll probably be getting you a PR in a few days, with any fixes in my local which aren't in the current 1.10 branch. Linuxgurugamer