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  1. New release, Version bump to verify locations @Brigadierplease try this
  2. no, it shouldn't. And I tested with both installed This can be ignored, I will be doing some more work over the weekend. If nothing else, i suppose I could just remove it
  3. No need to do that ZeroMiniAVC has an internal dummy copy of KSP-AVC, I just wanted to be sure there wasn't a bad version somewhere After doing the removal of the KSP-aVC from the cache and reinstalling, did that change anything?
  4. Strange. ‘ Please verify that there isn’t a KSP-AVC.dll in the GameData, also, please reinstall the ZeroMiniAvc you can ignore the message, but I’ll see if I can recreate it sonehow. oh, and see if you can delete it from the CKAN cache dir.
  5. If I get a chance, I will, may take a little while since I only get in my game about 1-2/week
  6. oh, something is off. For now, remove it and reinstall it, I'm not seeing the message on my test system. But it isn't reporting the correct version in the log file, I'll have to fix that I take that back, you do have installed, I was looking at the wrong line Let me know how it goes after the reinstall
  7. That's really strange. According to the log file, you have version 1.4.1 installed, it's up to
  8. Well, given how far away that object was, I'd say 600 science wasn't out-of-line
  9. New release, Moved special code for KSP-AVC outside display look to prevent an empty window from showing when the full KSP-AVC is installed
  10. New release, Added special code for KSP-AVC Added suggested DLL to keep Added special code for KatLib.dll, since it gets loaded out-of-order
  11. I've already asked There are also a couple of other nice ones
  12. Actually, Craft Manager is using threads, and that's a big no-no in Unity. The fact that it works "kind-of" is probably a result of that. I have seen other issues with it in 1.11 and 1.12 to the point that I don't use it anymore, much as I like the interface. And, I have looked at the code with an eye to removing the threading, but the threading is so embedded in the design it would be very hard to remove, would essentially require a major rewrite. An alternative would be KSP Craft Organizer, although it hasn't bee updated since January, 2020 (1.6)
  13. Where was the telescope when you took the picture?
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