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  1. Probably not, he hasn't been around in a year. There are alternatives, one of which is this:
  2. I just looked at the current release. Those three files do not exist in it. I suggest you remove the mod entirely and then reinstall it.
  3. Sorry, I cant read your mind. please post a link to the log file, see my sig for a link explaining how to ask for help
  4. New release, Rebuild with updated JSI PartUtilities
  5. New release, 1.8.3 Added InstallChecker Updated for KSP 1.8 Note that there are different versions for each OS, get the download link from the OP or use CKAN
  6. New release, 1.2.3 Added InstallChecker Updated Updated for KSP 1.8
  7. New release, 0.2.0 Added InstallChecker Updated for KSP 1.8
  8. New release, 2.0.8 Added InstallChecker Updated Rebuild for 1.8
  9. New release, Fixed InstallChecker with correct name and dir Added InstallChecker Updated for KSP 1.8
  10. New release, Thanks to @Kerbas_ad_astra for the following: Moved the RPM/MAS pointer to the beginning of the label rather than the end.
  11. The dependencies come when compiling. The 1.8.1 version of the game is now not showing an error if a dependency is missing, until it tries to access that missing dependency. If I can't compile it, I won't release it.