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  1. Hi all, I've heard from @zer0Kerbal, he's back. So I'll be using this thread to do a beta test of my changes, but will be sending the changes back to him for inclusion. Yes, will be in my beta when I release
  2. Most modders don't bother to update Curseforge as quickly as Spacedock and/or Github. Not all, but most. And, an FYI, I don't, at all, even though there are a few of mine up there.
  3. Install ZeroMiniAVC to automatically remove all the MiniAVC.dll files that you have, then try again
  4. Dont' use Curseforge. Use Spacedock, and as @FruitGoosesaid, make sure you have all the dependencies. Better yet, use CKAN to install
  5. The code is pretty simple, if someone supplies a model (or reskin the existing models for this), I can probably do it in a day or so
  6. you are hitting tab? It changes the way it works depending on when you activate it
  7. Neither. He is using liquid boosters, wants them to decouple as automatically when thrust goes 0, either because of throttle or fuel
  8. If I don't get any info, I can't do anything Is it that THIS mod doesn't recognize the bathymetry, or that the bathymetry experiment itself isn't working?
  9. I really doubt it's BTW itself. What are you system specs? I would also suggest trying to remove a different mod instead of BTW and see if that changes anything. As an alternative, there is another mod called Time Control which does the same thing as BTW Not sure if you saw it, but there is this error in the log: Uploading Crash Report NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at SpaceCenter.Start () [0x0003d] in <06f13185617646e5bc801baeab53ab75>:0 UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.D
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