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  1. My new thread for the adoptions is here: Please move all discussion to the new thread You can close this thread at any time
  2. @magico13 is no longer doing modding, and asked for people to adopt his mods. His original thread is here: Note that This is the new thread for his Modlets which I've adopted. Note that this page is incomplete. Downloads are not listed except for those which I've completed my adoption process What is a modlet? Simple! Literally, that's what it is. A modlet is a very small, generally one purpose mod designed with a very specific goal in mind. There's generally no configurability, just a single .dll, and probably one file of source code. They're very simple, straightforward additions to the game. Some example modlets are Claw's Stock Bug Fix Modules or Malah's Quick Mods This thread is where I will be posting my "modlets", the first of which is Field Experience. The downloads are generally available on SpaceDock and GitHub. Sensible Screenshot v1.2.4 (2018-03-20) [KSP 1.4.1] Requires (and includes) MagiCore.dll Description: Have you ever tried to back up your Screenshots folder and run into issues with screenshots with the same names? Well, consider that problem solved! Sensible Screenshot renames your screenshots to use a name based on the date and time taken so you always have unique file names! With update 1.1.0 you can now also include a large amount of in-game data (like the KSP version, SaveGame name, or even Active Vessel name or biome, or parent body, or situation, or.... the list goes on! (check down below for the full list). Additionally with 1.1.0, you can now convert your screenshots into .jpg files automatically to reduce their file size, if that's something you're concerned about! Warning: It might not get things exactly right if you take a lot of screenshots all at once. If you only take 1 a second (or less) it should work perfectly but if you take more than 1 a second they might be in the wrong order. If you're looking for a mod like this that takes screenshots on a timer or automatically at special events, check out linuxgurugamer's Automated Screenshots mod! License: GPLv3. Also included in the zip file. Installation: Merge the included GameData folder with the one in your KSP directory, overwriting any files. Variables Config Options (and defaults, don't include anything after the # symbol in your configs): An example (somewhat ridiculous) filename setting and result: Imgur album comparing .png quality and file size to .jpg: ChangeLog: Dated QuickSaves v1.1.5 (2018-03-20) [KSP 1.4.1] Requires (and includes) MagiCore.dll Description: Are you ever afraid to load a quicksave because you don't know how far back it will take you? Do you overwrite useful quicksaves by accidentally pressing F5? Do you like installing all the mods that might eventually have a use to you some day? Well, Dated QuickSaves is a mod you should get! It adds the current in-game date and time to the filename when you make a quicksave during flight. This serves to remind you how far back the save will take you and also automatically prevents overwriting quicksaves with an accidental tap of F5. Just press F5 in flight and Dated QuickSaves takes care of the rest. Use F9 to load the latest quicksave as normal, and Alt-F9 to load the dated quicksaves, where you can review the date before losing all your precious missions. Currently there isn't a limit on how many saves are made, so you'll want to clear them out eventually. If there is demand I can add a config option to limit that. Changed in 1.1.0. Additionally, it uses the current in-game time, rather than extracting the UT from the quicksave itself, so if that is an issue I can change it. One more thing, if people want an auto-backup of the main save when loading a quicksave, I can add that in as well if requested. New in 1.1.0: - You can now define the filename to use in the same way as Sensible Screenshot, above, including all the fun variables like vessel name or biome - You can now turn on automatic autosaves in the flight scene at a configurable interval (in integer minutes) - You can now set a limit on the number of quicksaves and autosaves to keep (only tracks new ones, so clear out the old ones manually. Set to -1 in the config to keep unlimited ones) License: GPLv3. Also included in the zip file. Installation: Merge the included GameData folder with the one in your KSP directory, overwriting any files. ChangeLog: Ship Save Splicer v1.2.0 (2018-03-27) [KSP 1.4.1] Description: Ever built a ship, base, or station in one save and wish you could transfer it into a new save? Perhaps you built a really awesome station around Kerbin in a save, then added the New Horizons mod and had to start a new save. With Ship Save Splicer you can export the station from one save and import it into another, even if they use wildly different mods (with the exception of required part mods). Just enter the tracking station, select a craft from the left, and press the "SSS" button. The ship will be exported to the "Kerbal Space Program/Ships/export" folder, ready to be imported into a new save. To import a craft, enter the tracking station and don't select any vessels. Press the "SSS" button to bring up the importer in no-crew mode and select the vessel you want to import. It will then be imported without any crew members. To import a craft with all of its crew, mod-click the "SSS" button (so Alt-Click or RightShift-Click) to bring up the importer in "crewed" mode. Importing vessels with crew has a much larger potential of breaking things, so make a quicksave beforehand! When importing with crew all the crew stats should transfer properly. If there's already a Kerbal with the same name in the Save (for instance, "Bob Kerman") then the imported Kerbal will be renamed with a roman numeral (ie, "Bob Kerman II"). As of 1.1.0 you can now convert exported vessels to craft files by Left-Shift clicking the button while in the Tracking Station. This is made possible by @Claw's InflightShipSave mod and the pertinent code remains under the original CC-BY-NC-SA license. Shortcuts: Click with vessel selected = Export vessel Left-Ctrl+Click = Import vessel, no crew Mod+Click with no vessel selected = Import vessel and crew Left-Shift+Click = Convert exported vessel to .craft file License: GPLv3. Also included in the zip file. Installation: Merge the included GameData folder with the one in your KSP directory, overwriting any files. ChangeLog: EditorTime v1.0.5 (2018-03-20) [KSP 1.4.1] Description: Makes time pass while you're in the editor. Pretty straightforward. Also includes a window to tell you the current time while you're in the editor. It's kind of like a super simplified Kerbal Construction Time, where instead of taking a calculated amount of time to build vessels, the amount of time it takes to build a vessel is dependent on how long it takes you to actually design itt. In the config file you can alter the timeRatio to make more or less game time pass per real life second so that 1 real second == 1 game second, or perhaps 1 real second = 1 game minute, or anything you can imagine. Some possible hiccups (since mods don't expect time to pass in the editor): 1. Kerbal Alarm Clock alarms won't fire. I'll probably add a countdown timer to show you when the next alarm is set to fire (and will probably pop up a message to alert you). 2. Other mods that depend on time might not work correctly. License: GPLv3. Also included in the zip file. Installation: Merge the included GameData folder with the one in your KSP directory, overwriting any files. ChangeLog: Tree Toppler v1.1.3 (2018-03-20) [KSP 1.4.1] Description: For those of you who want to play career mode but don't want to deal with the grind that is the Science system, Tree Toppler lets you unlock the tech tree without spending science. Best paired with the Stock setting that requires part purchases, you can turn your space program into a corporation rather than a research institution. When the "Topple" button in the lower left corner of the R&D screen is pressed, you're given four options: Unlock All Nodes: This will unlock all nodes, regardless of R&D center level. If you have the setting to require part purchases, it won't auto-purchase the parts. If you have that setting off, you'll get all the parts for free. Unlock Up To Level: This unlocks all nodes that you could purchase based on R&D center level. An un-upgraded R&D center can only purchase nodes costing up to 100 science, so any 100 science or more nodes won't be unlocked. Useful if you still want tech restrictions based on building upgrades, for progression purposes. Disable Costs: For those of you who are picky about which nodes you want unlocked, this setting will disable any science costs associated with nodes. If you can't afford a node, this will still unlock it. If you can afford a node, you'll get whatever science you spend back. This also unlocks a second set of options when selecting nodes to force unlock or force lock the nod, ignoring all prerequisites (including R&D level, science costs, and required parent nodes) Lock All Nodes: The opposite of unlocking all the nodes, this will lock all of them again, if that's something you want. Note: The changes won't appear right away when unlocking/locking several nodes at once. Close the R&D screen, then reopen it to see the changes. License: GPLv3. Also included in the zip file. Installation: Merge the included GameData folder with the one in your KSP directory, overwriting any files. Imgur Albug: ChangeLog: Wwwwwwwww v1.0.2 (2018-03-20) [KSP 1.4.1] Description: For when you need to walk for a long time and you don't want to hold the key yourself. Also capable of running. It basically just holds down "w", which is also how I came up with the name. Unfortunately I gave it one too many w's and it would have been better as Wwwwwwww (Wx8, or "weight" [or "wait"] which is great since people usually hold it down with a a weight (like a stack of coins) and they have to wait a long time to get where they're going. So just pretend it's called that instead. Or call it WNine. I don't care Press "Left Control" and "W" while on EVA to keep walking forward. Press "Left Control", "Left Shift", and "W" on EVA to keep running forward. Press "W" to disengage. Takes two clicks of "W" (and of "Left Shift") to fully disengage sometimes ChangeLog: NIMBY v1.1.1 (2018-03-20) [KSP 1.4.1] Description:  NIMBY (or Not In My BackYard) is a modlet that restricts recovery of vessels to within a range of predefined "beacons". By default the only beacon is the KSC and recovery is limited to within 100km. If you try to recover from further, a message will pop up alerting you that you are too far away. Additional beacons can be created through the Beacons.cfg file that is generated after the first run. Future plans for the mod include a UI to allow creating new beacons and parts that allow for mobile beacons (for bases and recovery ships). ChangeLog: Common Dependency: MagiCore  Description: A core utility mod initially designed so Sensible Screenshot and Dated QuickSaves can share "string translation" features. I'll probably add other common utilities into it and start requiring it in other mods. It should be included by default in Sensible Screenshot, Dated QuickSaves, Kerbal Construction Time, and ScrapYard, and CKAN should have it indexed separately. It will install to KSP_Folder/GameData/MagiCore/MagiCore.dll. License: MIT. Also included in the zip file.  Installation: Merge the included GameData folder with the one in your KSP directory, overwriting any files.  Latest releases on GitHub
  3. linuxgurugamer

    [1.4.*] Filter Extensions (No localization)

    Loaded fine for me. See @banditsan's comment re. the tank sizes New release, More updates and cleanup by forum users @Gordon Dry and @banditsan
  4. linuxgurugamer

    [1.4.*] Filter Extensions (No localization)

    I'll check in the morning, if all good, I'll release the file
  5. linuxgurugamer

    [1.4.*] Filter Extensions (No localization)

    @JH4C You did a double-post
  6. linuxgurugamer

    [1.4.*] Filter Extensions (No localization)

    And is the zFinal supposed to be installed always? If so, I'll put it into the FE directory rather than another directory in GameData After reviewing them, I'll add them as a directory: zFinal_FilterExtensions This will require a change to the netkan file @Gordon Dry @banditsan Here is the release file (not yet published): Take a look, please verify it looks good
  7. I have no idea about the folder icon, I'll have to look at that. And, changing the order, did you enable the option to move the buttons before you tried?
  8. linuxgurugamer

    [1.4.*] Filter Extensions (No localization)

    I never saw the first version of the file, just got back online. So, I can now merge this file with the current release of FE?
  9. linuxgurugamer

    [1.4.*] Filter Extensions (No localization)

    Watching with interest @Gordon Dry I'm taking a look at the file from Dropbox. Are all of these just an overwrite of what's currently in the release?
  10. linuxgurugamer

    Zero Mini AVC for KSP v1.4.3

    Two things. First @DoctorDavinci has left the forums due to some issue Second, I did adopt this, please use the one I have available
  11. linuxgurugamer

    KSP Weekly: Space Junk

    To clarify, ABFW is Advanced Fly By Wire, is a mod which allows use of any joystick
  12. linuxgurugamer

    [1.4.*] ScienceAlert ReAlerted : Experiment availability

    Delete the one without the zeroes
  13. linuxgurugamer

    [1.4.*] Filter Extensions (No localization)

    I’m going to wait for you to hash this out before I make any more changes
  14. Not easily. The best I could do would be to add a setting which would change the color from red to yellow if the drain was minimal
  15. And, I finally added An entry for Filter Extensions on spacedock