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  1. It works, thanks
  2. So I guess I would be: "Mr. Game Mod Developer"
  3. Do you have a planet pack installed? I see references to Jebla, Xadaa, Surraos, etc, all generating errors.
  4. You say 1.1.3, but the logs say that the folder name is "Kerbal Space Program Ultra Mod 1.2.2" I'm puzzled. One thing, don't run it from the desktop; in other words, don't have the folder on the desktop. put it somewhere else
  5. Logs would help, List of mods doesn't help that much.
  6. Did you read my post? It messes up browsers. Mobile users such as phones and tablets get totally blown away. It is also against the Forum Rules for this specific reason.
  7. I have no idea what you are talking about. Couple of things: DO NOT POST LOGS IN THE FORUM!!!!! It messes up browsers and makes mobile unresponsive. Put the file on a file-transfer site like Dropbox and post a link. Read this BEFORE asking for support:
  8. Calling all players who have been complaining about the guitar twanging sound, now is your chance to get the alarm sound that you want. I will soon be updating this mod with some new abilities recording sounds. Please send me the sounds that you would like. Wave files would be good, but MP3s are fine as well. Can you find and send me a sound file like this? If you don't like the guitar sound find a sound that you do like and send it to me. Thank you. These problems will be fixed in the next release. Being fixed in the next person.
  9. I'm going to guess that a mod got updated by Ccan. I don't have time right now to go to this, but I suggest you go through that entire mild list and check each read to be sure you have the right person for 1.1.3
  10. Really should update this as follows: 1st mission, total crew capacity 7, long-term crew capacity when taking life support into account: 4 using the Deep Freeze module 2nd mission, crew capacity 3, no deep freeze module
  11. I got the files, thanks. Right now it only has a single alarm sound, even when you add resources. I'll see if I can add a way to specify a sound for each resource. It's a bit slow, since I'm in the middle of working on another mod, but now I have a reason to work on this. Thanks
  12. That is not a spoon, it is a spork
  13. Ok,now provide sounds to go along with them
  14. What, nothing for a modder?
  15. The rescue mission safely lands and rescues Burberry. Burberry then takes over the controls and crashes it into the side of a mountain.