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  1. Hi @Mikki! Welcome back to the forums! hail probe Happy landings!
  2. Further content has been removed by the moderation team. We cannot stress enough how important it is to avoid political commentary when posting in this forum. That includes linking to material that is political. If there is doubt in your mind when posting whether you should post something based on the grounds that it is political, err on the side of not posting. KSP Forum Moderation Team
  3. Some content has been removed. Please keep your posts on the topic at hand. KSP Forum Moderation Team
  4. Starhawk


    Hello @Paelohiki and welcome aboard! I am also looking forward to KSP2. I'm pretty sure I'll need some new hardware to make it run the way I'd like. Happy landings!
  5. Hello @Califorum and welcome back! Here's a link to the Name Change Thread (WARNING! ONE TIME ONLY!) Happy landings!
  6. This question about how to play the game has been moved from General Discussion to Gameplay Questions. KSP Forum Moderation Team
  7. Hello @Spaceywastaken and welcome to the KSP Forum! I hope you enjoy and learn during your time here. Happy landings!
  8. After some deliberation this thread has been returned to KSP Discussion from Forum Games. KSP Forum Moderation Team
  9. This thread has been moved to Gameplay Questions rather than tutorials since it is seeking help rather than offering it. Welcome to the Forum @kspboiidk! KSP Forum Moderation Team
  10. Please note that the forum guidelines require that all posts outside of the international section be made in English. This thread has been moved from Tutorials to Gameplay Questions.
  11. Hello @PlasmaIndustries and welcome to the KSP Forum! Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  12. More content has been removed from this thread. Refraining from posting personal attacks is not merely the good thing to do and the way to keep this forum from being a cesspit like most of the internet. It is also required behaviour as members of this forum by the guidelines you agreed to follow when joining. If a post you read makes you upset, frustrated, angry, or even annoyed please seriously consider not posting anything in response. If you believe the post is out of bounds, please report it. And for the sake of all our sanity please do not argue about arguing. This is not only off-topic, it seems to create higher levels of animosity rather than helping to rationally discuss the question at hand. Thank You For Your Understanding
  13. A few bits of content had to be removed from this thread. Please steer well clear of any kind of personal remarks. Also do not post masked profanity. Thank you for your understanding
  14. Some significant amount of content has been removed. Please post such that your messages conform to forum guidelines. Thank you for your understanding
  15. Some content has been removed from this thread. Please avoid political comments and insulting remarks. Also, do not respond to messages containing political or insulting remarks. Thank you for your understanding
  16. Since this is a game on the forum rather than discussion of KSP this thread has been moved from KSP Discussion.
  17. @LOFscooober, your question about the Trajectories mod has been moved from Gameplay Questions to the thread for the mod in question. This is the best place to receive answers to questions about this mod.
  18. Some content has been removed. Please strive to keep the content family friendly. Thank you for your understanding.
  19. Some content has been removed. Please post within the rules of the game in this thread. Replies to removed content have also been removed. Let the game continue!
  20. There is an old bug with the docking ports where sometimes the state of the port is saved incorrectly. It can be fixed by editing the persistence file. There is a mod which makes editing the persistence file vastly easier: Hope this helps. Happy landings!
  21. When this question was first asked by Tex many of the default keybindings were not the same as they are now. The KSP Wiki keybinding page should have an up to date list of the current keyboard controls. Locking this thread to avoid further confusion.
  22. I came to thank you for this great mod, and I see there is another update. Downloading now. I thought this was a neat idea when you released the mod. I had no idea how much I've always needed this! Thanks again! Happy landings!
  23. Hello @TokiGlassBlower and welcome to the KSP Forum! That is quite the resume you've got there. There are a number of old-time gamers around here, myself included. I hope that you find this forum as helpful, friendly, and enjoyable as I have. Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  24. Since this is a Spanish language tutorial this thread has been moved to the Spanish subforum.
  25. This question related to creating an add-on has been moved here from KSP Discussion.
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