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  1. @Grimmas Was basically coming here to say the same thing. Pretty much a +1 on this from me. That also goes for not being able to look deeply at all the details, but I didn't notice any glaring bugs/issues (yet). I didn't use the USI-LS side of things though, so I can't talk about that. Nice job!
  2. Given that there's already a small KASA worm decal (the flag sized agencies) in there, it kinda makes sense to change the shuttle one to grey. I'll put it that change in with the next lot. The plan was to add more shuttle stuff as part of it anyway. (Kanada, being historically quite heavily involved in space things, needs some love there I feel) As for the shark eyes and teeth, I'll look into it. At a certain point the images start to get warped as the decal goes further around the circumference of the part they're placed on, so depending on how wide it needs to be, this may need som
  3. Thanks for the reply. Thought I'd ask since you appear to be the last modder to do anything with it. Yea, I did some digging and found the internals on github (v0.9, if memory serves) and did some basic tinkering, but although the pod works, and the IVA appears to be basically functional, windows and kerbals in right places etc, the hatch is blocked. If you ever get around to it, great! If I make any progress with my tinkering in the meantime, I'll let you know.
  4. How do you get it to fly so smoothly? I seem to have a ton of issues keeping the nose straight.
  5. Cool, yea, MKS and TAC have difficulty playing nice, but I'll give your patch a playthrough and see what happens. Thanks for sharing it
  6. Any spoilers to reveal? Or are you thinking mostly just a version bump?
  7. Update bump. Better mission patches. Station logos. DDS conversion. Hi(er)resification of stuff. General improvements to texture file organization. Soft depreciated decal parts (shouldn't break saves)
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