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  1. Oh wow. That is fantastic . I should have a moment or two today to incorporate this. I will also add this.
  2. Oh wow... I have so many broken promises in the op... I haven't been able to get around to adding anything more to this for quite some time now. If you have cool things, I'm totally open to contributors. If I have any at all, the only stipulation I would have is that it keeps with the general theme of the other stuff. Aside from that, the answer to your question would be a 'yes' I'll try my best to keep an eye open and put it with the rest as soon as I get a chance. I will also try to get on some of the other things discussed in the thread.
  3. Just to clarify this. The main link on the first post does contain the mission decals, but the format has been changed. As stated in the top post, and several times in this thread, in order for the decals to work as intended, it is recommended to d/l the latest from Spacedock and use of Conformal Decals is required. It is not designed to be used with the stock decals
  4. I see what you're saying in terms of there being more than one mod that doesn't simply outright erase the stock system, but 'needed' is perhaps not the best choice of words. The reason they don't fit well together isn't just because of the orbit chaos that would ensue, it's also that they are two very different mods in terms of scope and design. This difference is precisely why I use OPM and have, although I applaud the amazing work, little interest in using JNSQ.
  5. https://spacedock.info/mod/996/Kerbalized National Flags and Space Agencies https://spacedock.info/mod/2451/Conformal Decals? You will need both installed in order to get them to appear in game. The format which allows the mission patches, or any decals that aren't an agency, to be placed on a deployable flag (stock flag/stock decal compatible) is permanently discontinued. If that was what you were looking for, I suppose at some point in and around placating the in-laws and stuffing my face full of food, I could put up an optional folder with flag compatible versions. If that's not what you were looking for then the links above should work.
  6. In OP there are two links. One for the suits, and one for the patches. You may have to do some scrolling. You will also need the dependency for the patches to work, which is also linked in OP. Unless you are referring specifically to the exact patches shown in the image? Those exact patches are no longer part of the download and have been replaced/improved/altered/etc. I just haven't changed the image since I did that is all.
  7. Before starting KSP, open your persistent.sfs for each savegame you want to use this on. search for: 'hero = True' Set it (and all others that = True) to 'False' (the CaPiTaLiZaTiOn is important) It's a workaround, but it works. Just a shame you have to do it for every save until there's an official TR fix
  8. Mass? If I can fit a black hole in my pocket, I 'can' carry it. Another question is whether or not I have the TWR to get off the ground. That's my two cents.
  9. I appreciate the sentiment, but a whole thread essentially addressing all modders strikes me as bad form. I can agree that there are some mods that add a layer or two of complexity that can seem overwhelming at first. The direction that MKS is/has been taking recently springs to mind, but there are a couple of others. My experience of such mods is that usually one of three things occur: Either an enthusiastic forum user will start working on a wiki of some kind, the modder will be very helpful in the thread when asked how it works, or the users who use the thread will jump in to help answer such questions. Sometimes there are the 'google is ur frend' (internet for 'IDK but don't want to admit it to you') type replies, but I ignore those IRL, so why should a forum any different? But mostly, the response is well meaning and well mannered. I mean look, 6 years ago or so I made some flags. Flags. Yes, flags. It has matured somewhat since then, but at the time I started on them you couldn't really even call it a mod (I'm still not quite sure the definition fits), and while mostly the requests for things and comments were polite and/or helpful and constructive, I have had more than one comment on the thread demanding (yes, CAPS and exclamation marks were used) that I change the style of my flags or that what I chose to include was wrong or what-ever. Silly stuff that doesn't make you spill your beer, but if people do this with a simple set of flags, that let's be honest, don't take up even a tenth of the (free and unpaid) time spent on something like MKS, NFT or BDB, etc, then to my mind it's absolutely mind blowing that more modders don't just end up saying 'You know what? If you want this stuff in the game, you do it.' Hats off that they don't. I'm not deliberately misunderstanding the OP, as I have felt your pain, but ultimately, apart from that pain slowly subsiding as you trial and error your way through (just like when you first got into orbit, or got a Kerbal to the Mun) - forgive me if this all comes off as a little condescending - it really isn't how I mean it - the TL/DR of it all is that modders (however simple or complex the mod) aren't paid to do what they do and as far as I'm concerned, a given modder could basically make what amounts to KSP2 complete with a colony system, life support, orbital and surface construction, and a Duna surface Diner with all the trimmings, and it would still be totally their call as to whether or not they explain how to order a coffee and bacon and eggs. I would hope they would answer a politely worded question, but wouldn't expect it.
  10. If I understand the sentiment correctly, I agree with this. A kind of 'common sense' approach to inv storage. I'm totally fine with restrictions on things that just no matter how much you compress or deflate them, just really shouldn't be able fit into an EVA pack, but if the cargo part has space and the game and/or a mod allows for construction/assembly direct from ship inv (just spitballing and I can't think right now of a specific example), then it seems pretty arbitrary to restrict this.
  11. Couldn't sleep. Did this: Kerbalized Suits 1.0: Added Euro, S. America, Asia (plus Aus and NZ) Slim Style. Tweaked some of the Civilian/Tourist suits. Will probably give the decals some love next time sleep is a problem.
  12. Update bump. Kerbalized Suits 0.9: Integrated compatibility with Benjee10's Historical Suits mod. Euro, S. America, Asia (plus Aus and NZ) Future Style. More coherent display names.
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