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  1. Is customizing the resources this manages as simple as editing the part.cfg? Or is some coding necessary? Sorry... I meant to say 'Is customizing the planets where this will operate...' It's been a long day.
  2. Funny you mention this. Just yesterday I was thinking about KSAF roundels, Trans-Kerbin-Airlines, and the like for atmospheric planes.
  3. @Just Jim What are the filenames of the IVA, Backpack and Chute textures? - I use Texture Replacer, so these (i think) can be assigned by that mod, but if I didn't - let's say I wanted to make new suit textures to be compatible with TR and Stock - can IVA, etc textures be linked by simply putting the correctly named textures into the same folder as the custom EVA texture that the suit picker draws from - or is there more to it? (I hope that's not too long-whinded and is an intelligible question) Also: Is there actually a subtly different suit model for each gender? Or is the gender tag there just to make certain suits available to only one gender?
  4. I applaud the effort for a much needed/wanted feature. Sincerely. It's always nice when developers listen to players. The new decals are appreciated, don't misunderstand me, and for players who don't like/use mods, they're far far better than not having them - I would even say they are an amazing addition. But the implementation of them is a little puzzling given that the following all perform at least the same functonality, and go much further than the stock ones:
  5. I fully concur with this assessment. To add to the absurdity, the new stock decals are, in as much as how they have been implemented in game, essentially pale, and far less versatile imitations of at least (there may be others I am unaware of) three decal adding mods that predate this one: Nebula, Decalc'o'mania, and the name of the third escapes me.
  6. Some new things: After reading Margo Kerman's blog post in her new job, this had to be included: Which then logically led to this: Which made this necessary: And then while looking for those, this Swedish agency had to go in: And finally, the Indonesian agency LAPAN has changed its logo to a better one it seems, so that had to change: There are lond decal textures to go with each (and a couple more that didn't have one have been added, along with a texture resolution update for the agency decals.
  7. I wanted to clarify that the flags work just fine with 1.10 stock, and most of the Agency decals will show up, but unitl I mess around with the long decals, those, and the mission patches will have to wait. In the meantime, a workaround if you wanted to use the mission patches would be to copy those from 'KerbalizedDecals/Textures/MissionPatches' into 'KerbalizedFlagpack/Flags' and they will then show up. As I mentioned before, I'm currently upgrading the texture resolution on a lot of things, so there may be pixelization on the bigger scale decals. The long decals are just the wrong ratio for them to work with stock at the minute.
  8. They currently require one (or both) of the two mods listed in the OP. I've been busy making the textures look nicer at higher scales, but I do intend to make them work with stock, yes.