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  1. Be sad to see you around less. Love this mod. Thank you for putiing the time, coffee and pulled out hair into it.
  2. I realize I continue derailing the thread, but I agree. Mostly because asking demanding a mod be updated is, in fact, just rude. Regardless of forum rules and whether you say 'not to be rude but...'. I wanna play too, but since I don't know how to fix the stuff, I will wait. I would like, however, to chime in and say that I once tried my hand a part mod. It was my first ever, the version number I put up was 0.1 and so perhaps I should have put it up in dev forum rather than release. I made an error in one of the config files and while trying to fix it (I'm not amazing when it comes to modding stuff) I got a comment on my thread that apart from talking about me in 3rd person, went like this: "The modder... [made a mistke] ...wow." So... rather than try and fix it for an update, I just said to myself "meh. if people gonna be like that, I won't bother." Anyway. Hope it's not a pain to update Thomas P. and know that most of us wait, patiently, for you to release a working, as unbuggy as possible version, whenever it is that it's ready.
  3. Seems like 1.2.1 patch broke Kopernicus. OPM was working perfectly with KSP 1.2, but not 1.2.1
  4. Does the Kopernicus update to Release 3 mean goodbye to the horrid black sky bug?
  5. Can anyone point me to where I might find Module Manager configs to get USI MKS working better with TAC-LS? I'm aware that there are basic compatibility patches included with MKS but even then, it's a shoehorn. I am really not a fan of USI-LS and so I just wondered if anyone had already made some configs and if they could pass them along?
  6. I would just like to say great job on the observatory. It looks great and looks like it was supposed to be there in stock. The changes you've done already and those you have planned are great too!
  7. Not sure it's just Mac. I had this issue in Win10 DX11 (with and without scatterer). It was also happening to Kerbal head textures from Texture Replacer. Switching to png and DX9 got rid of the bad textures. Could it be a stock issue?
  8. Just checking - I hit the link for the latest dev version and then hit d/l which gave me the plugin file rather than a zip - To make it work I will need to create the Folder structure, right? (Gamedata/KerbalJointReinforcement/Plugin) Or can I stick it anywhere?
  9. I'll need to give it some thought. Apart from the obvious KLR, nothing immediately jumps out, but yea, I'll bump that one in with the next upload.
  10. It's your mod, but I'm going to humbly request that you don't do that. Not having the nodes auto-hidden means I/we/people won't have to unhide them in order to help decide what mods to add to the ones already in use in order to fill out the tech tree.
  11. But even if you get the popped collar to become transparent, then you will be able to see into the helmet from underneath. They'd look like they're wearing bike helmets rather than space helmets.