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  1. Hmm Beyond having the version of KSP that contains the suit style you want to use, there are no dependencies. It should literally be plug and play. It should be noted that these suits are all EVA suits, so inside the ship you won't see any changes. Which suits are not working for you? Or is it none of them? Do you have Texture Replacer installed, and are the Kerbals Jeb, Val, Bill, or Bob?
  2. @Nertea Been looking at installing the Extras. Not totally sure about the correct install path. I'll give SystemHeatConverters, as an example. Is that the folder to put into GameData or the contents of that folder? GameData/SystemHeatConverters/stuff Vs Gamedata/stuff. Hope the question is clear.
  3. I only just put in the request for the suits. The decals are not. Unfortunately Spacedock doesn't seem to let me uncheck ckan
  4. I've had this issue also. It might from using ReStock on 1.12 though? The panels fixed their orientation when extended for me though, so I never bothered to investigate it further.
  5. Shameless threadbump, I guess? New things: https://spacedock.info/mod/2813/Kerbalized Suits
  6. Some refinement and other things need doing, but here is a WIP Sneaky Peaky: ** Kerbal Heads not included
  7. Hopefully those blue glowy asteroids won't crash into Eve....
  8. In the spoiler below is a config example for some custom Future suits. I have also made a custom emissive (the configurable bit of the suit that lights up), but have no idea how to add a config line to get it to show up correctly. Anyone have any ideas on how to get the emissive to show up using the stock suit picker? I already use texture replacer and can get it to show up there. I'm not asking about a work around. Cheers.
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