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  1. The download link seems to be broken. looks like this to me:
  2. Then I gues I did something wrong. According to Ksp Earth has a 6371 km radius, and atmosphere height is 140 km. I was wondering why I couldn't reach space xD...
  3. First of all, this is the mod I've been waiting for for ages. Never really liked how RSS changes the entire game. Looking forward to exploring the Solar System! I have a question though, is it correct that the Earth's atmosphere starts at ~140km? Since it's a kerbin-sized version of Earth, I'd expected to be in space at 70km lol xD.. I wouldn't mind if it is supposed to be 140km, adds some new challange ;]. Thanks for the great mod, looking forward to EVE compatibility!
  4. So, during the pre-release of v1.1 I had scatterer installed. For some reason, during reentry, I could see the reentry-effects that should normally only be visible on the other side of the craft. For instance, I could see the 'fire' around an antenna, but this antenna was, from my point of view, on the other side of the craft... I don't have any screenshots of that since I just re-installed the game. Now I have the full release of v1.1 installed and now I have a problem I've encountered before in v1.0.5. The spacecraft appears in front of the reentry flames. Picture: Mods installed: Scatterer, SVE, Distant object enhancements, planetshine. Also: Windows, KSP x64. I don't run the game in openGL. GPU: GTX970 I hope there will be a fix, because I love the mod, but I also love reentry :P. Besides this problem, everything seems to work fine. Thanks!
  5. First of all, nice work! This is exactly the mod I need. I do have a problem though. I've used this mod in v1.0.5, and even in 1.1 but after I reinstalled the game today, for some reason the CareerManager button won't show up in the UI. In my save file (persistent.sfs) I can see the CareerManager lines like "Name = CareerManager" and "Lockfunds = False". Changing those statements to 'true' doesn't have any effect on the game (I don't know if it should, but I imagine so). The only mod I use that affects career mode is ContractConfigurator. I hope this is enough information. Any idea what could cause this problem?
  6. I'm trying to add biomes to my planet. But everytime I start KSP, the debug screen shows the following message in red: All my planets won't load. I looked through this thread and saw some people with similar problems, but haven't found a solution that works for me. Maybe it's a realy simple mistake I made, I don't know. Can someone help out? My config file: